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I am a servant of the true God. I love Jehovah, as the wonderful parent that he is. I only aim to serve him and follow in the footsteps of his Son Jesus Christ. If you have any "Real" Bible based questions I will gladly answer them for you. If I dont know the answer I will research it and get back with you. The scriptures are clear on Apostasy. I think that says enough.

  • JW's you should not respond to Apostate questions or thoughts!!!!!!?

    Just recently we had an article on this very topic.

    Some of the points made.

    We dont watch tv programs that feature them.

    We dont go to their websites

    We dont comment on their blogs.

    That brings us to this page. When you see a comment that smells of apostasy Be obedient and stay away.

    Here are some Signs to let you know the person is apostate or has apostate thinking.

    1. Any one who says Former witness ( dead give away )

    2. Ones who speak very negatively about the Truth.

    3. Those who use theocratic terminology yet they speak down on the organization.

    4. They mention faithful men of old as our " leader"

    I think you get the point.

    2 John 7-11 is very clear...

    Stay faithful my friends.

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