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  • 19 years old concerned about possible diabetes?

    I am a 19 year old female, weighing about 102 pounds and 5 5. I have been experiencing symptoms related to diabetes lately such as a dry mouth which could be linked to anxiety but I don t feel anxious and it s been annoying (it s also been super hot outside and dry weather) I don t get s lot of exercise besides running around at work. I don t eat too terribly and I also don t overeat I am very slim. But lately I have been feeling my stomach growl and hungry even after eating a meal. My vision has become more blurry than usual. No diabetes in my family. I had blood work done in February and doctor didn t seem concerned even though it said my glucose was a bit high he said it was normal. Do you think this could all be linked to my anxiety or should I really get this checked out

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