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  • modern family question?

    Hi does anyone know what episode it is where Phil Dunphy looks at a bad picture over the Internet and feels guilty when Claire blames it on Luke instead? (The picture was of a cowgirl on a horse with no clothes on) or something like that.

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  • Am I lactose intolerant?

    Growing up, I could drink milk, and eat any dairy product (cheese, pizza, yogurt, ice cream, you name it) without any negative effects on my body. Recently, about two years ago, I would get stomach aches whenever I ate too much cheese pizza or drank too much milk. This only happened recently, and I wasn't born with it. However, this almost always occurs only if I have too much of a dairy product. If I eat a small portion, nothing will happen. But if I eat even just the normal serving of something, I will almost always have to go #2 afterward (the runny kind). For instance, if I eat half a slice of pizza, nothing will happen; but if I eat 2 or more slices, I will immediately have to go to the bathroom. Same thing with milk: I can drink an 8 oz. serving of milk just fine (regular kind, not Lactaid), but if I drink even a bowl of cereal, I will have to go. The effects seem to be the most detrimental when I drink coffee. I drink coffee almost everyday, and once I drink a cup of coffee I will immediately have a stomachache. Because of this, I have even seriously thought about switching to tea.

    I was wondering if this counts as lactose intolerance. I can still handle dairy products but only in small amounts. By the way, both my mom and dad have lactose intolerance (my dad drinks Lactaid, my mom can't eat any cheese or pizza) so I wouldn't be surprised if I actually do.

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  • When I use my Debit Card at Shop Rite, it asks do you want Cash Back?

    When I use my debit card at shop rite, and I swipe at the kiosk to check out at the cashier, after I have paid the groceries there is an option that asks do you want cash back. Like if my groceries cost $24.99, I will pay that amount with my debit card, but then after the amount is paid for, it will ask me do I want cash back. I don't understand why they would ask me this if I already paid for my groceries in full. It's not like they owe me any change. I have always clicked no, but what is the purpose of this question and what happens if I click yes?

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  • Any reviews on the movie Avatar?

    I saw the movie avatar on friday night, I thought it was okay, but it was a bit confusing and there were ALOT of random clips that i thought should have been in the deleted scenes. For example, the mating scene, that was VERY random and i bet most of the people in the movie theater were looking around very clueless. Also, the scenes were changing so fast, sometimes I got lost. I heard lots of people said the movie was really good, I can say that too... but I just thought the movie producers could have made it much better.

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  • I was rejected by my first choice college. Should I appeal?

    I applied to Cornell University early decision. According to the school, you can either be accepted, rejected, or deferred (basically moved to the regular decision pool). I was rejected and the college said that I would not be reviewed for the regular decisions. Should I even bother appealing? If so, how do I go about doing this.

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  • Should I replace my battery for Dell Inspiron 1520?

    I have had my Dell Inspiron 1520 since October 2007 (a little bit more than two years ago). It works fine, just a little bit slow on the startup (takes about two full minutes to fully boot up). Other than the startup time, my programs run pretty smoothly. However, upon startup, my computer tells me every time with the exact same message, and I am quoting from the screen, "Your battery needs to be replaced". This message, I don't know if I should believe it, because my battery can still charge fully to 100% and with my recharger, it works fine.

    However, without my laptop recharger, the laptop maybe lasts 30 minutes on average, 1 hour at the most before it "blacks out".

    Should I replace my battery like the screen suggests, or wait it out until my computer really does need a new battery (and how can I tell when it actually NEEDS one)?

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  • Common App School Forms?

    I applied through the Common App ONLINE. My college requires two teacher recommendations and one counselor recommendation. This would have been perfectly fine but one of my teachers decides he DOESN'T want to send his recommendation through the internet.

    My question is: can I have my counselor and teacher send their recommendations online and my other teacher send his through mail? Or does it have to be all by mail or all by the internet.

    Please do not answer this question unless you are 100% sure. A source would be appreciated.

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  • When should I send my SAT scores?

    I'm applying to Cornell University Early Decision (the deadline this year is November 1). I am done with my SAT requirements and I took my SAT Subject Tests in October.

    However, the scores don't come back for October until Oct 29. This is TWO days before the deadline!! I am afraid that if I send in my scores on the 29th, they will be received by Cornell AFTER the deadline.

    Does anyone know how long it takes for CollegeBoard to send scores to the colleges if you DON'T list the free score report thing or if you DON'T do rush reporting?

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  • Can someone provide a MODERN map of europe?

    I went to google and typed in "modern" map of europe and they vary greatly. I need one because my ap european history class has us memorizing a modern map of europe so that we can compare it with an old one.

    Furthermore, some "modern" maps were made in 2000! I need one from 2007-2009!!

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  • How do I stop frequent nosebleeds?

    I have had at least one nosebleed every day for the past week. My total is at around fourteen for last week. There was a period of 24 hours in which I had had five nosebleeds. They range from a minimum of five minutes to one that lasted one hour (nonstop). Some have lasted so long that I had to literally crouch in front of my toilet to just let the blood flow down after wasting a whole roll of tissue paper. The drip of the blood is about one per second.

    The unusual thing about my nosebleeds is that they switch between my nostrils. For instance, one nosebleed will come from my right while the next would surely come from my left. They alternate, without fail, so much that I could predict with 100% accuracy from which nostril my next nosebleed would occur. However, there was one time when I was wrong: when I had a nosebleed come from both my nostrils at the same time.

    I don’t usually have nosebleeds this frequently. The last time that I had nosebleeds like this was in the third grade when I had a nosebleed about once every two weeks. I don’t have any blood-related diseases or to the best of my knowledge, any diseases in my family history (except for my grandmother’s diabetes). These frequent nosebleeds have been going on since around May or June (at first once every two weeks during that time, but now once every two days). They intensified greatly in August. My doctor didn’t see anything wrong with my nose, but I didn’t ask him specifically about it when I went to see him for my annual physical checkup in early June because I thought it was minor at the time; however, it has been occurring quite frequently, especially this month.

    They don’t seem to come in a certain pattern. What I mean by this is that they could occur any minute, any time of day (including when I’m asleep – I’ve been awakened quite a bit in the middle of the night because of this). I know a nosebleed is about to occur when I feel a trickling down of liquid within my nostrils. This could be occurring when I’m playing basketball outside or when I’m simply reading a book. I do not pick at my nostrils; the blood just seems to flow whenever it chooses. There is a possibility I will see my doctor before September to get this checked up on as soon as possible.

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  • Any SAT "horror stories"?

    Thank god this didn't happen to me when I took the SAT, but did anything unusual happen when you guys took the SAT (for instance, did someone make very annoying noises tapping with his foot or was there a proctor who wouldn't stop looking over your shoulder?) Anything even more extreme than that perhaps?

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  • Marv Albert's voice on NBA Live 09?

    Does he have to sit at the "NBA Live HeadQuarters" and do each voice or phrase every year for each NBA Live edition (since it comes out every year). Doesn't he get bored of saying over a hundred meaningless phrases (after all, it is only for a video game).

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  • OK to pick up a lizard when it is shedding?

    My friend is on vacation and he gave me his bearded dragon (lizard) to look after for about 1 and a half weeks. It is in the midst of shedding (has already shed its entire tail). Is it done shedding or will it continue to shed its body and head as well? Is it ok to pick up the lizard during this "shedding stage" or should I wait until it has completely finished shedding to pick it up?

    I take it out for about 10-15 minutes a day and let it rest on my hand or on a flat surface so it crawl about (just to get it out of its cage for a bit). Is 10-15 minutes OK? Should I take it out for more/less time?

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  • How do I send my AP exam scores?

    I know how to send SAT I and SAT II scores through But my AP exam scores do not show up online. How do I send my AP exam scores online (or must it be done through mail or phone)?

    This has not been done, but IF i were to lose my paper score report with the AP exam score am I "screwed"?

  • Why is Transformers getting negative reviews?

    Yet, it has received over 300 million (and counting) in box office sales. Even though it has received mostly negative reviews, according to, millions of teens and young adults still go see it because of Megan Fox and Isabel Lucas. So why is it bad, and if it is that bad, don't see it!

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  • What does "put your money where your mouth is" mean?

    I heard it from "Wake up in Vegas" by Katy Perry (or Lady Gaga, forget which one). What does this quote mean, it doesn't have to be from that context.

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  • Which books for these SAT Subject Tests?

    I took Literature, Latin, and Math Level One in June. I got 650 on all of them. I had used my Barron's AP Literature book to study for Literature, I used my high school textbook to study for Latin, and I used Barron's SAT Subject Test in Math Level One to study for the math.

    Should I have used a prep book specifically designed for the Subject Test in Literature instead of using my AP Literature prep book? It is hard to find a prep book for Latin! There are only two that exist (literally). That is why I used my textbook. Do any of you know any that I can study for Latin? Also, I am planning to take Math Level Two instead of Math Level One. Which book should I buy or should I buy all of them (all of them as in Princeton Review, Barrons, and Sparknotes).

    I know that Princeton Review combined Math Level One and Two when making its prep book. Barrons and Sparknotes have separate books for the two tests.

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  • Do you need to be strong in science to do well on the ACT?

    I have always been hesitant to take the ACT because I am not a particularly strong science student (B- in both regular biology and chemistry); however, I recently looked over an ACT practice test for the first time in my life (shocker!) and realized that most of the questions were based off of passages or charts as opposed to previous knowledge about a certain subject.

    Was I going insane, or is this usually how ACT science questions are posed? Remember, I have only looked at a practice ACT test once.

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  • Will my AP grade affect college admissions decisions?

    I got a 3 on my AP Literature test. This is not terrible but it's not so great either (I was hoping for a 4 but you obviously can't change that). I don't really want to cancel this score because this is the only AP class I took in junior year (our school does not offer that many AP classes). I was wondering if this "relatively low" grade will affect the decisions of the college admissions committee.

    I have heard from a few college students that the AP score is technically not a "standardized test" and is not weighed as heavily as other tests such as SAT, ACT, or SAT II. Is this true?

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this question. The most helpful and insightful answer will be voted by me as the best answer.

    P.S. If this matters at all, my two reach schools are Cornell and NYU who only offer credit for 4 and 5.

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  • I have xbox live silver. can i still play online?

    i bought an xbox 360 pro version and it comes with xbox live silver membership. can i still play online with my halo 3 or do i need to get xbox live gold membership. what is the difference between silver and gold membership? Thanks to anyone who can help me out.

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