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  • Any nice girls willing to chat with me, add me at GhostSpirit5 at skype. I have been feeling abandoned alone, cant even type well.?

    I am not well, I cant find female friend and I do not believe yahoo answers will work, but I am doing it anyways just in case.

    Basically my life story, family abandoned, had a rough depressing school life, all those kids that bullied are usually successful. It feels like there is no justice in this world.

    2 AnswersPsychology4 years ago
  • Join my youtube live tutoring?

    I have noticed yahoo answers is been auto blocking me to the point of extreme, I dont know if I am the cost of it but Idc.

    If your interested search for math on youtube and filter out live. you should find me there easily, I am the only person doing this.

    its a live thing where you can come in, chill in, and ask questions, the sooner you come in for help, the better, hope to see ya.

    Sorry that I have to advertise myself like this. Would not do it if this service was not so broken.

    1 AnswerMathematics5 years ago
  • What is wrong with the ordering of this site?

    Cant even search for new topics? Is it just me or did you guys just experienced this?

    2 AnswersMathematics5 years ago
  • Really need girlfriends here. Where can I find trust worthy people?

    Only care about one. Do not care if its guys, I am not looking to date. Just in need of trust worthy friends. It seems like i am alone in this world.

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating5 years ago
  • Any sites where I can have friends? Or if anyone is interested in making intelligent friends.?

    I am not here to joke around. I am in need of a girl friend. Just in need someone to be there. I basically dont have any friends and a bit of a loner. Not because I choose to, not because I treat others mean, In fact I am the nicest person you will ever meet, but because people in this generation are jerks, liars, backstabbers. I have a skype and a email so please try to contact me. Otherwise if no site or somewhere to contact, its utterly worthless.

    2 AnswersFriends5 years ago
  • Why companies wont hire you unless you have a bachelors degree?

    Yes I will get into this debate here but i am fed up with this bs. Not one person talks about it and do does not see the implications it has on our society.

    I have been a professional math tutor who is struggling with the school system. I love learning and in fact I came pretty far by it. However I am to the point of being fed off by our structure that some change needs to happen. Like now.

    This is the issue and misconception that most of you have. Even if you manage to get a master in whatever field your getting, it does not mean you know the math, in fact I see the complete opposite.

    I would love to explain more of the details but I might at some point speak about it publicity.

    Here is the implication, it makes society dummer literally. More unemployment positions will be unfilled. Our innovation and science at some point will completely die off. If you dont believe me, then I invite for a debate. I ask why these stupid requirements?

    2 AnswersOther - Society & Culture5 years ago
  • What is the best makeup tutorial on youtube for the guy who never used make up in his life?

    Basically what the title says. I am getting really old do not have a girlfriend and would prefer to look clear skin.

    I do not use skin products at all and do not even know what moisturizers is. However when I browse, I get recommended by bunch of products and i loose tract of what I need.

    1 AnswerMakeup5 years ago
  • Is there shallow people all over the USA?

    And i mean by the majority of people. Just visited Salt Lake Utah and I was disappointing by the amounts of selifsh, drug addicts homeless. I view the rich as the same shallow mindless drug addicts freaks.

    I wanted to live in a place where I can get a proper education, guess I am moving back where I originally came from.

    Everything is a learning experience for me but I was wondering if this is the way it is all over the USA? Bunch of selfish asshole car drivers who have no sympathy of running you over? You get the idea.

    I do not mean to stereotype but considering what ive seen here, I do not give a ****. I call it what it is. Anyway there was the rant

    2 AnswersOther - Society & Culture5 years ago
  • Are there places in Utah where I can get treated as a family?

    I know its a strange question but do is their any service available?.

    2 AnswersFamily5 years ago
  • Is there a chance I will die single forever without a girlfriend?

    I am in dire need of a girlfriend, I never had one, I feel like getting old so the sooner I find one, the better, or at least a girl companion, or at least a family type environment that I never had.

    I know you get questions like these alot. I am a young adult and I feel like I never will get one.

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating5 years ago
  • Anyone willing to be a friend? :(?

    I am considered a very lonely intelligence person with no reliable friends. I am not the anti social type. Just had to deal with lots of backstabbers in my life. I am in need of a girl companion the most.

    I been looking for a site that I can connect with but so far no luck. If you guys willing to be friends, or know any sites that you know personality that I can meet someone and be friends. Please let me know.

    please if your willing to be friends. Provide a way I can contact you.

    1 AnswerFriends5 years ago
  • Anyone willing to be a friend? :(?

    I am considered an intelligent guy who is a loner. Not in a loner in a sense of anti social, or doesnt talk to people. Just loner in a sense that I do not have any friends at all.

    I talk to students and professors at my school every day but none reliable to hang out.

    Preferably Id like to have girl friends who can comfort me in times of trouble. Anyone willing to help a guy out?

    4 AnswersFriends5 years ago
  • What are a good friendly college thats near a downtown area where you do not have to drive?

    I am looking for a friendly study group stem colleges int he US that is close to a downtown scenery where I can go to the movies int he spare time? I know I am probably not rephrasing my question but if you know any, let me know.

  • Anyone willing to help a needy person?

    I just had to deal with another backstabber. People pretend they are friends, they say they are your friends, yet they act complete opposite.

    Whenever you need help with chatting with someone, everyone starts to avoid you for no reason.

    I am doubtful but if anyone is willing to help me out, preferably a girl, I would really appreciated.

    I had to deal with family betrayal all my life, and I just want to be part of a family so I do not feel alone anymore.

    Friends5 years ago
  • What is an area I can experience something demonic first hand? I need to see it.?

    I have my reasons and I will not share them here. I need to face one of these entities and do not even question it. My reasons are my own, lets leave at that.

    I dont want arguments from religious deluded people claiming they saw god.

    Also keep in mind I am not a Gothic person at all. I know these satans are very real and for those that say that you should never mess with entity like these or they can come back to you, I completely agree. No should never mess with demonic forces, However I have my reasons.

    Anyway I am giving everything a shot. I live in California and might head to Winchester house, it might not be haunted at all due to common lies but its worth a shot.

    I am looking for a place anywhere in US where I can experience demonic forces. I need to face it head on. I need tips for how to do this. Can I contact a priest or something? I need to know this.

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality5 years ago
  • Whats a good site or place to get a bachelors degree online?

    After exploring my option and even visiting other colleges. I think I got attracted to the idea of getting a bachelors degree online. I study way to hard at home already and would love to continue my education.

    I am looking for good but cheap programs to get an online education. Is it common now? I have no idea how it is.