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  • How long will I suffer from blurry vision?

    Just had gallbladder removed and was sent home with a few meds. One of these medications is hyoscyamine and the blurred vision is a side effect. Have not taken this med today so I am just wondering if anyone knows how long this blurred vision will last.

    Thank You

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  • Possibly moving in with aging mother-in-law to take care of

    My husband has mentioned this possibility in passing, but this evening he said that he had discussed this possible move with one of his sisters. I know his mother needs someone there to look after her and it is the right thing to do. However I know that the one that will be doing all the looking after will be me, as he will be working and I will be there 24/7. I really don't know that I am up to this and I know that I am not ready to hear all the complaining, as everything to her is negative. We live right beside her and I am already there on a daily basis as well as taking her to all Dr. appts. We also have 2 dogs both small, but one has a lung disease and even when my mother in law visits here, she complains about the coughing and I feel that I would end up having to have her put to sleep in order to stop the complaining regarding her. Plus I am a bit upset that this has been discussed seriously without being discussed with me and our teen daughter.

    So I am wondering if anyone else has done this and how did it work or how did you make it work.

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  • Ideas for 3 D Pi project?

    First of all I am using my moms account to ask this question and would appreciate ideas you may have.

    So Pi day is coming up and I have to make a 3 dimensional object that I can relate Pi to. I would like to do something a bit creative, but I am at a loss as what to do which is why I came here to ask for ideas. I am in 8th grade so it has to be something decent.

    Thank you for your input

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  • Help with Pi project?

    I have to do a Pi project, we were not given an idea of shapes we could use, and I know pi has to do with circles, but creativity and thought has to go into this, so besides a cylinder, what other shapes are there that I could make?

    Thanks and I am using my parents id.

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  • Unemployment reaches 10.2%?

    What say you Dems and Libs now. You people have all been gloating, and gloating. So now it reaches 10.2%, and this number does not include those who have lost thier unemployment benefits and remain unemployed.

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  • Why did the left protest so hard?

    against President Bush and Republicans and the Patriot Act (listening in on phone conversations of known terrorist), by saying that it is against our freedoms, yet it is perfectly ok for President Obama to force Americans to be insured, force Americans to be vaccinated for the Flu, and now trying to force our children to be away from their families by adding more hours and days of school? Why is it ok that the Dem's take away these freedoms, but it was not ok for the CIA to listen in on phone calls of known terrorist......makes no sense to me.

    It is a known fact that Socialized Governments and Communist force children to be away from their families so that they can instill socialism into the children, by doing away with the family unit. If the government can destroy the family, then they have won. 180 days of instruction is enough and 7 hours in school is enough. I will not stand by and allow the govt. to keep my child away from me to force socialism on them.

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  • Whats up with all this Glenn Beck stuff?

    Are you people not educated enough to talk about actual politics.

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  • 2002 Tahoe problems, it will not start, and makes a clicking noise when the ignition is engaged.?

    Had just driven my car and stopped at convenience store, came out and car would not start. When I tried to start it, it just made a clicking noise (not grinding as it would be if it were the started) a clicking noise like arching and would do this as long as i was trying to start it. My husband came with jumper cables and eventually it started and got it home, and let it run for about 30 min and turned it off. Tried to start it right after and again nothing but clicking noise. The interior lights would go out but then came right back on. The lights are bright, so it does not appear to be the alternator. We know it may be the battery and my husband will be taking his battery out of his truck tomorrow to see if it is our battery, or if it is something else.

    What I am wanting to know is if anyone has had or heard of a similar problem and if it could be something other than the battery, in case we find that it is not the battery.

    Thank you in advance for your insight and help.

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  • hair coloring questions?

    can you highlight over demi permanent hair color? looking at the new illuminate 6N, and not sure if Kaledicolors would be strong enough to lighten.

    Cannot find info on the next regarding highlighting over this new product. Thank you for your help.

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  • 2002 Tahoe A/C problems?

    The A/C stops blowing cold air when it is idol, and running less than 35mph. In the last 4 years Freon has been added, I have had 2 dryers and 2 condensers. I was wondering if anyone had any idea as to why this keeps happening and how can it be resolved, so that I can stop taking it in for the same thing every year and spending 6,7,800 $'s per trip.

    Thanks for any answers.

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  • taking a little poll on diets and weight loss?

    what is the best diet that you have ever been on, if you have been on multiple diets or tried different diets, which one would say worked the best.

    people seem to do well on weight watchers.

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  • what is your take on the girl who had the quintuplets?

    I think I have this right...anyway 8 babies, plus 6 more at home. I must admit I was ok with this UNTIL I found out that she was living off welfare, and living with her parents. I am completely against people having babies and living off our money. and why did our money pay for this woman to be artificially inseminated, why did and would Medicaid pay for this, when she is single and living off our tax dollars?

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  • I don't exactly understand this, maybe you can help.?

    What I am not understanding is that, when these bi-racial kids are in school, others in the black race call them names, such as Oreo, half & half, etc. These kids treat these bi-racial kids terrible and such. Now that Obama is president all these people who called these kids names and such embrace a bi-racial president. I have family who married outside their race, and their kids (my family) are treated like crap. So tell me why it is ok to mistreat biracial people until he/she runs for office.

    Thank you for your answers

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  • NC real estate law question?

    I will try to make this as short as I can and to the point.

    Husband builds home, he knows that he will die b4 wife and she will not be able to pay bills and such on his social security. so they sell their home to a wealthy friend who is to pay the wife $500.00 a month until the home is paid off.

    They husband ailing in health signs over the deed even though the home is not paid off. He pays $5,000 over the course of a few months, then there is a mess, the wealthy friend decides to start charging the widow $500 a month in rent, she refuses, and gets a lawyer. The wealthy friend decides to basically sell the deed to the widows grandson for the $5,000 he has in the property, as long as the widow retains lifetime rights to the home her husband built for her. The grandson pays the $5,000 with borrowed money from his aunt, gets the property deeded to his name, goes to an attorney and has his parents add on as having life time rights to the home as those parents put nothing into the home at all. No one has yet to pay the $180,000 that the home is worth to the widow. She is on a fixed income so obtaining a lawyer is difficult for her. She was verbally abused by her daughter and son-in-law and felt she had to leave, in which she did because of the abuse. Is she or is she not still entitled to the 180,000 and who is to pay it to her....I am t hinking the grandson. I feel that her family has done her wrong and should be ashmed of themselves. She really needs help, she has lost her home that her husband built for her, and is now having to live in an apartment.

    I would appreciate any advice any one has to offer.

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  • What do you think of this military poll?

    Army 68% McCain---------23% Obama

    Navy 69% " --------24% "

    USAF 67% " --------24% "

    Marines 75% " --------18% "

    Retirees 72% McCain-------------20% Obama

    White non hispanic 76% " -------------17% "

    Hispanic 63% " -------------27% "

    Blacks/africian american 12% " -------------79% "

    Enlisted 67% " -------------24% "

    Officers 70% " ------------22% "

    Overall--------------McCain >>>>>68%

    Obama >>>>>23%

    This is how our military is voting, they see what we are in store for, and know that there is no way that our country will remain secure if Obama is elected. This military poll can be found all over the internet. Personally, I want our Military to remian strong, and Obama said that he will do away with a great deal of our military might and weapons if he is it worth your life, are YOU willing to die for Obama, because we will be attacked again, and we will not have a military strong enough to protect us......Are you really willing to give your life and the life of your child for Obama. I am not, I want our military to remain strong, and Obama will NOT do that. Please think really hard about our nations security, and the security of your children before voting for Obama. If our own Military do not want him as president, then why should we?

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  • So Palin has to be asked tough question, but Biden and Obama can't be?

    Palin can be asked the tough questions, but Biden or Obama cannot be asked such questions, so now they are whining and refusing to be interviewed again. tough questions were asked of Palin, why can't the teflon don's be asked tough question.....OH I know why, because they know that if you have the sense to research Karl Marx, and Marxism, they will see that Obama's policies that he will put forth are those theories and belief's of Karl Marx.

    Biden says....."He is not spreading the wealth"

    Obama says..."We need to spread the wealth around a little"

    Now are you are aren't you going to take money away from me and my family...I want to know, why can't the Obama campaign be asked tough questions.

    See for yourself the Biden interview on 10-23-08

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  • regarding Berg vs Obama?

    we know that no media outlet is touching this, but I have kept up with the filings and rulings regarding this as of the latest filing #27 The Federal Judge has ordered Obama's name be removed from Ballots, and that he is not eligible to run for president of the united states.

    Here is the link.....What do you think will come of this?

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  • Universal Health care?

    The only state in the US to have Universal Health care, is now shutting down the free health care, because they do not have the funds to cover all the children. Parents droppedtheirr insurance on their children, and opted for free govthealthh care and now Hawaii does not have to money to fund free health care for all its children. Now it is time for every one to see, that UHC is not the way to go, it is going to break the govt. and the estimate cost of $50-60 billion dollars a year, will not even cover free health care. It has not worked in Hawaii, and is not going to work for our nation. The children will no longer have coverage as of Nov. 1st.

    This was reported by our local news I do not know if it is posted on their web site But it is

    What do you think about this and knowing that UHC is going to be a huge failure, unless of course Obama increases everyones taxes, and he will and even then it will be a stretch to make it work. Will this affect your vote in any way?

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  • Check this out, and tell me what you think?

    This video is a little on the long side, but is very interesting. I will have to say that I doubt that there will be many liberals that will watch and listen to the whole video.

    It is titled BTW I'm voting for McCain/Palin

    Personally I feels he does a great job of explaining this.

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  • ACORN voter fraud, what do you think of this idea?

    We know that ACORN has registered hundred of thousands voters for this election, and we know that the vast majority of these so called registered voters do not exist. This is my thought on this.......I think that every person that ACORN has registered, should be pulled and not allowed to vote. Yes I feel that if one cheats, then the whole class should pay for that one cheater. Because the next time with the class being angry at the cheater for making their test not count, then the cheater is less likely to cheat again.

    I just feel to make this election fair at this point, every person ACORN has registered to vote, should not be allowed to vote. If you are not for this,then you know as well as I do, that with all these alias names,will take Obama over the top on Nov.4 For instance in Indianapolis IN, has 105% of their city is registered voters. Now this should really raise and eyebrow, because there is no way that 105% of a city can be registered to vote.....this means that every man, woman, child, teen, unborn children,cat, dog, prisoner are all registered to vote. Now common sense would tell most sane people that there is something wrong with this.....and yes ACORN has registered voters in this city.

    What do you think?

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