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  • Looking for a quote about how a guy didn't have to be a biological father to be a daddy?

    Some kind of quote for a guy who acts as an awesome day even if he's not the biological father

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  • My boyfriend never wants me to stay over at his house....should I worry.?

    We have been together for 5 months now. I have a 3year old so the opportunity to sleep with each other isn't very often as its obviously way to early in the relationship for him to be staying here when my son is here. When my son is with his dad though I would love to be able to sleep with each other but he barely ever wants to. My son has been at my aunt visiting out of town for the week, which we could have stayed together but only did one time and that was only because we were out of town. And when we do stay together he doesn't like to cuddle with me. He claims it's because it's been years since he has been with anyone or slept together in the same bed. I just don't understand why he wouldn't want to go to bed and wake up with me especially when he talks about eventually moving in together. I usually leave his place or he leaves by 10....don't get it...

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  • Do I have a medical malpractice case?

    I went to a new new family doctor who diagnosed me with a hypothyroid. Put me on medication for this. I continued passing out and the ER said my doctor was wrong and diagnosed me with hyperthyroid. Now from taking my medication I have no ths hormone in thyroid. My number went from .176 to 0.05

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  • Is he sincere by saying "ditto"?

    Ok so I have been dating this man about 3 months ago. We started things off basically for fun which then went into we have feelings for each other. He has told me a few times he loves me. We kind of got in and awkward argument today and he said "maybe I'm not the 1". Since day one I knew I like him and I could tell he had feelings for me but he has said were a "couple, but still doesn't put the title on us, his parents divorced when he was young and his mother cheated on his father so i think this may be why hes afraid to commit. e were fine after little argument and I went home to write a speech, when I was done I text him saying see I told you it wouldn't take me long to write it, sorry if I'm ever a pain in the *** and drive you crazy. I really do love you and care about you. He replied ditto. Sincere or not.

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  • Please help me figure this song out!! 10 points!!?

    I heard it for the first time on the radio today so I'm assuming its new. Its a girl signing the song. Shes singing about how she is fine being alone. There is some cliche' phrase in it that of course I cannot remember. Its pretty much about how life goes on and thank you for leaving me. You see I found someone new...something along these lines. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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  • Looking for a song something to do with I kinda like you?

    Some kind of song along the lines of I like you, falling for u, crush on u....

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  • Why are my breast so soooore? =(?

    I am on mirena for bc. It is 99.9% effective. There really can be no way im pregnant...right? Ever since I had my son 2 years ago and I breast fed my breast have been "deflated". Now the last few days they are both soar and tender and don't feel so "deflated." Ever since I have been on Mirena I have only gotten maybe 3 periods in the past 2 years so I can't even tell if I would be late. Is there anything else that could be going on here...=(

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  • I cant remember much about this song but I loved it. Something about church bells. country song.?

    It a country song that a man is singing. Something about a relationship not good and running when the church bells ring. Im pretty sure its a newer song. NOT the song "let the church bells ring". Its about a relationship not working. I cant remember any more to describe the song im looking for =( I hope someone will know.

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  • What is a good website for preschool lesson plans?

    I am a stay at home mommy and we do our own preschool time at home. I am looking for some websites for letter and color of the week. Also numbers, shapes and themes of the week etc... Thank you! :)

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  • What does it mean that my fiance is looking at porn everyday?

    I have seen on his phone that while he is working midnights he is looking at a porn site every night! He already treats me like sh*t half the time. If its not one thing its another.

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  • I need a catchy name for my house cleaning business?

    I am starting a house cleaning business and need a catchy name because it can be quite competitive. I want something fun, friendly, and loyal. My name is Jessica if that helps at all. Thank you in advance for some ideas! :)

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  • What is the bump near my behind?

    I have a reddish bump about the size of a peanut mm. Its is right along where the edge of my pantys lay on my behind. It was very soar and uncomfortable.

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  • Where can I find jobs to work for from my home?

    I am a stay at home mommy and wouldnt have it any other way. However with a one income family it is getting tough. I would like to find a job that I can do from my home. There are so many scams out there for working from your home and I want to know if anyone knows a good website to look for real work from your home?

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  • I want another baby-what should I do?

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years. We have a 2 year old son. We bought our first home one year ago. He alwas has excuses about getting married and still has yet to pop the question. I really want to have another child now. I am ready and want my children to be close in age. However I dont want to have a second child unwed. If he keeps avoiding mariage does he see a future with me? Am I waiting on a fantasy? Should I continue to wait it out or should I move on with my life and look for a man who wants the same things as me?

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  • A gift exchange game?

    I'm looking for a gift exchange type of game. A group of my friends get together for a xmas party. We want to do something besides secret Santa because last year some girls didn't show so some didn't have gifts. So this year everyone brings a gift and then well play a game to see who gets what gift. Any ideas?

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  • Bible verse for sick newborn?

    My friend just had a baby boy who is having health issues. She's asking for prayers and I was looking for a prayer or bible verse for the health of a newborn child. Thank you!

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  • What do these symptoms mean?

    I'm having migraines, pain in back of head and neck, blurred vision, tingly and numb hands, and feeling light headed.

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  • Im looking for a bible verse by Joshua about gaurdian angel?

    My brother, Joshua, died a few years back and I want to get a tatto with a bible verse by Joshua from the bible about being a gaudian angel.

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  • Need financial help with apartment?

    I am about to be 21 and need to get out of the current relationship I am in with the father of my 5 mo. old son. I will be getting my associates degree soon but still need my bach. for elementary ed. before I can get a better paying job. I currently do not make enough money to afford a place on my own and really want to get done with school so I can support my son and I. Does anyone know of any help I can get?

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  • What are some indoor Chirstmas games/activities for children?

    I am a school-age teacher for a day care and I will have all the kids all day for 2 weeks due to christmas vacation. I thought next week we could play some christmas games. Not any games you go buy though.

    THank you

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