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  • What gear do I need for snowboarding?

    I have the desire to learn to snowboard, but I don't know what all the gear I need is. I know I can rent the board and the boots at the mountain, but what apparel etc. do I need?

    4 AnswersSnowboarding10 years ago
  • How is the adjusted close for a stock price calculated?

    I'm looking at the stock for HP (HPQ) and see that the ex-date according to Bloomberg and Yahoo! Finance is September 13th. However, the 0.08 dividend is reflected in the adjusted close of September 10th. Is this correct? Here's a link to what I'm referring to. Look at the price data at the bottom of the table.

    Notice the adjusted price for September 10th.

    2 AnswersInvesting10 years ago
  • How can I e-mail the Italian Consulate in Detroit with questions?

    I need to obtain a visa and I have a few questions I need to ask, but I cannot find an e-mail address to contact them. Anyone have any idea?

    1 AnswerOther - Destinations1 decade ago
  • Grand Theft Auto IV Question?

    I've had the game for quite awhile, but recently rediscovered its greatness. I got a call from Dmitri a little bit after the "Russian Revolution" mission where he brings up your past and betrays you. However, I went into a cut-scene and the phone call cut off...I just wanted to know what was said in the exchange? Is there a way I can see old phone calls?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • Should I start the Steelers or Eagles D/ST?

    I have both the Eagles D and the Steelers D and I'm having a little difficulty deciding which one I'd like to start. The Steelers are playing the awful Chiefs, which should make it an easy choice, but the Eagles are playing the Bears quarterbacked by the turnover machine Jay Cutler. The Steelers are without Polamalu (sp?), but the eagles may be without Sheldon Brown. I'd like some input on who to start this week? Normally, it wouldn't matter as much, but with Michael Turner out, this week is a little bit closer than usual.

    2 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • Great fantasy football name?

    I love golf. My favorite golfer is Tiger Woods of course. What a surprise! Either way, I also love fantasy football and baseball. During this past baseball season, my team name has been Callaway Cruisers since I use Callaway clubs, but for football season, I'd like to change it up a little and incorporate Tiger into the name. Any sweet ideas?

    2 AnswersFantasy Sports1 decade ago
  • How much does a weekend in Vegas cost?

    I'm turning 21 soon and I want to take a trip with the boys to Vegas for a weekend celebration? How much is a moderately nice trip to Vegas going to cost?

    4 AnswersLas Vegas1 decade ago
  • How to swing through and release the club?

    I've played about 8 times this season and overall have been playing pretty well for my standards. However, yesterday, I played one of the worst rounds of my life and got really discouraged. Does anyone have any hints, tips, or drills that may help me swing through the ball (not at it) and release the club (a term I've been hearing a lot lately)? Also, tips on staying down on the ball would be helpful. Thanks.

    3 AnswersGolf1 decade ago
  • What about baggage fees?

    I'm leaving for a trip in the next couple of days. I'm taking a suitcase and a golf bag. I was reading up on the baggage policy and it says there is a fee for each checked bag. It's been almost 2 years since I was last on a plane so I was wondering if they charge me when I get to the airport for each bag or if those charges are for going over an allowance on luggage? I bought my tickets on Expedia if that makes a difference.

    3 AnswersAir Travel1 decade ago
  • Does anyone have any golf drill ideas?

    I have a problem with staying down on the ball. I always lift my head which causes me to come up and hit the ball thin. Does anyone know of any drills to help me practice staying down on the ball? Get better hip rotation and weight shift? I'm a pretty good athlete with no injuries so I'm good to go.

    4 AnswersGolf1 decade ago
  • What is everyone's opinion on "Slumdog Millionaire"?

    I thought it was a beautifully done movie with wonderful editing, wonderful soundtrack, wonderful story, wonderful ending. Great film!

    7 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • What color shoe should I wear with a navy blue suit?

    This is my first navy blue suit so I want to be sure I wear the correct shoe. I'm also male if that makes any difference.

    8 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago