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  • Starting a magnetic field on a cool planet / moon?

    People seem to talk a lot about terraforming planets, but they never talk about creating a magnetic field. I've been looking on the web for information but there's very little about magnetic field terraforming.

    Isn't it possible to hollow out a cool planet, dump a couple hundred million tons of iron ore in the core, then set it off with a couple million tons of uranium and thorium with a critical mass meltdown? That should be enough energy to melt all the iron and start a magnetic field dynamo, or am I missing something? I understand speeding up the planet's rotation speed would be important, but that would seem a relatively easy task compared with hollowing out a cool planet and intentionally setting simultaneous nuclear meltdowns in its core. I appreciate any insights, thanks.

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  • Will a metal bracket interfere with a motor?

    Hi, I wasn't sure to place this question in engineering or physics, but it seemed more an electricity & magnetism question.

    I am attempting to build a bicycle pedal-powered generator. A bicycle stand's roller will move the DC motor's (aka generator's) shaft. I understand I will need a blocking diode (with a large heat sink) and also a voltage regulator and a pair of 12v batteries (it's a 24v motor)...and lots of fuses in between (I am not taking any chances, but I am enjoying the attempt to build this).

    However, I need to support the heavy motor / generator with a bracket. I purchased two 4-inch exhaust U-clamps to hold the motor to the platform, but the brackets have a strong magnetic attraction to the motor. Will this attraction (and the added metal of the bracket) interfere with the motor's electrical generation capabilities?

    The motor is a 24volt, 22amp capable of generating a maximum 350 watts, electric scooter motor XyD-6D permanent-magnet motor, 2600rpm. Thanks!

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  • Do I need to have 1099-MISC's?

    This was my first full year self-employed, and I just finished my taxes (SE tax really hurts, but I digress).

    During the past year (2008), I invoiced and received $9,500 from two separate clients; one paid $7000 and the other paid $2,500; neither has sent me a 1099-MISC.

    I was told by my tax reviewer that I should nag these two companies and force them to send me the 1099-MISC's. Is it my responsibility or theirs to send this info? Thanks,

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  • Would metals industry be possible on the moon?

    I was looking at the following link about lunar materials, and saw there's a high percentage of metals-processing and alloying materials, such as iron, titanium, magnesium, manganese, etc.

    I suppose a large percentage are tied up in oxides, and carbon smelting would be difficult since carbon is a lunar-poor material. But does anyone think a mining and metals processing industry would be a valid endeavour on the moon? Thanks,

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  • Would Senator Stevens be the first convicted felon to serve in the Senate?

    Not trying to be partisan, just looking for trivia.

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