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    I just found a page on "encyclopedia dramatica" in which greatly insults me, my mother, and my father's business, while creating false sex lies and linking my facebook account, my father's business, my mother's facebook, and also others of which I know AND THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE this can cause HUGE negatives for my father's business and unbelievable embarrasement for everyone else linked. There is also another business whose credit would suffer. I am not going to attach a link it because that would probably be against Yahoo Answers Policy since it contains underage teen nude photos, and I also do not want to spread it, but I NEED a way to get this off the internet ASAP because it is gross, repulsive, and could lose or may have already lost my father/family money. There has to be a way to shut it down, especially the nude pictures of an under 17 year old girl (at the time).

    PLEASE help me.

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  • Drink question-fermentation?

    I am a minor and drank something whose label said "Due to natural fermentation, this product may contain trace amounts of alcohol" and I am paranoid, so I am wondering if I should wait any amount of time before I drive on the road, since I would get in huge trouble if I had any alcohol whatsoever if I got pulled over. Would half a day be good before I got in he driver's seat?

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  • I feel kind of heart broken, what am I supposed to do?

    Tonight while my girlfriend was passed out drunk for the first time in months, her friend was on her computer and told me how she had been depressed, because she is still deciding between me and another guy. Though we have been dating for 10 months, I found out tonight that she is still engaged to the guy, who lives in a different country. We have spoken about marriage ourselves, and she has told me I am the one she wants to marry, though we wanted to wait a while before getting that committed. Lately, she has been more distant and talks with me half as much as she used to, whether we are on a date or just talking day to day. She told me that she had ended the engagement, of which to my knowledge both partners were under loose bonds, and allowed to be seeing others until they were ready to move in together. But now I don't know what to think. I still love her more than I have felt for another woman...but I just don't know what to do. I already feel kind of heart broken. Her friend told me that she cannot make up her mind...but when or if she does? How can I be fine with knowing that she has had a second man, which she still loved while she was telling me we would build a family together? And if she chooses him? How am I supposed to be happy for her and tell her that it is ok, since I love her and that would be the best thing I could do, when I will never stop loving her? be best if I started acting like some kind of asshole that I am not, so she will not hurt as much and get on with life?

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  • Xbox Dvd controls question?

    Hey so somehow my xbox dvd player is cropped and movies are really stretched, and I am pretty sure that the media controls would be able to fix it, but the media controls that pause the DvD and stuff are cropped out and I can't see them. Could someone tell me the exact joystick sequence that I would need to do to get to the format part of the media controls?

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  • What is an open campbell's chicken noodle soup's fridge life?

    Put it in the fridge two days ago after I cooked the can but didn't end up eating any soup. How much longer can I keep it in there?

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  • If you roll 7 dice what are the chances 5 of them will be the same?

    Made a bet with a friend. Anyone that has taken probability and stats please help?

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  • can you kiss a girl or eat her out when you have a cold sore?

    Just...wondering. Obviously if you kiss her on the lips she will get one...but would contact anywhere else get a similar result?

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  • How do I convince my dad to let me have sex again?

    I promised my dad over a month ago that I would stop having sex with my girlfriend after coming clean to him and my mother. Now, my older girlfriend (I am 16 she is 17) is BEGGING me to continue and frankly I really want it too. I mean I know how he feels. He says he wants what is best for me, and I know that I guess I am a little young to get into this stuff. But I have thought about it and I mean we were using two ******* types of protection. We are not going to have a child...and if we do she is honestly the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with anyway, and I would embrace it (parents would be pissed, and it would not be ideal), but its not like, realistically, that would happen! girlfriend has been begging me to go back on my word and **** her, and I am honestly worried that I will loose control and do so somewhere inappropriate instead of prescheduled and in a private location like before. How am I supposed to convince my dad to let us be us again, before I just say **** it and have sex with her anyway (he has been really stubborn with it).

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  • Is my dad being reasonable?

    I am 16. Two months ago my girlfriend and I came clean to our parents about how far we had gone in our relationship (all the way). My father was the only one that wasn't ok with it. He made me promise that our sexual activities would stop, completely, and so far they have. But, I am starting to get sick of having to follow what he is forcing on my girlfriend and I. We were responsible, and in the future will be responsible, using two types of protection. I have tried to respect my father's orders, but honestly if they don't get lifted soon I am just going to say screw it. Do you have any tips on how I can make my dad understand that I want to do this, and I am almost an adult? Do you guys think that he is right and I should really wait longer, or that what I feel is reasonable?

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  • would trying to cool stuff down like this work?

    would this, theoretically, or it practice, work to cool stuff down?

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  • Help with one physics problem?

    Wondering if I did this right.

    A 60N net force acts upward upon a 5kg object for 2 seconds. (assuming that there are no forces other than gravity and the aformentioned force affecting it, and it's on earth)

    What is the object's potential energy at the highest point? I got 2611.7J but I am not sure i did it right...

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  • Is my penis too big...8"?

    Right now I am 17 and 8" long when erected...about 2 months ago I was 7 1/4" when some point, is it too big for comfort? My woman likes it right now, though agreed that it has gotten bigger. But when will it probably stop? How much bigger could I get?

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  • OMG a SPIDER in my kitchen what do I DO?

    I just saw a spider crawling on my floor EWWWWWW. I tried throwing a broom at it but I dont think I got it and I am too scared to is even worse because it was one of the common kinds so it has to be of a more successful breed of spider right? Like one that could kill you? Is there someone I can call that would be able to find the spider and get it out of my house? I am so worried....I have children I have to it safe to sleep in the same house? should I check to see if I killed it? :(

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  • Didn't potatoes originate in America?

    Aren't potatoes made in America? Wouldn't it be kind of gross to eat plants that grew somewhere I rite? I mean my man was like...all taters are made in Ireland, but im like NO WAY so I posted this....

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  • Why does my dog's penis always get hard whenever I pet him?

    We have had our dog for several years now. My family got him as a pup, and everything was fine, but it seems like ever since he has grown mature he just really likes me. And I am starting to get worried... almost every time I am around him it is almost impossible to ignore his giant *****, Ben has even humped me a couple times when no one was around. It is disgusting!

    Someone please heeeelllllppppp.....

    Should I see a vet or something?

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