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  • What kind of dog is it in the Boniva commercial with Sally Fields?

    I would just like to know the name of the breed because my mom had a dog like that growing up, but she can't figure out the breed name.

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  • Antibiotics and birth control?

    Not too long ago I was on amoxocillin for a chest infection for 10 days. The nurse practitioner your prescribed it said while on birth control, I would need to use backup for 2 weeks (those 10 days plus 4 more days). Now today, I went to the doctor about a sinus infection or possible strep throat and I was prescribed penecillin. This is a different doctor since the university health services was the only office open on a saturday. So now I'm on penecillin for 10 days. This doctor said that I should use back up for my whole cycle (I start a new pack sunday).

    Is using backup for a whole month just extra precautionary? Would a higher dosage of antibiotics affect the birth control longer than a lower dosage over the same amount of days? Is there anyway two week of back up would be enough on this current 10 day regime of antibiotics?

    I want to be safe about all this but I'm just wondering more about the antibiotics and how they affect birth control and for how long since I can't seem to get a definite answer from any doctor. If anyone has any experience with all this, any information would be grateful.

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  • Je cherche une chanson?

    Bonjour, je suis une étudiante étrangère en France. L'autre jour, j'ai vu un vidéo pour une chanson, je ne connais pas la chanteuse ni le nom de chanson. Mais, a la commencement de la chanson, la femme qui chante dit "cache.... cache.... chache" les mots cache cache ensemble sont repeté pendant la chanson. Aussi, je pense qu'il est Kad Merad qui est dans la vidéo pour la chanson avec la chanteuse. Merci pour votre aide.

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  • Losing a friend?

    In late june my best friend found a boyfriend and a month later they were talking about marriage. We hung out constantly over the summer and would go swim but as soon as summer ended we didn't see each other at all and hardly talked. It has been over two months and I finally saw her for the first time today. We went to a cookout and her boyfriend had to come along. When we were with other people it was fine most of the time but when it was just the 3 of us in the car it was like she wouldn't even try to talk to me. She had been desperate for a boyfriend for a long time and I have expressed my feelings that I think she is rushing into marriage. I think the guy is great and don't care so much about the marriage anymore but I feel like I am losing my best friend. She is obsessed with him and won't even consider hanging out with me if it's not something he can do too or she won't want to do anything if she hasn't gotten to see him for most the day. What can I do?

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  • When burning dvds...?

    I am wanting to burn a video dvd but I had to convert the files to an iso image before I could burn the dvd. The files I was wanting to burn have a menu at the beginning like a normal video dvd but when it is an iso image that menu doesn't work. When playing the files on my computer everything works like it should and I really want to keep that quality. Is there a different way of burning video files so all the features, like the menu, will work when the files are burned to a dvd? If there is a way, what program could I use? I have CyberDVD Power2go which seems pretty crappy and more complicated than it needs to be and Deep Burner that only does iso images. Thanks.

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  • Hair falling out?

    I feel like an awful lot of my hair is falling out! It doesn't seem to be getting any thinner and there are no bald spots but for the past few days, when I wash my hair or run my fingers through my hair it seems like there is a lot more hair coming out than ever before. Could this be a side effect from taking lexapro? I've been on the lexapro about 3 weeks and I am just now experiencing this. Or could this be a result of my body just finally relaxing now that I am finally getting over the terrible and constant anxiety I had had for about 1 1/2 months? Also, is there a possibility that it could be tied to me not getting enough nutrients? I haven't had much appetite due to the anxiety and during the last 3-4 weeks I lost about 15lbs. I've been trying to eat healthy when I do eat (rather than snacking lightly on junk) and am taking a multivitamin. Any help or suggestion about why this is happening would be great. Thanks!

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  • Anxiety and Panic problem causing stomach problems?

    Ok, school is starting tomorrow and this summer I have been dealing with anxiety and panic attack problems that were brought on by a medication I was taking. I went to the doctor and am now on Lexapro for my anxiety problems. I have been on the meds for 2 weeks and feel a little better and a little more in control but I am still having some problems. Anytime I am in a crowded area like a store and forced to stay for some reason or another I have a panic attack. Now that I am on the medicine I am in a little more control so the panic isn't as severe, but since school is starting I know I am going to be stuck in a classroom and I am worrying that the panic is going to return. My biggest issue is that when I panic I feel like I am going to be sick so that makes me worry more, even though I never do actually get sick. I am taking nexium for my stomach aches but was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to deal with the feeling sick when in a public place and unable to get away. Thanks.

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  • Cat on a diet?

    My vet suggested I put my cat on a diet. He has always been a big cat, not necessarily fat, but big. He is definitely a pig and since I live in a house with two other people, he would beg for food from everyone so it turned out everyone was feeding him and he was probably up to eating 2 cups of food, maybe a little more a day. So now I am the only one feeding him, except for my mom who feeds him in the morning before she leaves for work. After a couple of months, he is now down to eating 1 1/4cup of food spaced throughout the day. However, if he doesn't get food early enough to satisfy him (like 4 or 5am) he comes into my room and paws at me like crazy, messes with things on my nightstand and will nibble my fingers sometimes to. He never did this before the diet and I don't know how to get him to stop so I can get a decent night sleep. Shutting him out of my room isn't an option since he will paw at a door like mad if he is shut out and has done so since he was a kitten.

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  • Asthma medications?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could recommend good non-steroid asthma medications. I was on flovent for a while but it caused me to have pretty terrible anxiety and I was forced to quit using it, though my breathing was a million times better. For several years I was using just albuterol and I was using less than 4 puffs a day. I went to a new doctor however, and she prescribed the flovent. After having trouble with that she tried azmacort and I was still having trouble (though, it's entirely possible that it was lingering side effects from the flovent that I had trouble getting over). Now I am trying singulair and it helps a little but not even close to as well as the flovent and I would really love to breath as well as I was when I was on the flovent again. I have been researching asthma medications and was just wondering if anyone is using a medication that they highly recommend so that I may talk about it with my doctor when I go on friday. Thanks!

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  • Does anyone know this saturday night live song?

    I was watching the episode with Shia LeBoeuf and it is the scene where they are all shooting one another. Each time some one shoots the song starts with guys singing and goes something like "ohh what chyou say" kind of dragging that line out, repeating it several times and then goes on to "what did she say". I know thats not a lot of information to go off of, but I liked it but wasn't sure if it was a real full length song or not so if anyone knows the name of the song or where I can find it to download that would be great. Thanks

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  • Do you know a site where I could read Beowulf online for free?

    I read it in high school but I have forgotten a lot of the details. I noticed they are making a Beowulf movie which got me thinking about how I would like to reread it. Also, if you know a book (compilation) where a translation of it can be found so I might try finding it at my local library would also be great. Thanks!

    Books & Authors1 decade ago
  • Panic attack and then really sick?

    Ok, well I have only had two panic attacks in my life and they occured this summer because of new medication I am taking. I'm not sure exactly if they are panic attacks because they seem awfully prolonged (1st one lasted basically 3 hours because I was stuck in a crowded theatre and couldn't leave, 2nd one I was once again in a crowd, but it was a lot smaller, and it lasted about 30 min but there were moments when I could control it a little better and it wasn't near as bad as my first one). Well, anyway, after these prolonged periods of extreme anxiety I start to feel better, but after an hour I start to feel nauseous and I develop really really bad indigestion (which I had also never experienced until the panic attacks started) and this feeling increases until I am basically unable to move. Is it normal to feel this sick after having a bad panic attack? Is there anything other than pepto-bismal that can help get rid of the pain from the indigestion faster?

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  • Medicine causing trouble again?

    This summer I started taking Flovent for my asthma which had been previously only treated with albuterol. Well, the Flovent caused some pretty bad anxiety problems that got worse with time and I had to quit taking it. My doctor then had me start taking Azmacort. I had been off my Flovent for about a week and the anxiety was basically gone and I was extremely happy because I felt like myself again. After taking the Azmacort for almost a week I started to wake up in the morning extremely nervous and now any time I eat I feel sick and my stomach gets upset for a bit (though that could be due to the stress caused by the nervousness). I know I need to call my doctor again and tell her I am having trouble with the second medicine, but I am worried that another asthma medicine will mean a new set of symptoms to deal with. Is it common for people to have problems with steroid inhalers (not sure the flovent was a steroid)? If 2 medicines caused problems is it likely that others will too?

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  • Anxiety and trying to get to the doctor?

    I've been taking a certain med for asthma which has caused me some anxiety problems and in the last week it has gotten a lot worse. I stopped taking the meds monday night so I was hoping the affect it had been having on me would lessen but it hasn't at all. Well today I am feeling really crappy from last night when I had a huge anxiety attack that lasted too long from being in a crowded theatre to see harry potter. Well, I really want to at least talk to my doctor on the phone to see if she can change my meds and how long the anxiety will last, but I don't know if it is a mix of anxiety and the start of my period but I just get the urge to cry everytime I think of it and freak out. I called my mom earlier and even started bawling. How can I calm down so I can call my doctor and get some help? I really don't want to be bawling on the phone while I am talking to my doctor or nurse, I've never experienced anything like this and just want it to stop.

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  • Serious question about my asthma medication...?

    I started taking Flovent HFA inhaler this summer for my asthma that was getting out of control. Approximately 1 month later I started having some anxiety problems. When I would go to work I would get stomach aches, like I am going to be sick, and feel light headed sometimes. Now, I don't really like work but I've never hated it and have never had any problems before. It has progressed to that I am now having the symptoms sometimes when I go to walmart or some store and even when I go visit family I don't see everyday, like my grandparents! This has me really concerned. I find these symptoms odd since I have not had any problems with anxiety for 6 years and for it to come so suddenly has me concerned. Can my asthma medication be causing this? WebMD stated that it is possible, but is it likely? Could something else be causing this sudden change? I'm just scared I'm going to have to start a new medecine that doesn't work as well when this one is helping me tremendously (asthma-wise).

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  • Physics question! Two people, one twice as massive as the other...?

    Two people, one twice as massive as the other, attempt a tug-of-war with 12 meters of rope on frictionless ice. After a brief time, they meet. The heavier person slides a distance of:

    a. 4m

    b. 6m

    c. 5m

    d. 3m

    e. 8m

    I was unable to find the formula or any kind of similar example in my physics book so any help with this problem would be appreciated. Please give a formula if you can. Thanks!

    6 AnswersPhysics1 decade ago
  • Physics question. If you have a car...?

    If you have a car that is traveling 40 km/hr that breaks suddenly and skids 20m, how far would a car skid that is going 120 km/hr?

    The choices provided are:

    a. 60m

    b. 90m

    c. 120m

    d. 180m

    If you know how to work this problem please let me know. I have been looking through my physics book but it talks very little about friction and doesn't provide any equations that would come close to solving this.

    By the way, I'm fairly certain that the answer is 90m now that I have answer the question once (60m) and it was wrong, but an explaination would be wonderful! Thanks in advance!

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  • Help! Severe bruise?

    I have been going swimming a lot lately and have been doing a lot of flips and stuff of the diving boards with friends. Well yesterday I landed funny while doing a flip resulting in a little pain from landing wrong. When I went to bed that night I noticed my stomach in a small area was a little sore so I turned on the light to look at it. When I looked at it I noticed a HUGE deep purple bruise toward my groin area (below the stomach where it goes into a V before going to the privates) on the right side. Its slightly swollen but only hurts a very little bit. I wasn't too concerned about it but I showed my mom and she freaked out. I am calling the doctor tomorrow but I was just wondering if it is something serious that I should be concerned about or if it is probably nothing and what I should do to help it. Thanks.

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  • Exercise and eat healthy but still no weight loss?

    Ok, I am 20y/o, 5'3" and 200lbs and am pretty muscular for a girl. Most days I eat about 1500 calories of food and I really try to make it healthier foods. I eat really well for breakfast and lunch but then at dinner I tend to eat a little less healthy. I definitely do not eat 2000 calories worth of food a day. Anyway, I exercise atleast 3 days a week and now that it is summer I am spending a lot of time outdoors and many times when I exercise, especially with swimming, it is around 2 hours basically everyday. So I am pretty active throughout the week. However, I do not lose any weight. I used to play on a traveling softball team and was extremely active then and still would not lose weight. I don't know what to do. Over time I keep gaining and I just want the weight gone, but nothing I do seems to work and it gets depressing. What's something I can do to get some results?

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  • Sun poisoning?

    For about 5 years now, each summer I will get a rash mainly on the back of my hands and some on my arms. It comes at the beginning of each summer after I have been outside for a longer period of time since winter. It generally goes away after a few days and will only come once and then not come back for the rest of the summer. This year, I started off not going outside for very long and building up to try and help my skin get used to the sun. I thought it was doing well because I had been using sunscreen regularly and had been able to get a good base tan with no burning and able to be outside for a couple hours without a problem. Today I went swimming for a couple hours, using plenty of sunscreen but the bumps/rash came back. I was wondering if anyone knows what this rash could be and if it is something I should be concerned about or go see a doctor about.

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