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my name is william. i live in houston, texas. my interests include cooking, playing guitar, live music!!!! festivals, and general fun in the sun.. one of my proudest moments occurred on wednesday, 12-10-08. for that is when my fiance gave birth to Ana Simone Miller the url below will take you to MY, myspace site click on pics, and you will see her feel totally blessed.

  • help with crying baby?

    i am a proud father to a daughter. this weekend she will be one month old. i know she is so very young.. and i feel bad asking this question... but!!!!! here is the scenerio: she has been fed, her diaper is clean... she is in either my arms, or mothers.. and is sound asleep... the very minute we put her in her crib.. she will start crying... what are we doing wrong?!?!?!??? is there a certain time frame that we should re- frame from utilizing the crib?? we have gone as far as leaving in her crib.. but guilt takes over , and we answer her cries... what is your take? keep in mind that htis is our first kiddo.. we love her so very much. and i realize that sleep will be a commodity these days...BUT!!! its like she gets 30 minutes of sleep then she is crying.... what would be your advice ... thank you in advance.

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  • which brand of diaper to choose?

    hello.. my fiance and i are expecting our fist kiddo... we feel very blessed.. well, we are now thinking about diapers... and which ones to go with.. so my question is: which diaper did or do you perfer, and why? also cloth? or disposable? is one brand or type more earth friendly than the other? seems like a dumb question... but.....

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  • my question is about parental rights..?

    i am in a situation where the girl i am with, is pregnant... but!!! i found out that legally she is still married. i want to be considered the father .. but do i stand the chance of losing this? how can a prevent this from happening? thanks in advance for the feedback.

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