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  • working with Sculpey, how do you get smooth surfaces?

    It s my first time using Sculpey, and my first time working with sculptures in general. I really don t have any basic training, but I m doing it for a contest and it s quite fun working with it.

    But I m making a female figure and i don t know how to make the skin areas smooth. Should I use something after baking it to make the surfaces smooth?

    Any good tips?


    2 AnswersSculpture6 years ago
  • need advice on newborn [wild] rabbits, please, anyone?

    A female, wild rabbit gave birth to 4 bunnies under a bush in our front yard [my stepfather almost killed them while mowing the lawn]

    it's been 3 days and we haven't yet seen the mother, the place where she gave birth is very noisy, it's close to a street and lots of cars pass by all the time. So we think she may not come back bc she's afraid or probably comes at night to feed them, but we're not sure, and we are afraid the babies may starve.

    My parents decided to ask at a pet store and they gave them some milk replacement (for kittens, they said it would work with rabbits)

    so we tried to feed them, and either they didnt seem hungry, or didn't like it or maybe we did it wrong, but they barely drank any.

    Now, what worries me the most is that there are too many stray cats and other wild animals around and they may eat the babies, and we can't keep watch all day.

    my main questions are, can wild rabbits be domesticated? and how many days should we wait if we want to take them into the house? or should we leave them there and hope the mother is coming at night (the only problem with that is that we guess wrong and the babies starve)

    i'll appreciate any advice on what to do, please...


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  • Need a USB ergonomic mouse, any recommendations?

    I'm looking for an ergonomic mouse with soft click buttons, something like soft rubber or something similar. It's there anything like that, and where could I get it?

    I don't want a wireless mouse or weird shape, just normal looking mouse.


    2 AnswersAdd-ons9 years ago
  • Are white phones too "girly" or effeminate?

    I'm interested in getting the Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. I kind of like the white version. Well, I'm a guy so, does it look sort of "unmanly" for a guy to have a white phone? I've heard a few people think that way...

    I really don't want to feel awkward in public :/

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  • [to fans] which Star Wars movie should I watch first?

    So, I'm not a fan of Star Wars because I haven't watched any of the movies... Well, i did watch one so long ago I don't remember much about it. They didn't really caught my attention all these years.

    I recently bought the BluRay collection to give it a go, you know... but reading some info off Wikipedia about its history, I found out that the first movie in 1977 was actually part 4. and Part 1 was released in 1999.

    So I wonder, should I watch part 4 first and watch them all in order of release date or should I watch part 1 first and follow the numbering order?

    How would each choice affect the transition of the storyline?

    thanks, I'll really appreciate it ;)

    2 AnswersMovies9 years ago
  • What's a 2TB external HD that doesn't use a power adapter, but USB only?

    I've been looking on eBay for a 2TB external HD, since I accidentally dropped my 1TB HD and broke it.

    But that one worked only with the USB cable. No AC cord or any extra power source.

    So, I've realized that all 2TB HD's that I've found so far come with the AC adapter included.

    Does anyone know any that works only with a USB cable??


    1 AnswerOther - Hardware9 years ago
  • how can i prevent applications/programs from opening web browser?

    Situation: I've installed a 'shell' over a Windows user account and Zoodles (parental control app) for my 5-year old nephew so that he can safely play and learn on the computer. I have other games such as Angry Birds on there.

    Now and then my nephew will click links (such as Angry Bird's Facebook or Youtube links) and the browser pops up. Which is what I'm trying to prevent. he's really smart and he knows this now.

    No matter what browser I've set as default it will pop up, please any work around this?

    thanks, I will really appreciate it.

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  • Name of this old (fantasy) movie?

    It's a movie I watched on TV as a kid, back in the early 1990s. So it should be a little older than that, not sure.

    But all I can remember is, it shows the Devil (or a demon) but i think it's Satan himself, as a huge monster, red and with big horns. And there are 2 young teens, i think a guy and a girl are the protagonists.

    The movie, as I remember is all fantasy-like and I can't find any reference. I don't remember much about it, but can anyone remember?


    4 AnswersMovies10 years ago
  • unable to connect PC to wireless network?

    Ok, one day everything's working fine, then the next day i can't connect to the internet, either wireless or wired.

    I can connect wirelessly using my friend's computer, but not mine, which means the problem is with my computer.

    I've tried updating the drivers, also uninstalling and reinstalling.

    when i try connecting it says " taking longer than usual." and then i either get a "limited access" or "unsuccessful"

    I called the company (Verizon) and were unable to find the problem :(

    help please what do I do, this is driving me nuts... I have a basic understanding of networking and i can troubleshoot basic stuff, but this... idk what to do anymore D:

    3 AnswersComputer Networking10 years ago
  • Need Info about the first movie of Alice in Wonderland, please?

    I haven't read the book, and i don't really know much about the story.

    but i remember watching the first movie when I was a kid.

    Now there are many versions, TV shows and other stuff and it is really hard to find information of the real first movie. The version that would precede Tim Burton's movie.

    I want watch it before I go watch Tim Burton's one.

    I have looked in Yahoo database and IMDb but I can't find anything

    can someone please tell me the year, the actual title (if different), director if possible, or any other information to help me find it

    thanks I will really appreciate it.

    1 AnswerMovies1 decade ago
  • Mystery Shopper Mail: real or scam?

    I received a letter/invitation to become a mystery shopper along with a check.

    I know there are lots of scams out there and wouldn't want to fall for any of them.

    So far it looks good, and tempting but... if i cash the check they sent me, is there a way they can steal my info?

    They also want me to send money by Money Gram... I've never used it, I've never sent money. So i don't know how it works.

    i've just done some research in here Yahoo Answers and im a little confused.

    If i send the money and get a receipt from Money Gram. and they pretend they didn't receive it, it won't be my problem. right?

    can anyone give me an advice?

    1 AnswerOther - Business & Finance1 decade ago
  • Would it be necessary to report for Copyright Infringement for an icon on Youtube?


    I am an artist and I've been informed that a piece of one of my drawings have been used as a profile icon by a certain user. I was told I could report it to Youtube.

    I tried by clicking "Report profile image violation" nothing happens, it simply says that it has been reported.

    This person is sort of famous

    Subscribers: 79,262

    Channel Views: 3,246,931

    Thus is kind of difficult to contact her.

    I don't know if i am over reacting, but do you think is necessary? It bothers me when people use my art without permission, but in this case is not the entire drawing.

    Also there is a report option but it's for videos only.

    what should I do?


    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • Where can I get the Twilight Series in Danish as .pdf or text document?

    where can i get the Series in Danish, free or buy i don't mind.


    thanks I would really appreciate your help.

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors1 decade ago
  • How can I make Yahoo not to display my birthday in certain areas?

    I cant believe I cant find a way to stop Yahoo showing my birth day in certain areas of the site! That's private!

    I know it cannot be changed and I dont want to change it, just to stop showing up.

    1 AnswerOther - Yahoo Products1 decade ago
  • Can anyone help me translate this from Portuguese into English, pls?

    Taken from song by Moonspell - Full Moon Madness

    I need it translated without grammar errors, pls? :X


    Somos memórias de lobos que rasgam a pele

    Lobos que foram homens

    e o tornarão a ser

    Somos memórias de lobos que rasgam a pele

    Lobos que foram homens e o tornarão a ser

    ou talvez memórias de homens.

    que insistem em não rasgar a pele

    Homens que procuram ser lobos

    mas que jamais o tornarão a ser...

    1 AnswerLanguages1 decade ago
  • 'what i'm listening to' Itunes + Windows Live messenger...?

    WLM wont show all song in the right order. for example

    Sometimes it shows: Artist - Title [album]

    but sometimes it will only show: Title - Artist

    I want it to show the right order + album.

    Any1 know how to solve this little problem? please?

    i have itunes 8 and WLM 2009, but i have tried with previous version and its the same.

    I tried WLM plus and it freezes both programs.

    3 AnswersMSN1 decade ago
  • What do I need to get Verizon FiOS Internet?

    Im a little confused with all this Verizon FiOS thing.

    I currently have Verizon Home phone line and Verizon DSL. I dont need the phone line, only the internet. But a friend told me i could get Verizon FiOS Internet and i wouldnt have the need for a phone line.

    So what is needed?


    Can some1 explain if this is true?

    2 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • Need Help organizing music library:Industrial or Electronic!? ?

    I have a lot of music of almost every genre in my library. I have problem organizing them bc sometimes i cant make out the subgenres. Like for example, Industrial, electronic, electropop, synthpop, etc. etc etc..

    Should i simply put them all under Electronic or Industrial, which is a subgenre of which? What do u recommend me ?

    I put all my metal music under Metal and all alternative-sound rock under Rock. to make it simple.


    1 AnswerOther - Music1 decade ago
  • why msn messenger won't display iTunes songs correctly?

    If i arrange my library or a playlist in order by rating for example, and i play a song msn messenger will display a different song!.

    Its all messed up.

    Can this be fixed? thanks!

    2 AnswersMSN1 decade ago
  • Where can I buy permanent-ink pen/liners for drawing/writting on clothes?

    Im trying to draw/write on several types of clothes i.e. shirts.

    But i dont want to be permanent so that when i wash them they dont get messed up.

    Can u recommend me a shop/ online shop/ pen brands. etc.?


    2 AnswersDrawing & Illustration1 decade ago