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  • How much for a female pitbull puppy?

    The dad has papers and comes from a line of show dogs. The mom is a red nosed razor edge, but is unregistered.

    9 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • Having girl problems. Help?

    This Saturday my friend and I went to see a movie. He was trying to hook me up with my ex at the time, so she was invited as well. Before the movie we were talking and things were great. Halfway through the movie I put my arm around her. No problems. After we left the theater we text a little bit, she asked if she looked good and I said yes. I then asked if I did and she told me she didn't want anything to do with me anymore. Just like that. What should I do?

    1 AnswerFriends8 years ago
  • How long for a 14 gauge to shrink to a 16 gauge. (lip)?

    Don't really like my 14 gauges.

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories8 years ago
  • What should I do about my friend?

    My friend I met recently wants to come over and hang out. The problem with this is my sister and her boyfriend (both of which live with me) do not like him. My friend said he will not start stuff and wouldn't argue back, but I want everyone to be happy. How should I do that?

    3 AnswersFriends8 years ago
  • Have I messed up badly?

    I started falling for a girl a few weeks ago, however she is dating one of my friends. They had a fallout over the weekend and I took this as a chance to reveal me feelings. Without knowing she was already working through with her boyfriend. She was angered when I told her she deserved better then the guy she was with. Now she says we will talk more about it later but she will have me know that she tells her boyfriend everything. Am I just going to lose two friends here? What should I do?

    2 AnswersPsychology9 years ago
  • New girl in High School?

    There is a new girl in school so far I know nothing about her besides her being Asian. She is mighty fine looking, but I am unsure whether she will talk to me or not. If I should talk to her how should I approach her?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • What type on agent is that?

    In America. When an agent is dispatched to multiple parts of the world to stop terrorist activities, and is usually sent alone or with a small team. An example of this agent is Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil.

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police9 years ago
  • How can I steal her heart?

    Well there is a 10th grader I like. I am but in the 9th grade and she has placed me in the friend zone I want to move up an possibly start dating her. How can I make her fall or me?

    4 AnswersFriends9 years ago
  • How am I supposed to feel?

    There is this girl in the 10th grade who I like. I am in the 9th. We were talking a lot last week and she seemed to be into me, but now she won't talk to me or anything. We've talked before this as well and I haven't done anything wrong to her. What should I do?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • How do I know that she likes me?

    She is the prettiest thing I have ever laid my eyes on, but I am not as good looking. We talk occasionally and have a lot in common but it seems like we don't have a chanc. Any advice?

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • How does she feel about me?

    I am crushing on this girl in the 10th grade and I am in the 9th. She will text me every now and then but will usually stop texting me after the first two or three text messages. We used to text all the time though. However I never talk to her at school as I am shy. PS; we have a lot in common.

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago