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  • My dog bit about 50% of my baby ducks top beak off and a small small piece of the bottom part.Can it live?

    So the duck and the dog got a little too friendly and a matter of seconds and part of its beak is gone. I DONT HAVE THE MONEY FOR A VET. A humane shelter (atleast the one we have here..wont help the duck but kill it instead) I just wanna know with about 50% of the top beak (it still has both its notrils) and a small portion of the bottom knicked off will it still live as long as it can eat? I think its eating (or atleast trying) I cant really tell if its getting any in there. BUT its not bleeding and it doesnt seem to be in pain. CAN IT LIVE? If someone seriously honestly knows something about ducks let me know and I will send you a pic of my little disabled duckies beak.

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  • My baby has REALLY bad dry skin. So bad that it turns rough and scratchy. Anyone know any tricks to help her?

    Okay PLEASE READ....we've already tried:


    -Lubriderm Lotion

    -Aveeno baby lotion

    -Johnsons Regular & Nighttime lotion


    -Baby Oil & Creamy Baby Oil

    -Parent's Choice Lotion

    -Baking soda in her bath water

    -Dove Soap

    -And we have tried switchin between multiple soaps and her laundry detergent.

    She has a dermitologist app. in a week or two but right now its itching her so bad that she rubbed her leg lastnight against the sheet so much that she made it bleed. So I need something that will help. We've even cut her from a bath everynight to a bath once a week. Nothing is helping.

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  • I can't find a bumper that CORRECTLY fits my baby's crib. Any suggestions?

    This is the crib I have: Due to the shape I cant use a bumper set that has a "head board" and I cant find a regular on that will fit it. It gaps or wont tie and falls down. My baby keeps gettin her arms and legs stuck in the rails and Im just at a loss for what to do....Anyone have any suggestions let me know.

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  • Sex on your back?

    A read a persons comment on another persons question that said for pregnancy, don't lay flat on your back after the 4th month. I'm 7 mths pregnant myself and prefer it on my back due to the fact he's good sized and it doesnt feel like it goes in as deep. BUT my question is "Why wouldn't it be good to have sex on your back after 4 mths?"

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