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  • how to start a sexting convo and keep it going?

    ima teen and i no this sounds stupid but my gf wants to sext...i hav no clue jhow to start it lol...PLZ HELP ME...any ideas on how i can start it? thx, thatkid

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  • Im 13 how can i get my girfriend to be comfortable talking about sexual thns(read first)?

    im not asking for sex but how do i get my girlfriend comfortable talking abt sexual things and mab even think about them...weve been toghether for over a year(which is hella long for our age) but the only way shell talk abt sex and stuff is do i get her to be comfortable talking abt it to my face of even on skype? i dont wanna pressure her... i just want her to be comfortable talking to me abt everythn and anythn to my face and not only while texting...mab even get her to show what she want and her secret thoughts....she can talk to me no problem abt sex and stuff all the time wen we text but hides her secret pervertedness when she talks to my face..also...can any1 tell me why she changes so much when she texts and when she acctualy talks to my face? btw for people that answer this q and dont remember how they were at my age, im not tooo your im going to high school next year and ya kids my age talk abt sex allot . its also normal for kids my age to watch porn and masturbate so dont freek out and say your a sex addict your to young wait till your older and stuff i needa wanta real answer haha


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  • im 13! i cant masterbate cuz i cant keepa bon3r?

    im so confused i keep trying to masterbate but it wont work i cant keep the effin bon3r!!! wata i do! i hav it 4 like 15 seconds thn it goes away!/:

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  • how do i make my girl really really really happy? im 13?

    i wanna make my girl really happy weve been 2gether for over a year and i love her like crazy. ive made allota stupid mistakes tht i end up fixing but i wana make her forget abt tht for a while...we hav beed takin it slow which i like cuz its worrkin for botha us weve kissed and cuddled and gone on double dates(cuz thts the only way shes alowd 2 go ona date) i just wana make her feel wanted happy secure and loved whats the most romantic thing i can do wen im 13 help me thx(:

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  • Help!?!?!?!?!?!?my gf found out i watch porn): im 13?

    i feel really really bad i a terrible boyfriend!): we wer playin truth or dare and she asked wen the last time i watched porn was ...last night)': i love her 2 death weve ben 2gether 4 1 year 2 months the longest in r school. shes amazing but i was hella horny 2 months ago and caved in 2 watching it. i used 2 watch it b4 we got 2gether and i was able 2 quit. any tips 4 quiting? any tips 4 my girlfriend happy again...for som reason i do allota stupid stuff . im a terrible boyfriend): help me please):im crying i never cry!):

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