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  • Question about Jesus being purely astrological.?

    Ok, I don't feel my question was answered to satisfaction. I'm asking for a real, historic account of Jesus from an eye witness. Not some scripture that was written decades after his life like all scriptures are, even the gospels. And there is no orignal Roman document which talks about Jesus. There is no Jewish one either. With a guy walking around, gathering followers, and the bible says he gathers many, why isn't there solid historic proof of his exsistance? Are there any artifacts of his? Any possessions? I'm not looking for scripture, scripture is all something written by people, some unknown like the gospels, /after/ Jesus's death. All hearsay and not any eye witness accounts.

    And what I mean by he is derieved from Sun worship is this. If interested please watch all three fully.

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  • Did Jesus exist or was he an object of sun worship?

    I have been brought up as a Roman Catholic, went 12 years of Catholic school, and will soon be getting married by the church. Now this doesn't mean I'm a die hard Catholic, I haven't been to church in I don't know how long. Anyways, I came across the question, 'did Jesus really exist?' If so where is the histoical documents for EYE witness, not hearsay (meaning decades after his death) accounts of his life. Where are the Jewish and Roman scholar texts which would historicaly document Jesus as a real person?

    Second, why has the story of Jesus been used so many time for other sun gods throughout history? Like Horus who was born Dec. 25 of a Virgin, and with the star in the East. He was adorned by three kings, teacher and miracle worker at twelve, Baptized at 30, and had 12 disciples. He was known as, Lamb of God, The Light, The good Shepard and many others. Lastly crucified, buried for 3 days, and thus ressurected. This was 3000 years before Jesus was even born, and there is more.

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  • If I'm such a loon for thinking theres something wrong with America then...?

    Someone find me the law which requires me to pay income taxes. Find it and i'll announce for a week straight that I'm a looney moron. Find me the law that requires the average American to pay income taxes. Show me that income taxes is put back into the people and not payed back to the Federal Reserve who is a private bank. We've been fooled into giving these unelected bankers our money. Can any one show me otherwise? I can show you where the Supreme Courts have said that a mans labour is his private property. Why are we letting things happen in our government that are totally unconstitutional. Read up the Federal Reserve, it's a PRIVATE BANK making OUR money! Why does Congress borrow money from the Federal Reserve when it has the ability to make it! Show me otherwise, I want to believe we the people are still in power!

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  • Why are you people such knuckleheads?

    Why do you guys continue to play into the powers that be hands? Fighing over left and right, democrate and republican. They have us divided while running away with our government. Do you really think it matters who wins the next election? Do you really think any one in government today has the power to change whats going on with the Federal Reserve and bankers making our laws? We need to unite now. Stop bickering like they want us to, and unite on freedom to get these guys the hell out of our government!

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  • It's all about Iran?

    Well proof is emerging that Iran is fighting a proxy war against our troops in Iraq. Will war with Iran come soon, and should it?;_ylt=At1AKl7jY_sve...

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  • Am I a bigot? The more I read into Islam, I find it more and more evil.?

    The word evil is very condescending. The question, "Is America evil?" is discussed on many message boards, blogs, newspapers, and so on. Even though immigrants still continue to come here in droves, the question is popping up more and more by the blame America first crowd.

    Given the recent attacks around the world, why don't most people ask, "Is Islam evil?" Most Islamic countries are theorcratic, and fascist. Women are subjugated and minorities persecuted. They are poverty stricken, and recent polls show many in Islamic countries lionize the men responsible for the September 11th attacks. Most nations with Islamic ruled neighbors have much violence on there borders, why is this?

    Why is it there is no shortage of critics for Christianity in the world? Why is it so far less plausible to simply ask, "Is Islam evil?" Why does that question raise the bigot, racist, warmonger response?

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