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  • Microeconomic Principles Question?

    Problem 1. Lisa has an income of $1000 per month. She buys only food and non-food item. In this question, treat non-food as a numeraire, letting the price equal to 1, while the price of food is p. Suppose

    Lisa’s preference is to consume exactly 3 units of non-food for every 1 unit of food.

    1. Derive her demand for food.

    2. If p = 2, how much food does she buy? Suppose the price of food increased by 50 percent, how much food does she buy now? Is her food demand elastic or inelastic? (confirm by calculating the price elasticity of demand: Ed =(∂x1/∂p1)*(p1/x1)

    3. Suppose her income doubles, what is the quantity demanded of food and non-food after the income doubles? If there is any change, explain the change in 1-2 sentences

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  • Attachment image

    The red arrow is pointing along the strike direction. What is the strike direction?

    The Brunton compass is now lined up along the strike direction of the sedimentary rock units. The red arrow is pointing along the strike direction. What is the strike direction?

    a. it is impossible to tell from this view

    b. North 30 degrees East

    c. North 30 Degrees West

    d. North 330 degrees East

    Part BThe Brunton shows that the rock unit has a strike that is indicated by the red arrow. The rock unit is dipping in a non-vertical manner. What are the two possible dip directions for the rock?

    a. It is impossible to tell without the actual rock units

    b. Roughly SW or SE

    c. Nearly N or S

    d. North 30 degrees east

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  • Attachment image

    Are the following Rock Layer comparisons classified as a Cross Cutting Relationship, Law of Inclusion, or the Law of Superposition?

    *Z is older than X.

    *Dike Y is youger than Dike Z.

    *Layer X is older than Fault W

    *M is older than C

    *A is the oldest layer.

    *Z is younger than M

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  • Attachment image

    Geologic layers: Which events came first? Which is the oldest of these items? Part A: Intrusion of E, Intrusion of I, A, or H?

    (cont. from the top):

    Part B: Folding, E, I or C?

    What type of Unconformity is line P?

    A. Nonconformity (for most part)

    B. Angular Unconformity (for most part)

    C. Asymetrial Unconformity

    D. Disconformity (for the most part)

    What's the youngest of these events?

    (J, A, Folding of D, H,O, B and H......or E?)

    What caused the red line M?

    A. The intrusion of K

    B. The intrusion of A

    C. Erosion

    D. It is impossible to say without seeing the rock layers on either side of it

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  • What s the age of the Crystal?

    This is an image of an orthoclase crystal. It contains potassium 40 which decays into argon with a half life of 1.2 billion years. A portion of the crystal was sent to a lab where these elements were separated and counted. The results were 102,617 particles of K40 and 1,641,872 particles of Ar 40. From this information determine the age of the crystal.

    I marked 4.8 billion as my answer and think I got it wrong. The other choices are:

    2.1 Billion, 10 Billion & 2.8 Billion

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  • ACC 340 Help?

    Presented below are changes in the account balances of Al-Othman Company during the year, except for Retained Earnings. The only entries in Retained Earnings were for net income and dividends. Al-Othman declared dividends of $8,250 and paid dividends of $11,000 during the year. Calculate Net Income.

    Account Change during year

    Cash $81,000

    Accounts payable 34,000

    Accounts receivable (net) 30,000

    Accrued Expenses 27,000

    Accumulated OCI -19,000

    Additional paid-in capital 16,000

    Bonds payable -20,000

    Common stock 72,000

    Held-to-Maturity Bonds -15,000

    Inventory 42,000

    Long Term Prepaids 21,000

    Non controlling Interest -2,000

    Plant Assets (net) -25,000

    Unearned Revenues -13,000

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  • What are some real life applications of water softness/hardness?

    Guys, I'm really struggling to find some real-life applications on this topic. I need to write a paper for that in chemistry. Do you have any suggestions at all? I just need as few ideas now, then I can do some research

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  • Weird Normal Distribution Problem? X=mean in normal distributinon?

    Suppose that the auto loans from a bank are normally distributed with a mean of $23,334 and a standard deviation of 3,412. What is the probability that a randomly selected loan will be for more than $23,334? Answer to three decimal places if necessary.

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  • What is the probability that an order will be ready within 17 minutes?

    An Italian restaurant advertises that carryout orders take about 22 minutes. Assume that the time it takes for an order to be ready follows the exponential distribution with a mean of 22. What is the probability that an order will be ready within 17 minutes?

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  • How to calculate ending finished goods inventory for absorption costing with info provided?

    Last Q for my quiz:

    Neon Company manufactures widgets. The following data is related to sales and production of the widgets for 2014. Neon had no beginning inventories at the start of the year.

    Selling price per unit

    $ 130.00

    Variable manufacturing costs per unit

    $ 62.00

    Variable selling and administrative expenses per unit

    $ 5.00

    Fixed manufacturing overhead (in total)

    $ 30,000

    Fixed selling and administrative expenses (in total)

    $ 8,000

    Units produced during the year


    Units sold during year


    Calculate the value of Neon’s ending finished goods inventory using absorption costing:

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  • As an Atheist-leaning Agnostic, there may be no such thing as God, but do souls exist? Thoughts?

    Once religion was invented early in the history of mankind, rulers have invented religions to control the masses and gain power & wealth, ever since the days of Hammurabi in Ancient Babylon. The divine right to rule establishes this monopolization of power. Rulers scare people with Heaven & Hell. If you don't believe your ruler is God, if you criticize the King/Queen and think he/she is corrupt, you're going to Hell according to them. Same with the Catholic Church. If you dare own a Bible or disagree with a doctrine, you're a "heretic" and burned at the stake.

    I find it very ironic that Christians, Jews & Muslims are always fighting, but are all Monotheistic and share a loving God. Some of them, they share the same prophets, like in Christianity/Islam (Jesus) & Judaism/Christianity (Abraham). Why can't they get along with each other?

    I can't take Holy Books seriously when there is no proof that miracles happen. Corrupt priests & pastors wrote the books. There was murder & slavery in the Bible. The Catholic Church didn't want people reading the Bible because of the contradictions and to keep a consistent message (misinterpretations). Luther even wrote an anti-Semitic piece that inspired the Nazi Movement.

    Like I said, I don't believe in Heaven & Hell. let's say IF God exists, he cannot interfere with nature & no prophet can claim to have the "Word of God". If God exists, he exists in nature. If souls exist, are they invisible and remain in planet Earth? Thoughts?

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  • Shhhh, Don't Tell Social Conservatives!?

    Our founding fathers were not "Christian". They did not believe Jesus was the divine, they deeply opposed organized religion, believed God couldn't interfere with his creation & nature & believed in no divine prophets like Jesus. These men were very enlightened and had a rational view on religion. Quotes from

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  • Where can I find the documentation for this quote?

    "Allow me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who writes the laws"-Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    Where has this quote been documented? I want to be a credible conspiracy theorist. This is what I want my website,, to be presented like.

    1 AnswerNha Trang6 years ago
  • COM 100: The culturally learned value placed on the importance of either doing or being is known as?

    The culturally learned value placed on the importance of either doing or being is known as


    the power distance value orientation.


    the individualism versus collectivism value orientation.


    the human versus nature value orientation.


    the preferred personality value orientation.

    Know the answer? Thanks!

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  • How would I cite a picture that's in a Microsoft word doc?

    I'm writing a paper for a history class and I need to cite the pictures that were on the word doc in the lecture. How would I cite those pictures in MLA, but I don't have the links for the pictures?

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  • Excel Help (IF Function)?

    Use an IF function in cell H18 to calculate the commission rate for the total sale for order 1. The commission rate is 2% for all sales that total more than $10 and 1% for all sales that total more than $5. No commission is paid on sales that total $5 or less. Reference the threshold levels (cells F13 and F14) in your logical tests for your IF function and the commission rates (cells G13 and G14) as your "value_if_true" and "value_if_false" arguments. Use appropriate relative and absolute references.

    What would be the IF function formula using the given data?

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