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Of me.... Engaged to a wonderful woman and we give of ourselves to each other, as one should in a healthy relationship. I sound British but now live in Australia, but GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! Over educated but I must say I use all my qualifications in some manner because no learning goes to waste. I enjoy study because I love learning. I have a pasion to teach but can only do it part time now....I prefer to teach girls but I fight for boy's rights ineducation, now there is irony Christian, fairly conservative and anti-feminist, but will debate and concede valid points on the last, but only if approached with respect. An identical twin, no less, but I am still me and never him. I love good horror movies, as well as documentaries. I cook, vacuum and iron my own shirts though now my lady works with me to do these things too. What do I hate? Hypocrisy, cruelty, rudeness and warm beer. Balut too..... God Bless, even if I ruffle your feathers.