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  • Site to meet editors?

    Does anyone know of a good site to meet people that would be interested in editing. I am writing a supernatural/love story and I have tried to have my fiance to edit for me but... he is kind of bias and won't give me proper feedback. I need critique and advice on my writing, not someone to just say it's good.


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  • About buying a wedding dress?

    I am from Alberta and I am wondering if you need to pay the full balance of the wedding dress you are buying on the day of choosing? Or is it dependant on the store? I will be choosing a dress in September and so need to know if I need to save up enough for then. Someone told me you finance them but that doesn't seem correct?


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  • Long term relationship issues. Any one else get this?

    I've been in a relationship for 3 years and I'm engaged. I love him and he makes me happy most the time. Things have gotten a little slow recently though. All he does is play video games and watch tv.

    Also, I've been thinking a lot about someone else and have been dreaming almost every night about cheating... Even though I've never done it in my life and upsets me to think about hurting him.

    I'm just bored... I've tried telling him that I want to do more and go out and it just turns into an argument.

    And our intimate moments are all but gone... Which upsets me the most because I'm a very passionate person so the difference in drive is very frustrating.

    We just bought a house together and I don't want to throw all this away on a silly feeling. What would be my best course of action?

    Only serious answers please and thanks in advance.

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  • Typical wedding budgets?

    I am curious what the average wedding budget is for Canada. I'm going to have roughly 60 guests and going for a venue where I can have the ceremony and reception. What should I expect money wise? Or can you point me in the direction of some good websites and budget calculators? 10 points :)

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  • Black ops zombie tranzit question?

    So I hear you have to play zombies tranzit on normal mode to progress to different levels. What marks the end of the level? Do you have to get to a specific round number or is it killing the electric man.? I have been playing on easy for now to get my skill level up and can usually get to level 20 ish. Just want to be prepared for switching to normal.

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  • Why does my dog do this?

    I adopted a dog. A terrier cross. I have had him for over a year and he's grown quite attached to me. He suffers from anxiety which seems to be getting better. He's approximately 3 years old now. He enjoys snuggling with me on the couch and often leans his head on my chest which seems to soothe him for a while. However, randomly he will take my thumb or forefinger in his mouth and just hold it gently. He is always careful to not hurt me and if I take it away, he becomes agitated. Just wondering why he might do this and if its behaviour I should encourage or not. Thanks everyone.

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