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  • Should I do halloween costumes at 1 yr birthday party?

    My kids bday is 27th, party is 29th (of October). They will be one (twins) I'm not doing anything real big or halloweenish but the colors are black & green & I wanted my husband & i & kids to wear our costumes. I was going to add a note in the envelope of invitations saying costumes are welcome. BUT is it a bad idea to have the kids wear their costumes to a bday party at a park? I mean they may get really dirty and then theres cake & other desserts and punch for the older kids..(toddlers 2-5ish)...probably lots of messesmaybe halloween costumes are not really appropriate? Please give me your input

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  • What kind of paper or other material do I need to make my own pattern?

    As in a pattern for clothes, purses, etc.

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  • Reset Sim Cheat/Sims 3/PS3?

    I got Spoot the Llama, now I am trying to do the reset sim cheat. I hit L2, over the mailbox, went to "reset sim", and then chose the sim I wanted. Nothing that all I am supposed to do or am I doing something wrong. Is it instant change or I have to wait a little while? Thanks for your help!

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  • Sex less than a week before due period?

    K I know I can test when I have a missed period. But today I am supposed to have my period, and I just had sex less than a week ago. I have heard it can take multiple days to a week for conception and fertilization to happen. So will I be able to tell if I take a test today? Or should I just wait? Thanks sorry I know this is like the 50 millionth one of these questions posted within the last hour.

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  • Should we start a protest/revolution against Obama?

    I think so...I mean he's just wasting all of our time why not jump on board with the Arabs & start something?

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  • i just don't get rapping about condoms?

    A bunch of recently released songs have lyrics that talk about oh ima beat it up so effing much, but girl we gotta put that condom on first...YEA RIGHT. Rappers wouldn't have 10 kids a piece if they wore a condom even almost every time... I mean i'm glad they are trying to spread the message since kids as young as 10ish are allowed to listen to this kind of music by their parents..but it kind of doesn't matter since you are already braggin about how good you are in bed and how amazingly you're about to smash this chick...they probably don't even know what the f*ck a condom is. Can i get a okay?!

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    Anyone else think the halftime show was terrible. Fergie needs to hang it up for real. And then the Christina Aguilera thing....

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  • What do these acronyms mean?


    what the hell is this crap?? lol damn i thought lol and wtf were bad when i was a teen

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    I had twins at 37 weeks (which everyone says is term but yet everyone at drs ofc and wic office, etc says this "well they were born premature" as their answer to everything- so annoying!) But anyways they were born: Baby A (girl) 6lbs 8oz & Baby B (boy) 5lbs 6.6 oz. Now they will be 3 months on Thursday & probably weigh around (girl) 10.5 lbs & (boy) 9 lbs. The doctor has not said anything about being worried about their weight so I am not worried just wondering how quickly your premature baby/babies grew. Also they are still in 0-3 months clothing. I guess I am just so excited to see them get bigger and break into all of their 3 months clothes. My girl is close but I know my boy will be a while...I kind of feel weird about the situation sometimes considering if they keep up like they are, I dont think my son will fit in 3 month clothes until hes almost 6 months. I feel like they should be there sooner, considering they weren't born that I just want to know about your situations and how fast they grew & moved into new clothing sizes...? Thanks to everyone.

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  • When did your baby do this..?

    I have two 2 1/2 month olds so I'm just wondering about other people's personal experiences. I have read a lot of website's little charts on what babies should do at what age so I don't want a link to any of those. I just want to know when your baby did it...because all babies are different! Thanks:

    When did your baby sit up (supported) without wiggling and eventually falling?

    When did your baby sit up by his/herself?

    When did your baby move up to 6 oz bottles?

    When did your baby crawl?

    When did your baby clap for the first time?

    When did your baby walk supported (along the couch & etc)?

    When did your baby walk unsupported?

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  • What Song Is This???

    It's a song that has it's own dance. I was in a club this weekend and it was the first time I heard it, but they played it like 50 times and a whole group of ppl would get on the dance floor in a line formation like the cupid shuffle and stuff. It was a hip-hop song & the chorus sounded like it was saying, "Gayne Wayne with it"...but I've googled that & "gain way with it" but I can't find anything? Does anyone know what I'm talkin about?

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  • How do I stop resenting them?

    My mother in law watches my children while i'm . They are now 2 months old, but about a month ago, I asked her to give them a bath while I was at work, thinking that they would run to my house & get the baby bath...well when I talked to her after work she said that her & my sister-in-law gave them baths...but they ended up taking a bath in the tub w/ my sister in law...(Now I already have this thing even if it was their first time I wldnt want them taking baths with anyone else but me & their father because its weird to me!) But this was their first time to ever bathe in the big bathtub and it was not with was with my sister in law of all people....I resent them for this..why didnt they ask? I mean isnt that something you like ask about or mention to a mother before you just get naked with their baby and start takin baths together?? WTF!? but anyways, I have not said anything just because I dont wanna sound like a ***** and blow things out of proportion because I know I will get all hyped up & it's probably not that big of a do I deal with this? It really drives me crazy but I try not to think about it...

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  • Generally, when do babies start drinking more than 4 oz at a time?

    Or when is it okay for them to? My twins both drink 4 oz just about every feeding (2-3 hrs apart) & they are only 8 weeks, they have been doing so since about a month old. My pediatrician says this is a lot for a baby their age but I mean if they act like they want it & they can keep it down, I don't see the harm in it. When do they graduate to anything more, jw seldomly they will act like they are still hungry after a 4oz bottle & I would just like to know when it will be okay. I will ask my pediatrician, but I mean he's just a man who probably had kids like 20 years ago, Dr's are still just ppl they don't know everything. I would like to know from some mothers personal experiences (or fathers!)....


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  • Do the Blockbuster Express Kiosks rent out games?

    I only know of one & it seems like we cld only rent movies...

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  • Is anyone else scared by Ke$ha's new video?

    OMG, i have no idea who this chick is I have never even heard of her until I saw the "We R Who We R" video on MTV the other day....the only reason I kept watching was because of these fugly yet interesting eyebrows....? She looks like a man...

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  • Home remedy for colic?

    This girl @ the store overheard me saying i think my baby may have colic, she said her neighbor told her abt this home remedy for colic that you can rub on the babies chest & it calms them down. She couldnt remember the name of course, my baby hasnt cried for over 3 hrs straight i dont believe but he will cry for atleast an hour or two right after a feeding, only being consoled by picking up or passy ***FOR ABOUT 5 MINS MAYBE** then he goes right back to crying. And he seems so restless, always fighting sleep. I am going to try GentleEase by Enfamil but i'd also like to know about this remedy the girl mentioned, if anyone has heard of it.


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  • how long before i can wear my jeans after my c-section?

    i had a c-section 2 weeks ago, the incision is still pretty tender. im just wondering when i can expect it to feel better and be like healed to the point where it doesnt bother me to wear low waist underwear and jeans and stuff like that? it seems like its never gonna heal..

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  • One centimeter dilated 50% effaced?

    Went to the Doc today, i'm 35 weeks with twins. He said I am 1 cm dilated & 50% effaced but this is no time predictor of when labor will come. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with any of their pts being at this stage and how long it took for labor to arrive...or just any personal stories with this kind of situation? I am not worried if they come at this point, they have been doing really well and are atleast 5 and a half lbs each at this point. I'm just wondering if I should be expecting it really soon...or not even worry about it?


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  • Will my mucous plug definently be bloody?

    I've been having an increase in discharge in the last few days, i'm 33 wks 2 days w/ twins, is this probably my mucous plug? There is no discoloration it is just clear/white and globby..does this mean this is not my mucous plug if it is not bloody or brown? If it *is* my mucous plug, does this have any time indication of how far away labor could be? Thnks.

    2 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago