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  • Is this normal with strep throat?

    i have strep throat, and I know that the white patches ar enormal, but now on my right side, there is a big black patch..... it's scaring me because I don't know if it's normal. I went to the doctor, and I am on antibiodics for it, could I have this black spot cause it's healing? Or do I need to call the doctor?

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  • Should I leave him, or give it a chance and hope things will get better?

    Me and my fiance have had a really hard time the past couple weeks. We have been arguing over the stupidest little things, and not because of me. It seems everything I do, he gets mad at. He will never talk to me about why he's mad, he will just hang up on me if he decides he's mad, and wont answer the phone when I call back. We got into it really bad saturday night, cause he had just gotten arrested on Friday, and he was drunk. He has been drunk every night since his 21st birthday party on October 19th. I told him I didn't think he should be doing it, and he got all kinds of pi$$ed at me. He completely went off on me, told me I had an attitude, I was bitchin at him, I was trying to act like his mom, etc..... He NEVER wants to hear anything I have to say. I am expected to be a quite and keep what I think to myself. I have to listen to whatever he says though. He has gotten really controlling lately, and when I brough it up his exact words were "If i'm not in 100% control, I don't want it." I don't know if I should take that seriously, or let it pass cause he was drunk. They do say drunken words are sober thoughts though. Also, he decided to just randomly say "Do you not relize that I can be with whoever I want?" That really hurt me...... He makes me cry all the time when he gets mad at me, but I never do anything about it cause I am scared of losing him. Were actually into it right now just because I called his cousin, whom I am friends with. He told me were 2 peas in a pod, and I should just go talk to him, and hung up. I texted him and asked him why he was so mad, and why he just wouldn't let me call him and apologize, and he just wrote back "Bl0w me." What should I do?

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  • Please help me figure out the name of this song and who songs it!?

    Part of the lyrics are: everythings meant to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.

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  • Can you PLEASE help me solve this math riddle, it's driving me INSANE!!!?

    3 people order a pizza, and it cost $30. Each one of the 3 people give the cashier 10 dollars in singles. The cashier forgot about the 5 dollar discount coupon that one of the people gave her, so she has to give the money back. She keeps 2 dollars for a tip, and gives each of the 3 people $1. Now they have all only paid $9 a piece. 9*3=27, + her $2 dollar tip = $29. Where did the other dollar go?

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  • I need some good rap songs (current)?

    I am burning a C.D. and it's the second one today, and I need a few more songs to put on it, but I am having a complete brainfart! I know there are so many more songs that I like but I just can't think of them. Can you please refresh my memory? lol

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  • How do you text a sprint phone though e-mail?

    I know to text a verizon phone through e-mail you would send it to, but I have no idea how to do it to a sprint phone. Please help!!!!!

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  • Question ladies only. Guys will be disgusted if you read this so beware!?

    Ok. I had sex with my boyfriend, and he let loose right in me, so of coarse theres the thought in my mind that I may be pregnant. My period came 10 days early. The first 2 days was very light and the past 3 have been unbelievebly heavy, I have never had a heavy period once in my life, and my periods only last three days, so thats 2 things that are happening that worry me. The past few days that have been really heavy, the blod isn't normal, is really slimey and mucose like. I also am having way more clots than normal, Im wondering if it could mean that I am pregnant.... which i doubt, or that maybe I had a misscarriage. Things are just really scaring me about it. The bottom of my belly is really uncomfortable and I keep having chest pains, and every once in a while, a sharp stomach cramp..... should I go to the doctor, or can someone maybe tell me what's going on here?

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  • Is Vin Diesel Gay?

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