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  • 可否幫忙看一下翻譯是否正確呢? (英翻中)

    This instructor is bilingual. Based on attendance this class may be taught in both languages or in the majority language of the attendees with the other language translated


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  • 幫忙看一下英翻中是否正確呢? 關於社交舞



    (Closed position) We are starting in our basic closed position.

    (合攏姿勢) 我們從基本合攏姿勢開始

    The man's right hand will be on the ladies' left shoulder-blade.


    The ladies left hand will be on the man's tricep.


    This is our closed position.


    With my left hand I take Sarah's hand and I hold it loosely.


    From here we are going to start with our basic closed position step, which is going to be a triple-step, triple-step.

    我們從這裡開始基本合攏姿勢, 三重步, 三重步

    And if you notice, on the second triple-step we move away and back, triple-step, away and back.

    這裡請注意, 在第二個 三重步之後, 我們離開向後

    From the other side it looks like this: triple-step away and back, triple-step away and back.

    從另一方向看起來像這樣, 三重步離開向後, 三重步離開向後

    To lead the triple-step we use a compression between our bodies: when I pull Sarah, she pulls back.

    在這裡我們利用我們身體之間的壓縮感來引導 三重步. 當我拉 莎拉 時, 她也拉我

    When I push her, she pushes back. Triple-step, triple-step.

    我推她, 她也推我. 三重步, 三重步

    West coast swing is a very smooth dance, if you watch our shoulders they are not moving up and down, but it should look like we are floating as we dance.

    西岸搖擺舞是非常平穩的舞, 如果你注意看我們肩膀, 他們沒有向上和向下移動,我們跳舞看起來應該像漂浮中

    We now put in "walk walks."

    我們現在加入 “走, 走”

    When I walk, Sarah walks. Walk walk, triple-step, triple-step, walk walk triple-step, triple-step.

    當我走時, 莎拉也走. 走, 走, 三重步, 三重步

    And this is our closed position.


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  • 可否幫忙看一下翻譯是否正確???

    幫我檢查英翻中順不順. 謝謝!

    A community bridge to child care resources and special needs services


    Pathways is a community-based non-profit agency dedicated to ensuring that all families, regardless of income or special needs, have access to high quality early childhood education and child care. Our model Child Care Centers and Provider Training programs work with all types of providers to share knowledge, improve quality and increase the availability of special needs services.

    Pathways 是一個以社區為基礎的非營利性機構,致力於確保所有家庭,不論收入或特殊需要,能獲得高品質的早期兒童教育和保健。我們的模型托兒所和提供者的訓練課程與所有類型提供者分享知識,提高品質和增加合宜的殊需要服務。

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  • 幫我檢查英翻中順不順, 對不對???

    Parent Resources家長資源

    Find Child Care 育兒中心搜尋

    Get Help Paying for Child Care育兒輔助支付

    Choosing Child Care Guide育兒選擇指南

    Child Development Centers兒童發展中心

    Early Intervention Services早期干預支援

    On-line Forms for Parents 家長線上表格

    Useful Links for Parents 家長有幫助連結網站


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