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  • Why is my 12 week son waking up in the middle of the night to eat when he stopped doing this at 8 weeks?

    My son has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks old. He would get up at 4:45am then he started sleeping longer and getting up at 5:30am and then he started sleeping until 6:30am. But now at 12 weeks, he has been getting up at 3:30am for a bottle. Why did he stop sleeping through the night. Also he is drinking breast milk not formula as I exclusively pump. He has acid reflux so he takes acid 3 times a day and has cereal in his bottle. He goes to bed full so I don't know why he is so hungry that he stopped sleeping through the night. Any suggestions?

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  • I am 9 weeks postpartum and am exclusively pumping. I got my period at 7 weeks pp but am bleeding again?

    Is this normal? Could I have 2 periods 2 weeks apart from each other? I thought breastfeeding delays your period? Or could something else be wrong? I had a second degree perineal tear. At my 6 week check, my obgyn said I was still healing as it is still sore. Could I have an infection? Also The bleeding started last night and I was very dizzy and my head hurt and I had severe cramping pains. I also sometimes get pains in my vagina that feel like someone kicked me but this doesn't happen often.

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  • What is the best double electric breast pump?

    I am currently using my sister in law's single pump. It is by First Years and is 10 years old. It takes over a hour to pump. I am a stay at home mom but my 1 week old son will not latch on and prefers the bottle so I have to pump. What is the best pump? There are so many and I'm overwhelmed. I have a 3 year old so I need one that is fast and powerful.

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  • I am being induced tomorrow at 39 weeks. Is the labor really that bad?

    I have been dialted at 3cm for 3 weeks and have lost my mucus plug. The baby is so low that the doctor cannot even measure his head during a sonogram. And because he is so low, I am having constant cramps and pressure. So when I saw my doctor on Saturday, he wanted to schedule me for an induction tomorrow. I am 39 weeks so I know the baby is going to be healthy. I am just worried about the pain and then having a possible c-section. Is it is really that bad? This is my second pregnany. My daughter was born at exactly 40 weeks. I was not induced and I delivered vaginally.

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  • Has anyone ate eggplant to go into labor?

    I made the famous Scalini eggplant parmesean recipe last night for dinner and ate it again for lunch. Just wondering if it really works. Has anyone ever tried it and it worked or know someone who tried it and it worked?

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  • Moms with more than one child, how many weeks pregnant were you when you went into labor for each birth?

    I am 38 weeks pregnant with my second child and just wondering what the average is for second, third or more births. With my daughter, I went into labor on my due date.

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  • Could this mean labor is about to start?

    This is my 2nd child. I am 38 weeks pregnant. The doctor said the baby is very low and he already weighs 7lbs 9oz but the sonogram could be off by a pound so he could be bigger. Anyway, I am 3cm dilated and at 36 weeks, I lost my mucus plug which was tinged brown. Today, I am having cramps and diarrhea 3 times already. Could this mean I am going to go into labor soon? I am nervous because my husband is over a hour and half away at a memorial service and I don't want to make him leave for no reason.

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  • 37 weeks pregnant and dizzy after eating cereal. Has this ever happened to anyone?

    I ate cereal for breakfast and felt a little lightheaded. I then took a shower and got extremely dizzy and almost fainted. I do not have gestational diabetes. What else could be wrong? Has this ever happened to anyone?

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  • How long were you dilated for 3cm before going into labor?

    This is my second pregnancy so I know that you can be dilated for weeks. But I was curious to know how long other women went dilated at 3cm. With my first pregnancy, I was dilated between 1 and 2cm for a whole month with diarrhea 6 times a day. My doctor was going to induce me because I wasn't making any progress but then I wound up going to labor on my due date. I lost a piece of my mucus plug a month before I went into labor and then on the day I went into labor, I lost the rest of it throughout the day. But this pregnancy has been different. I lost my mucus plug last week and the last piece was tinged brown. I was dilated 2cm at 34 weeks and then at my 36 week check-up, I was 3 cm. I am now 37 weeks. Last night I had braxton hicks contractions that were 5 minutes apart for 30 minutes. I am also having lots of cramping and diarrhea. I'm just wondering about other women who have experienced this, how long before they were in labor.

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  • I am 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I am a little worried about something. Can I please have your feedback?

    Last night my upper left thigh was extremely itchy and so I moderately scratched it through my pants. I woke up this morning with blurred vision that lasted about a 20 minutes and have since had a persistent headache. I checked my upper thigh and saw that I have a rash where I was itchy last night. This is a picture of the rash:

    I have hypermesis gravidarum. Is this something to be worried about? Thank you.

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  • I'm only 10 weeks and 5 days but I look like I am at 6 months pregnant. Is this abnormal?

    This is my second child. My belly is huge and it's not like I eat everything in sight. It's just the opposite as I have hypermesis gravidarum. My food aversions are pretty much everything and I throw up often. How can I be this huge already? My in-laws were in shock when they noticed my belly. They were like are you sure you aren't having twins? But the sonogram shows only one baby. Is there any medical reasons I should worry about that would make me this big already?

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  • Is it normal to be 1 cm dilated at 9 weeks pregnant? This is my second child.?

    I went to the hospital early Sunday morning because I had severe lower adominal pains that felt like contractions. They started at 2:00 am and by 6:00 am I couldn't take it anymore so I went to the hospital. I was also vomiting but I have hypermesis so that's normal for me I guess. Anyway, at the hospital the doctor checked me and said I was dilated 1 cm but since this is my second child that can happen. Is this normal? The doctor isn't my doctor but rather a resident at the hospital so I didn't really ask her questions about being dilated. And I was in a lot of pain and the pain didn't stop until 10:00 pm Sunday night! So now I am worried about being dilated this early in the pregnancy.

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  • I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and had to go to the hospital yesterday due to dehydration from severe morning?

    sickness. They put me on an iv and gave me zofran and pepcid ac. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. Once I received a sufficient amount of iv and my lab tests were normal, they sent me home with a prescription for zofran and told me to also take pepcid ac. I felt so much better after I left the hospital and even ate dinner without getting sick. I finally got to sleep through the night minus the hourly trips to the bathroom to urinate. Then this morning I took the zofran exactly as they told me to; to take it 30 minutes before I got out of bed. Well I did this but then when I got up, I felt sick. My hubby got me a plain bagel to eat and I ate half of it and felt better for a short time until I had to go to the bathroom again and started to feel dizzy. I went downstairs and ate a yogurt parfait and took the pepcid ac with a glass of water. I felt very nauseus and laid down. Then I felt sick a short time later and started to dry heave. The doctor in the hospital told me to drink shakes so I took some ice cream and mixed it with milk. This helped me but only for a short while. I have been laying in bed all day and still feel nauseus. I don't want to vomit anymore and I definately don't want to dry heave anymore. I thought that zofran is supposed to be like this magic pill that would make me feel better. My husband is worried that I will not be able to take care of our 3 year old daughter come Monday when he has to go to work. And he is getting mad that the chores aren't getting down. I feel guilty as it is and I just want to feel better. Has anyone ever taken zofran and found that it didn't work? Or does it take time to work? Any suggestions? Thank you.

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  • I have really bad morning sickness complete with dry heaving. My doctor prescribed compazine but I don't want?

    to take it because I read that it causes birth defects in lab test animals. I don't want to eat but I force myself to because even though I'm nauseus I eventually get so hungry that I eat something just to throw it up shortly after. I am keeping some food down and liquids so I'm not concerned about dehydration as I pee every 30 minutes. But I am concerned that I am dry heaving and constantly nauseus that I don't eat until I'm starving. This is my second pregnancy. I was sick with my first but I never had dry heaving before. I just want to lay in bed and do nothing but I have a 3 year old so this isn't something I can do. Any suggestions and advice on what I can do or take to feel better would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Tired, frequent urination, constipated, diarrhea, moody, & late period. But 2 home preg tests were negative..?

    I have a 2.5 year old and I don't feel like I did when I was pregnant with her. I had crazy morning sickness but I don't feel like that. My breasts don't hurt either. But I don't know what else it could be. I cannot stop urinating. I even wake up 3 times in the middle of the night to urinate. Could I be pregnant even if the home pregnancy tests were negative? My period is always on time like clockwork. But this month I am late.

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  • My sister is 7 months pregnant lost her plug and is dilated 1 cm. What are the chances of premature birth?

    This is her third baby. Her first child was premature. Her second child was only a week or so early. Has this ever happened to anyone or anyone you know? What were the outcomes? Thanks

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  • What are the best excursions for a family w/ a 2 1/2 year old to do in Cozumel, Belize, Grand Cayman & Roatan?

    We will be taking a cruise in January. What are the best places to go? Should we book excursions privately or with the cruise line? Any recommendations or suggestions? Is Xcaret a good place to go with a 2 1/2 year old? Any websites that you recommend? Thank you.

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  • Need advice on family friendly excursions on a cruise. Better to book myself or with the cruise line?

    1) What are the best family friendly excursions or other suggestions for my husband, 2 1/2 year old daughter and I to do while in Belize, Cozumel, Isla Roatan, and Grand Cayman Islands?

    2) Is it better to book the excursions through Carnival or on my own?

    3) Do you know any websites for such excursions?

    4) What did you like best about these places and is a must see must do?

    5) Is Xcaret family friendly to a toddler and could float in the river on the tube?

    Thanks so much.

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  • What do I wear to a 45th wedding anniversary that is being held in a Jewish temple? It is a very early affair.?

    It starts at 10:00am. Is okay to wear a business suit dress? Or do I wear a cocktail dress? Or something else?

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