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Occupation:Aviation Education: Commercial Art Hobbies include all things mechanical: jet skiing, motocross, 4x4's, hot rods etc. I love science, history, theology and psychology, creative writing, problem solving and the great mysteries of our existance: UFO's, ghosts and apparitions, crytozoology etc.

  • Does anyone remember the term "hondacar"?

    It was a term we used in the sixties and early seventies- although I'm curious to see #1 how many people remember it; #2 if it was just a California thing and #3 if anyone born well after the era can guess what it implies. (there's a bit more to it than would appear)

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  • Is there anything the people at Yahoo can't screw up?

    I've got ads popping up in every damn nook and cranny of my e-mail-- the new cell-phone-like "conversation style" format is preposterous and Yahoo answers is virtually unusable in the new format with more ads than ever in your face everywhere. Even the home page is relentless assault of pop ups and intrusions. Can anyone tell me why they stick with Yahoo services as opposed to the comparative peace of google for instance?

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  • Help with Ark history please...?

    I'm trying to simplify the history of the Ark and I want to make sure I have it right. Can you let me know if I've missed anything?

    All of mankind was extremely evil so God sent a great flood. But he decided to save a few good people, so he instructed Noah how to build the ark and load it full of all the animals two by two. Then the flood came and they were all saved. Then the waters receded and after awhile men got evil again. So Moses went up to Mt. Ararat to talk to God to explain all the idolotry. God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, which he put in the ark but they lost it in the desert. Thousands of years later a French girl named Joan found out about it and went around kicking so much *** that they named her after it. Then the Germans found out about it and tried to dig it out of the desert but Indiana Jones snagged it first. Then the American government stashed it in a warehouse called Arkham where Batman guarded it until Howard Stark got a chance to reverse engineer it. But it was too big to be practical until his genius son Tony came along and and made the new ark reactor small enough to save his life and power his Ironman suit.

    ..somewhere in there, they made street lights and welders too, but not sure who did it.

    Is that right?


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  • Book of Mormon: Fan fiction?

    Steven Colbert recently and somewhat brilliantly called the Book of Mormon "fan fiction." Now that the election is over and Romney undoubtedly has got a good tongue lashing from the upper echelons of power on planet Kolob, there are probably a lot fewer people who care about whether or not to classify the LDS as a cult-- but for future reference-- this has got to be one of the most perfect labels of Mormonism yet devised. Its simple, non-aggresive... almost complimentary in its benign, wink-wink, sort of juvenile tongue in cheek nature. Now, with such an accurate label-- we can easily place the door knocking Mormons comfortably alongside Harry Potter, Twilight and even Star Trek fans instead of along side those Heavens Gate, David Koresh or Jim Jones wack jobs. And and lets face it, the Mormon magick underwear isn't much different than anything you might see at comic con or Halloween or in a graphic novel. Now, thanks to the brilliant writers at Comedy Central, we no longer have to worry about the souls of the Mormons-- how they're all brainwashed and spreading the message of Masonry and satanism under the guise of Christianity-- we can just feel sorry for them like regular nerds-- that they can't get girfriends or drink coke. Next time they come a knockin' we can invite them in and listen to some entertaining quotes from their favorite sci-fi/fanstasy novel and send them on their way with a chuckle!!! A little comedy goes a long way to make the world a better place-- don't you think?

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  • Is "Gay" a deceptive term?

    I've often considered this-- but with same sex marriage on the ticket in several states (including mine) it seems more timely than ever. How did gay come to mean homosexual? It almost seems like overcompensation by someone to conceal/ignore the truth. Like you, I can think of lots of less than complimentary terms that are more accurate- but even some sort of random neutral emotion noun would be better. I hate to compare sex choice with race, but I can think of at least five "acceptable" past terms for black people that have now been replaced by African American-- and easy to say or not, that term is at least accurate. (here anyway) I'm a big fan of languages, word derivation etc-- and of course I could google this as easily as you, but lets face it-- although I've met a few flamers that really are gay-- in the literal sense, the opposite of straight is crooked. And since I've never met a heterosexual person who is disappointed with their sex lives because they actually like to use their organs as intended or pissed off about being able to have a family to carry on his/her legacy family name etc.; it seems that if "gay" is an accurate term for homosexuals, then the proper opposing term for hetero would be something like sad or depressed or unfortunate etc. --clearly not accurate. We live in an information age where everything from medicine labels to soup cans to happy meals MUST be accurate-- unless the owner wants a flurry lawsuits. So how do you think a group that demands equality, skates by with a now universally accepted-- yet inaccurate and even deceptive moniker?

    This is all rather tongue in cheek you know-- I'm not losing any sleep over this-- so, dispassionate intelligent answers are encouraged.

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  • What's your favorite or most anticipated sequel that never happened?

    All this talk of another (Disney) Star Wars sequel got me thinking that although I didn't expect a sequel-- Star Wars has potential for dozens of spin offs-- needed or not. On the other hand, I can think of several movies over the years, in which the movie makers deliberately added elements implying that a sequel was coming-- and it never did. Sure- you can blame the lack of success of the first movie for that-- but still. For instance:

    Newer Mathew Broderick Godzilla: implied by baby godzillas all over.

    Kick *** implied by Red Mist challenge at the end

    Silverado: Kevin Costner shouts "we'll be back" at the end.

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  • Did you think "Prometheus" sucked? (spoiler alert!)?

    I love sci-fi and have seen each of the Alien movies 5 times-- several of them in the theatres when they first came out. But with all the secrecy in Hollywood and in the press I would have thought "Prometheus" was going to tell us who shot JFK or introduce some radical new technology like Avatar did. But instead of either of those or of having a trend setting, simple good guy-bad guy, horror-sci-fi creature feature, classic like the original-- it was just all over the place, like it was condensed from 5 movies and they couldn't decide what the plot should be about-- I would call it uneven at best.

    I know sci-fi requires some suspension of disbelief and they may want to create some open issues for sequels, but there was SO much stuff left unanswered it kinda just ticked me off. Just for starters:

    Why have a young guy like Guy Pierce play an old man unless you were going to have him in other scenes as a younger version of himself? ..just get an old man.

    The first scene has a cool alien kill himself?? or did he? WTF was that all about? was it earth, was it on purpose.. the ship over him was different too-- did somebody else make him too?

    Can anybody go repelling an hour after a c section without bleeding to death or doubling over in outregeous pain? sci fi or not, gimme a break.

    Why terraform a planet you're just making weapons on?

    Why would the aliens leave clues on earth on how to find the weapons planet?

    Why would you build a pyramid on top of your ship? ...there's no one else on the planet to see or threaten it??

    Why have a broad you don't like in charge if you're there AND you have cool hollograms AND a robot than can do everything?

    Why did the robot infect the guy?

    There were many ships they never checked. How many other aliens were alive on them?

    Why did the original explorers (in the first movie) discover the exact same ship but with (crab-like) aliens in the "vases" instead of the spoors.

    Why was the one living alien in a sleep chamber while on the ground-- when he could just take off at any time?

    If Vickers was so brilliant and handpicked her multi million dollar crew, why was there dipshit stoners on the crew? c'mon.

    You are thousands of years ahead of us technology wise and you have a big donut shaped spaceship which still flys after 2 thousand years of sitting underground AND can crash to the ground and roll around like a childs toy.. BUT its so poorly built that it falls to the ground after a little fender bender!!?? doh

    Tell me your other questions or answers!

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  • Is Mitt Romney the False Prophet?

    If Romney is elected he will be the leader of the most powerful country on earth and a member of the most insidious, persuasive cult on earth. Like the other candidates, he has his strengths and weaknesses, but his election will give legitimacy and notoriety to the LDS like they've never had before. Most voters have better things to do than research the silliness and self-contradiction within Mormonism, so they accept his word that his faith has little to do with his eligibility for office. The rest of us however, those with an inkling of theological awareness know that a church CAN NOT simultaneously include the title of Jesus Christ in their name AND preach that Jesus came to America AFTER his death and resurrection if they want to be taken seriously. Without putting too fine of a point on it, this belief alone blasphemes (and I save that word for only the most blatant crimes) the most sacred, core doctrine of Christianity. To say nothing of dozens of preposterous beliefs like Jesus and Satan being Spirit brothers, God had sex with Mary to create Jesus, the Garden of Eden in Missouri, God's residence on the planet Kolob, baptism of the dead, polygamy, American indians are Jewish and they came here in submarines, salvation can only come through Joseph Smith, Jesus was born in Jerusalem, Masonic temple rites and their symbols on magic underwear. Top that all off with an angel named Moron-- uh with an i at the end-- and you have a seriously evil wolf in sheep's clothing. Many of the "chapters" in the Book of Mormon are named Nephi for the Nephilim-- if you're not familiar with these points, read up on Nephi, Kolob and Joseph Smith papyrus before you answer. Thanks for your serious consideration.

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  • Athiests: Do you believe in aliens?

    Can I get some serious answers please. I'm not adding any sort of prejudgment or slant of any kind-- this is intended purely as a logical/philosophical question. And, I fully understand that all generalizations are false so there won't be a nice pat, uniform answer from everyone. Here's why I ask: It's easy, even expected to assume that the scientific community is allied in all things. I find that that is far from true. If the big bang and evolution theories are correct, we should expect life on millions of worlds. And yet SETI researchers are ridiculed even ostracized for trying to find that life. Despite thousands of well documented sightings, UFO investigations are considered fringe science, as are theories of ancient aliens and associated theories that the pyramids were built prior to the Egyptian dynasty-- (Let's face it, UFO's ARE real, because U just means unidentified- not alien.) I am fascinated by all such theories of our existance, but belief in a radically advanced, far superior, difficult to define alien race is not much different from believing in a "God" with those same traits-- so, clearly logic is not the sole realm of the non-theolgian. Whether your answer is yes or no-- I am more interested in your rationale than agreeing or disagreeing. Do you disbelieve in aliens because they are "illogical" and fringe or because they are unseen, intangible or unprovable. Thanks.

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  • If you could ask presidential hopefull Mitt Romney a question during one of the big debates, what would it be?

    Wouldn't you just love to see his face, and the reaction of the press as he pondered the ramifications of his answers to:

    1) Does God REALLY live on another planet called Kolob?

    2) Are Jesus and Satan REALLY spirit brothers?

    3) Was the garden of EDEN really in Missouri?

    4) Does your magic underwear have Masonic symbols on them?

    5) Do quakers still live on the moon?


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  • What's the worst or most blatant product placement you've seen in a movie?

    I saw The Fantastic Four- Silver Surfer sequel again today.. Reed builds a killer flying machine, WITH A DODGE TRUCK GRILLE!!??? Johnny aks if it has a Hemi and he says, "Of course!!" This is so beyond stupid I can't even type... So-- let me get this straight, the astronaut genius super hero builds a one of kind flying machine where a big dinosaur American V8-- is uh, what-- hooked up to four turbo fans by driveshaft-- or is there a hemi for each turbo prop? That thing would barely roll under 2 tons- let alone fly!

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  • Who would be a better new leader for North Korea?

    Kim Jon Il recently died after being-- as his name implied-- ill. He is replaced by his son-- Kim Jong Un-- who is by all accounts, un-- prepared to lead. Should they have chosen another (appropriately named) Korean for leader? Who might you nominate? I suggest:

    Kim Jong eel-- good with electricity, cus the whole friggin country is dark at night.

    Kim Jong Wi-- good at tennis and golf as long as its indoor with a 42" plasma screen.

    Kim Mah Jong-- lucky and good with tiles and cards.

    Kim Jing Jong-- cus its Christmas and there are carolers at the door.

    Kim Donkey Kong-- good with problems, particularly mazes.

    Kim Hong Kong-- good with exotic foods and urban planning.

    Kimm shee-- cus kim is a girls name and I'm getting hungry thinking this all up.

    Kim King Kong-- good with tall buildings but not so much with blonde American women.

    Little Kim-- cus its funny as hell and you know he's gonna be short no matter what they call him.

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  • Do you think your parents properly prepared you for life?

    You might easily answer such a question with no further details, but for those who prefer mulitiple choice, I thought of a few directions your answer might take:

    A) Yes, I was adequately prepared from emotional, financial and educational standpoints. There have been some surprises along the way, but I can deal with them. I love my life and my family. I can't wait for Christmas to get a new i-phone/kindle/computer etc. etc. before I return to Harvard Law for winter quarter.

    B) No, my parents (where ever they are) did more harm than good and %^&%@& me for life. I do not have the emotional foundation to form good relationships and consequently lack the drive to pursue an education, career or even gainful employment. I feel that I would have to work up to normal. Christmas is a crock of $@%$^ and I am writing this on my girlfriend/boyfriend's moms laptop while I case the neighbor hood for UPS deliveries.

    C) Neutral... somewhere between A and B. I work in a cubicle and the office party will be as much fun as Christmas at home because the in-laws are coming over. I'm smart enough to know that I should be watching the History Channel, but I usually watch E instead.

    D) An extreme, but balancing offset of A. e.g. I can cope because although my mom is a whore and I don't know who my dad is, I still have a massive trust fund and an (08 or newer) BMW, Acura etc. ...or vice versa: All 18 of us are very happy in the south LA garage in which we live. I hope they won't kick us off Home Depot property on Christmas.

    E) other.

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  • Were you dissapointed by Kim K's divorce?

    Kim "big a$$" Kardashian has recently said that she didn't want to dissapoint her fans with her divorce. Thankfully I don't know of any such people. But I'm curious if ANYONE was surprised that a trust fund bimbo who is only famous because of a sex tape, semi nude magazine spreads and her parents money can dissapoint or surprise anyone with a divorce. Hell.. I would have bet money on it if I cared.

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  • If Mitt Romney gets elected....?

    He will be one of the most powerful men on earth-- he will have both money AND power. So, will he get to go to planet Kolob? Will there be tours? Do you think members of the U.S. government-- and gasp-- even some members of the average populace will get to go? Will they have daily flights to the Mormon home planet on DC-9s like the Scientoligists used? Maybe he will cure the planets biggest problem by telling us what kind of mystery power source the Mormons used in their submarines when they came to America-- or even how they came to this planet!! Or-- frowny face-- is it more likely that he will have to announce in the near future that Mormonism is a complete and ridiculous fabrication? Please tell me what you think, because I want to check Deseret for space suit bargains before Christmas!

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  • What's your favorite or most brilliant sci-fi or fantasy concept?

    As an aspiring writer I'm often fascinated by great ideas, especially those that are so brilliant that they get copied by other writers. A school for young wizards is a good idea, but a tent that's bigger on the inside than on the outside is a GREAT physics-bending concept. But that idea was copied from Dr. Who. Time travel is a fun and fascinating idea but its a bit overdone and therefore not very original. In a sea of overwrought vampire stories, The Twilight series is based on the totally original idea that the rainy (crappy, miserable) Northwest is a good place for vampires to stay out of the sun. I've seen at least two movies (an episode of Stargate and a Christmas movie for instance) based on the great Groundhog Day concept of an ever repeating day in which you get to practice or hone skills until you get them right. Shapeshifting comes up in lots of movies as does a variety superpowers like invisibility which has been around for quite a while. Self-teleportation for instance gained a lot of fame in "Heroes" and then started showing up all over. A few others: Dorian Gray stays young while the painting grows old. Instant healing allows Wolverine to survive a full skeletal metal reinforcement. In Greg Bear's "Eon" a people live inside a never ending asteroid. Various stories include super high tech implants that can tie into universal knowledge, record dreams, eliminate bad habits, thoughts and memories. In "The One" Jet Li became more powerful by eliminating his parallel selves in other dimensions. "Our world is an illusion" is a great concept with deep theological ramifications-- popularised by The Matrix, The Thirteenth Floor etc. "Our world is but a tiny speck within another MUCH larger universe"-- seen in Men in Black and many stoner stories. Aliens "seeded" humans on earth as part of a grandiose science experiment-- multiple origins. The hero can enter a TV show or movie-- Pleasantville, The Last Action Hero etc. Those are just a few I can think of-- what are yours?

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  • Should the (future) president of the United States be a cult member?

    Say what you will about various religions and religion in general, but many mainstream faiths are around 2000 years old... some Eastern faiths are closer to 6000 years old. So, lets assume that our hypothetical candidate demonstrates a number or successes in and out of the political arena. With the exception of his bizarre faith, (lets say its around 100 years old) he is an intelligent, well respected member of society. He is married with children, has bountiful real estate holdings and tons of excess money to spend on his election campaign. In stark contrast, his faith is completely shunned by the academic and theological community. Its writings are full of historical, logistical and grammatical errors, as well as a myriad of corrections, blatant plagiarism, occult references and fanciful claims that contradict both the closest similar faith and common sense itself. Is this person of sound mind and body? Even if we put aside all (impossible to confirm or deny) potential conspiracy theories about the upper echelons of his religion trying to take over the presidency, can this person really be allowed to make life and death decisions for the most powerful country on earth if he can't tell the difference between the most ridiculous of cults and a genuine, religion which has stood the test of time and expert scrutiny for centuries?

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  • What do you think about this new holiday?

    Lately I've been placing a lot of for sale ads on Craigslist with no response. I'll lower the price, once, then twice, then three times and still NO ONE will even respond to claim the item-- even at a small fraction of its value-- BUT THEN, I put the exact same item, with the same picture and description up there for free-- and holy $^%@%@, people will come out of the woodwork from far and wide to claim THE SAME DAMN ITEM! --they'll even show up for one item and take the others with them! As you know-- on Halloween, people go from door to door to get free goodies. I decided to create a new Holiday that's just the opposite. I call it Weenhollow. On March 31st everyone will drive to a strange neighborhood and leave free $#^&@#^ (presumably, stuff that still has a bit of value) that they want to get rid of on other peoples door steps. Then, on April 1st it will be like Christmas... some people will get the gift of new crap that they dont really need (just like the other Christmas) and other people will get the gift of extra storage space! I'm laughing myself to tears right now!!! SO! What do you think!? If you approve tell me so, and then pass it on to everyone in your e-mail list, Twitter, FB friends etc. !!! Maybe there can even be special costumes-- like maybe a ski mask!!! lol

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  • Have you ever had a truly original thought/invention/idea?

    Filter out the massive bombardment of data from your parents & family, movies, TV, advertising, books, political figures, religion, science etc. etc. etc. --have you ever had a truly original thought that can be definetly attributed to you and you alone? This may be a question for scientists, inventors, musicians, artists and the like who are really in touch with their intuitive and creative sides-- but this question is certainly for everyone-- I'm talking about real epiphany, light-bulb-goes-off-over-your-head, invent a new moustrap sort of stuff! --and if you have time, tell me what it is. (not just yes or no!)

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  • "Shaken not stirred" actually makes a watered down, girly drink--?

    So why does bad boy James Bond take his fav drink that way? Is it in the book(s)?

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