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  • What caused the East Timor genocide?

    East Timor is located in the Indonesian archipelago.

    I just need to know what started the whole genocide thing summarized but still detailed and true.

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  • I need to give a talk for church. help?

    For discrimination reasons i wont say what religion i am.

    But for my talk i have to say how the standards have helped me in my life.

    I have this so far. Its just seperate ideas that i will make into an actual talk.


    The standards of the church have really helped me at school and how I choose my friends. It helps me keep my body healthy and clean because I stay away from drugs and things that would harm my body. I won’t get addicted to things and throw away my life because I have the strength to say no to people that try to get me into them. My friends already know that I wouldn’t do things like that so they don’t ask me to party with them. It helps me so that I don’t have any peer pressure to do things that I don’t want to do. People treat me differently than they do their other friends. They respect me for dressing modestly and using good language.

    Everyone knows who the church kids are and they know our standards. They know that we don’t swear, drink or smoke, and that we are all friendly.

    At lunch we all sit at the same table. My friend asked me why I sit with them and I told her that we are all really close like family so we just automatically want to sit with each other and she said that she thought it was cool we were all so close.

    In my acting class we have to do scenes out of plays that my teacher prints off. Some of them have swearing in them or things that are inappropriate. But from the church I know that I am able to go up to him and say that I don’t want to do the scene he picked out because it doesn’t meet the standards of my religion.

    The standards have helped me see that when I keep them I am a happier person.


    I am in high school so it would be those types of standards.

    THANK YOU!!!

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  • Help me write a talk for church! Where do i start?

    I am a mormon and i have to write about how the standards have helped me. I have things like how we don't do drugs or any of that stuff. but now what! Im in high school so those kind of standards.

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  • Is it a wart in my nose?

    Its cold out and i got a scratch in my nose. Its been about 4 days and i just looked at it. It is raised up lighter than the color of the normal skin. it does have a red scratch in the middle though.

    Is it just a normal scratch or a wart?

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  • In the movie Pearl Harbor, what part is Sean Faris (gunner #2) shown?

    i cant find what part in the movie he is in so if you know can you PLEASE tell me. and if you can even find out what scene in the scene selection i would be so happy! thanks.

    anything please

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  • how did the council of trent change the catholic church?

    What was The Council of Trent. How did it change the Catholic Church and what long lasting effects are still being seen today?

    You don't have to but I would appreciate it if you could please add any sources that can back up your answer. NO WIKI.

    Thank you and please respond quickly.

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  • whats considered harassment?

    texting this boy.

    starts swearing at me and telling me to pop pills and cut myself.

    i didnt say anything, besides calling him the a word.

    then asked him to stop texting me

    he said "boo lol"

    then i asked him agian

    is it considered any kind of harassment?

    there is more to the story but its private soo i just want to know if i can charge him

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  • Is this considered harasment?

    i texted this boy first then he started swearing at me and telling me to pop pills and cut myself. i only called him the a word. then i told him to stop texting me and he said "boo lol" then i said "i was dead serious about telling the cops. please stop you dont know what your getting into"

    i need to know if this is counted as harassment in anyway.


    and no im not some little kid. this boys a junior in high school.

    ok that might seem little kid to some of you so nvm ha ha

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  • What is a good way to make money?

    I am 15, too young to get an actual job like at a grocery store and dont want to use a online survey thing like cash crate. I would like an actual job besides babysitting which I hate. Please help

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  • Im really shy and need to get over it. plus i want a boyfriend ha ha?

    Im 15 and super shy around people i don't know. all the boys that im friends with will only be my friends ha ha. Plus i have really high standards and the only boys that meet them are really outgoing and i cant be outgoing cause im too shy. sooo pretty much i need help lowering my expectations, learn so get over being shy and how to get a boyfriend while being shy

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