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  • Excel Certification with two weeks?

    I am fairy good with excel (especially the Finance/Accounting related functions).

    If I study for two weeks would I be able to pass it?

    Or, what is your take on passing the Excel Proficiency exam?

    Any and all input is appreciated!

    1 AnswerOther - Computers4 years ago
  • After oiling and shampooing my hair, should I condition it as well?

    So, I have been oiling my hair for the past two weeks and after oiling my hair, naturally I wash it off with shampoo but I ve also been conditioning it as well.

    Those that have been "oiling" their hair, should I condition it too or just leave it and condition it some other time?

    1 AnswerHair4 years ago
  • Excel functions and resume (CV)?

    In my previous job I used to use excel all day long entering data, creating spread sheets and whatnot (the usual I suppose).

    Now..... I need to update my resume and i don't know what to put in the "Bullet points".

    Any examples would be greatly appreciated!

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment5 years ago
  • A girlfriend who doesn't want to have sex?

    So I've been hooking up with this woman for about two months now (when I say hooking up, I mean kissing and stuff), but as of about one month ago we have decided to be official.

    I am starting to feel she is extremely selfish when it comes to sexual activities and whatnot.

    She feels comfortable enough to take off her tops (as of late), but not her bottoms. So I make her feel good, make her *** and whatnot. But she doesn't want to return the favor and just says "I am sorry, I am shy". I can play with her vagina over her pants and dresses but not under it, and she really enjoys it, but when I ask her to play with my penis I have to she just says "I can't" or when I say how about a ******** and stuff same answer (the reason I didn't mention sex is because, we talked about it and that is like WOWwwww).

    She is a virgin, in her late 20's, I am in my early 20's.

    I think I am a very patient man, I've been taking care of her for the past two months and I received nothing. I didn't mind any of it until maybe last night, I was taking care of her for a while, when I looked at the clock it was around 2am, and it occoured to me that I we had been doing this half naked **** for the past 3 hours and I was doing all the work ........... for the past two months.

    I really like this woman, and she really likes me too.

    What do I do???

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating6 years ago
  • what can I take to Japan for my boss over there?

    I am moving to Japan soon and I want to take a small gift for my boss, what would he/she like?

    I was thinking about a good bottle of red/white wine. Scotch or any other suggestions?

    Also, is it better to buy it from regular liquor store or duty free at the airport?

    2 AnswersJapan7 years ago
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 mini?

    I need to get a new phone. Is it worth investing close to $300 for this phone or can I get a better phone with that much money? (if so, any suggestions?)

    I am moving to Japan, so would I be able to use it over there? (I will get an unlocked phone).

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans7 years ago
  • In need of a new smart phone? (10 points for the best answer)?

    Right now I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, its good, but I need something a little better. I am moving to Japan in about a week and need a phone that will be compatible in Japan.

    I don't want to spend anymore then $300 dollars.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance!!!

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans7 years ago
  • Japan working visa and entry related question? (10pionts)?

    So I am pretty much all set to depart for Japan in a two weeks with a working visa for a little over a year. Today I got an email from my employer saying that it would be best if I were to buy a round ticket instead of one way, saying that customs might not allow me to enter the country without a round ticket or you will have to buy a back ticket at a very expensive price from there on.

    Can anyone PLEASE shed some light into this matter.

    I don't want to buy a round ticket as i want to travel a little ones I am done with my program in Japan.

    Any information or suggestion or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    4 AnswersJapan7 years ago
  • medicaid and refill related question?

    So, I have medicaid and I am leaving the country for about a year.

    I am on this particular med, how many months worth of refill would I be able to get with medicaid to take with me.


    Thank you,

    2 AnswersOther - Health7 years ago
  • How long does Japanese work visa process take?

    So, I have been accepted for a job in Japan and I was told that the visa process may take up-to 6-8 weeks?

    What have your experience been of it? Any idea?

    1 AnswerImmigration7 years ago
  • Total sum of "characters" in One Piece (Anime)?

    Can anyone guess, just howwwww many characters are there in one piece.

    take a guess or do the calculation.

    I am curious.

    2 AnswersComics & Animation7 years ago
  • Notarized and aposttiled in NYC?

    I need to get some documents notarized and aposttiled.

    Where can I go to get it done, and for a relatively cheap price.

    2 AnswersNew York City7 years ago
  • Shaving related question?


    So when I shave,

    1. I wet my face

    2. apply shaving cream/gel

    3. shave

    4. apply after shave

    Now here is the question:

    I like to let the after shave sit in for a few minutes before I hop in the shower and wash it all away with face scrub, then ones I am done showering I apply face moisturizer.

    What I am doing, is it ok? Or should I just let the after shave sit on my face the whole day like many men do?

    Any idea?

    1 AnswerOther - Beauty & Style7 years ago
  • direct teaching appliaction sites for South Korea?

    What are some sites where I can apply for a teaching position in South Korea?

    Thank you in advance,

    1 AnswerKorea7 years ago
  • International Drivers License for Japan?

    I have a job offer in Japan and it requires me to drive. But, I don't have my drivers license yet. I am planning on getting it by the end of next week.

    I was told that there is a 3 moth wait period before I can get a International Drivers Permit for Japan (I have to reside in my country for 3 months before I can receive a valid International Drivers Permit).

    Can someone educate me on this matter?

    Thank you (10 points for the best answer)!!!

    4 AnswersJapan7 years ago
  • Japan or South Korea to teach?

    I am having somewhat of a hard time deciding between the two country to teach.

    I have applied to both countries and it seems that I might have a shot at both country (I HOPE)!!!

    I just graduated from college.

    I've always wanted to live in Japan (at the very least travel). Over the past few years I've come to enjoy reading manga and watching anime. Even before that I've always been fond of the country and its rich culture and food. And, I took two semesters of Japanese.

    I am fond of South Korea as well. And it is actually is more lucrative (give that I am swimming in student debt, I can sure use the extra money).

    With South Korea, air fair, housing and stuff like that are covered.

    With Japan, they are not. Monthly they pay about the same. But, if I were to go to South Korea, I would save 400-600 dollars on housing for sure.

    Economically, South Korea makes more sense, but I've always wanted to go to Japan, in-fact its one of my dream (and I don't have too many of them).

    Whats your take on all of this.

    Thanks in advance (10 pots for the best reasoning).

    7 AnswersJapan7 years ago
  • E2 VISA for South Korea related question? (10 points)?

    I am planning on teaching in South Korea.

    I need to get my background check and I've applied already dierctly through FBI, however, it is taking a bit too long. So, I was told there are channeler who can expedite the service and it is just as legitimate. Any take on this?

    Thank you,

    3 AnswersKorea7 years ago
  • youtube related question?

    I need to post a video on youtube ONLY for certain individuals to see. I was told to adjust the settings so only someone with the exact link will be able to view the video.

    How do I go about doing that?

    Thank you,

    1 AnswerYouTube7 years ago