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Not boasting, but proud to have so much of experience at this age. Huh! Wish someone could start writing my biography...HHJKidding. I love travelling a lot when I am not working.

  • How can I make an ad hoc connection permanent in Vista or XP?

    I have a PC (XP) and a notebook (Vista). I am connecting laptop with PC via an ad hoc connection, and using the internet as well as file sharing. However, everytime I start any of these computers, I have to establish the connection again. Is there a way I can make this connection permanent, or make each of them discover each other automatically? I tried task scheduler (to connect automatically at log on), but that too didn't work. Can you generate some "script" or any other way for this. I'm just a general user of PCs, not at all a computer-person. Thanks.

    2 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago