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  • Where can I get a saddle for my...?

    ...komodo dragon?

    The grandkids want to ride it, and I just don't feel safe letting them ride bareback. They're all under 3.

    3 AnswersReptiles1 decade ago
  • Name of this aquatic plant?

    Okayso I'm doing this lab report about dissolved oxygen and stuff, and I need to know what kind of plant I used. The plants are aquatic; there are small clusters of thin leaves sticking off of a thicker central stem. The plants are dark green to brownish in color, slimy-looking, and smell horrible after being deprived of oxygen for a while. If I heard correctly the plant is called "colombola" or something but Google isn't returning anything to that effect. :c Somebody halp?

    8 AnswersBotany1 decade ago