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  • Average 2 columns in Excel 2007, display averages in third row?

    I have a problem: I have 2 columns with different sets of data. For example, 7 in the left and 8 in the right column. This goes on for about 93 rows. I want to have the average of the left and right row and display this in the third row. Each row has a different average, so a third column will be created full of these individual averages.

    Is there a way of doing this automatically? It's a fairly simple problem, and Excel should have a function for doing this. I don't want to insert an average function 93 times to get this third row correct.

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  • Why is my wireless internet connection so bad at certain times?

    I have a very strange problem: my wireless internet speed decreases a lot at certain times, most prominently in the afternoon and at night. During weekends the speed is usually also reduced to almost nothing. I know that this is because the network is used heavily at certain times of the day. However, the strange thing is that when I plug in a LAN cable directly into the switch in the corridor, the internet seems to be just fine. Why?

    I live in a student house and the internet is a bit of a kludge. Basically, a LAN cable comes from a small real estate office downstairs and goes up into a switch. From there, LAN cables lead to my other 2 housemates' rooms. Another cable coming from the switch leads to a Netgear router, which I use a lot since I don't have a long cable going into my room. My 2 housemates said they tend to use the cable whenever the wireless internet becomes unusable, yet they still sometimes have pages loading slowly or loading without the pictures.

    I'm quite baffled by the problem. I've tried restarting the router and rewiring a bit by using different ports on the switch. Yet the problem still persists. I'm pretty sure my ISP over-sold the network and not enough bandwidth is available in my street. But why does my wireless internet speed differ so much from the wired network?

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  • I need some help with interior decoration. How to choose the right wallpaper?

    I'm moving to a student room at the end of this summer. I do need re-decorate it as the old wallpaper is dirty and peeling off everywhere. However, I find it very difficult to choose the right wallpaper; I don't want anything too plain, but neither do I want anything too flashy. I'm okay with some classic styling, but it should still be appropiate for an 18-year-old.

    I'm moving to the Netherlands and the room has a surface area of about 15 m². I believe the house had been built during the 1930's or 1940's, so it has high ceilings, large windows and a wooden floor. I can decorate the room however I want, as long as it isn't anything too outrageous. I can't paint it because that'll be too much work and take too long. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can offer me some good advice and ideas! And please include some helpful links if possible.

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  • What makes Beijing an attractive location to do business?

    Beijing is China's second largest city as well as being the second largest industrial center.

    I believe Beijing doesn't have a location as good as Shanghai, yet it is still highly successful, especially in the finance sector. I understand why, it is because the finance sector is controlled centrally by the government located in Beijing. But why is there so much industry?

    Resources for heavy industry are not far away from Beijing and it used to be one of the goals of the communist party to make Beijing the industrial heart of China. But there was simply too much pollution, so they focused on strengtening the service sector and cleaner industries and moved heavy industry to other areas.

    How does it remain such a good location to do business? Why are the service sector and industry so strong in Beijing when you have other, better locations?

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