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  • Remove synced photos from ipod?

    Last night I was charging my ipod and I looked over and saw Sync in Progress and thought nothing of it, and I later discovered that it synced all the photos on my computer onto my ipod, which is taking up a HUGE and unnecessary amount of space. I can't delete them off my ipod and I can't take it back from my desktop and like, I am just so done with apple right now like, congrats guys. Shitty devices that break from a 2 foot drop and make everything super dumb and complicated and unnecessarily wasteful and just jrwoiwesf.

    I'm sorry.


    if anyone can help me figure out how to fix this, many thanks to you.

    like srsly bless your eternal soul may you find like 5 bucks on the ground or something.

    Like a step by step would also be like, the icing on the cake if you could figure that out seriously please. help.

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  • Did I just invite myself over?

    So I asked my boyfriend if we can hang out this weekend and he said sure. Later on I asked him if we can hang out at his house instead of mine because my sister's [annoying] friends will be over and he said sure.I'm not sure if I'm being silly or not but I feel like I invited myself over and I feel rude!

    I just feel like I invited myself over and what not. Did I and if I did should I feel bad about it?

    Sorry I'm feel like I'm being silly but.Yeah..

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  • Can you use a gift card to pre-order?

    I want to pre-order The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and I got a 25 dollar gift card for Barnes and Noble for my graduation so I was thinking of using that instead a credit card. Can I do that

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  • What should I name this calico kitten?

    I was driving home from my boyfriends house last night when a cat ran across the road above my house. I stopped on the side of the road and started calling the kitty and he sat and start meowing while i moved slowly towards him and he ran towards me and I picked him up and brought him home. My dad said that the neighbor was telling him that there was a boy down the street who's mom said he couldn't keep the cat and he was looking for someone to take the him. So since this cat needs a home, my parents said it's alright if I take care of him. And this kitten is pretty young, it can eat dry food and everything but I'd say he's under a year- maybe 6 to 8 months old.

    It's a pretty little orange, black and white calico boy. What's a cute little name for him? Like Oliver from Oliver and company or something like that.

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  • I've been thinking these names over...?

    I just want to see what people think of these names.

    Lucas Taylor

    Alexandria Rosel (Rose-El)

    Alexander James Ross

    Alexis Orion

    Julianna Serenity

    Tandy Ruth

    Mari (Mar-E) Louise

    Vivianne Ophelia

    Francis Garrus.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • How did the rick astely song "never gonna give you up" become a troll?

    I love the song personally and I'm curious as to what happened to make this a troll

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  • What rights do homosexuals have in california?

    Last time I checked they couldn't adopt or marry.

    I only watch the news every so often (I'm only 14, don't judge)

    And at school I refuse (not that anyones ever said anything about it)

    to say the end of the pledge "with liberty and justice for all" bit.

    Don't say something along the lines of "you're young" or "that's silly just say the pledge"

    Because unless I find out that gays do have rights, I won't.

  • How do you turn off automatic numbering in openoffice?

    I made a survey for my end of the school year project as my experiment. I can fit at least 3 copies of the survey on one page and i numbered them (1. 2. 3. 4. 5.) and I figured instead of just repeatedly typing the same thing 30 times, just copy and paste (duh) but when i copied and pasted, it automatically made the next survey 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. And it won't let me change it back to 1-5 without being really complicated and it's really frustrating and i don't want to have to go through this 29 times. Help please? I just want to turn the automatic numbering off so I can get done with my homework already.

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  • Should I get an Iphone?

    I want to get an iphone, but I can't decide.

    Can you guys give me some pros and cons?


    p.s. things like 'it sucks' or something is not useful whatsoever. real answers appreciated.


    imma dinosaur

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  • Dance or Figure Skating?

    Well I'm absolutely passinate about Figure skating.

    I only started last year though in March and did it solid until August because I took up cheerleading.

    I think i'm at an Alpha level, i've had one Beta level before I quit. I quit cause I couldn't fit both into my schedule. But in January I want to start up again. Should I take the beta class in Jan/Feb and then take dance to prepare for Gamma or should I do it before I start beta? I don't want to be doing Cheer, Dance and Ice skating all at the same time. I mean after January i'm dont with cheer. ok so here's how it'd look.


    End of cheer.

    start dance.








    End of cheer.







    I understand this might be a little confusing and that's why I put that...thing up there. (that's what he said!)

    The reason i'd want to take dance to 'prepare' is to get back into shape and get flexible. I mean I used to be really flexible, now it hurts to touch my forehead to my knees in pike position, lol. I've barely been stretching the past 2 months

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  • Volumized scene hair?

    you know how some girls can get their hair really big and volumized? i keep teasing my hair and i use hair spray and a flat iron and everything and i part my hair in different sections but nothings working. it just kinda falls to the side and looks weird then falls flat. its really frustering and i feel like giving up but i want that look really bad. can anyone help me? any tips maybe?

    I have long brown hair bout 7 inches past my shoulder. i dont have layers or bangs. should i get them?

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  • I feel so very depressed.?

    I've been feeling very depressed lately..well it started today actually.

    Last year we got a new teacher and he quickly got a reputation for being a pervert. In the middle of the year one girl switched out cause she claimed he touched her boob. And so this year, lucky me got him as my 5th period p.e.

    He's not so bad I guess but he has stupid rules and he's strict, we've been doing a swimming unit but i haven't swam yet ( we've been doing it for about 3 weeks now) because i'd feel uncomfortable. It's also my classmates, they're all in the popular crowd..and theres a few outcasts in my class too but theyre really weird. I hate my class cause I have no friends in there what so ever. And I always dread that class, cause it makes me feel stupid ugly and smelly and that no one likes me. I mean when I go there people are nice to me for the most part (i mean theyre not being intentionally mean, its just they always ask why i dont swim and its annoying).

    So friday at lunch I asked the counselor if i could switch, she said she'd talk to me about it on monday so I asked her today and she said that she was sorry because all the other classes were full.When I was done talking to her, I went to the bathroom and tried to calm myself down cause i didn't want to cry. I ended up figuring that if i held it in for too long, i'd start to have an emotional break down during class, so I went to the nurse and told her I had an upset stomach, which wasnt completly a lie- my stomach did hurt, but that's because i had no lunch. I went into the nurses office, told her what was wrong and she told me to lie down and try to feel better. Eventually she called my mom to come pick me up, and my mom took a while (at least an hour) and as i was lying down, i was constantly wiping tears that silently slid down my face. When my mom finally took me home we got mcdonalds (since i'd barely eaten anything that day) and after i finished eating..i went in my room and started crying for no apparent reason. And that was around 3..its 7:30 now and i still feel sad and depressed. I justed started crying and i have no idea why. whats wrong with me?

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  • What do i do? Should i break up with him?

    I've been dating this guy long distance for the past month and two weeks. We met at camp and everything was going awesome until school started for me, which was a few weeks ago.

    I don't like him anymore, I don't feel anything. I was going to dump him tonight but he just told me that he loved me with all of his heart...i feel so trapped. What do i do? I'm freaking out.

    It's just like, i feel like i have no freedom. And for what? a boy i never get to see. we keep making plans to meet halfway or fly over but they always end up getting cancelled. I'm sick of it, i want out but i don't want to hurt him. What do i do????? i'm so stressed, and thats not good cause my acne is finally starting to clear up.

    Love and rockets,


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  • she likes him, he likes her. he kinda likes me. i kinda like him, but i have a bf. what to do?

    Ok so basically,

    I decided to befriend the overly shy, socially awkward new kid who sits next to me in science. His names Anthony. School started about a week ago. We text everyday, he's really quiet, just like me. His dad doesnt work. my mom doesnt work...and well even though that was only two examples, we have a lot in common. My friend paige decided to be friends with him too. Anthony and paige like each other, but they aren't going out...Yet. They met like four days ago and he already told her that he loves her. I found that really ridiculous, and well..i kinda like anthony but the problem is besides my friend paige liking him is that I'm in a long distance relationship with a guy named Uri. We've been together for a month and 5 days. We've already said I love you..but now ..we havent talked in 3 days and i guess it was never love or else I wouldn't like anthony. Plus it's extremly hard to be in love with someone you never really get to see isn't it?

    Me, anthony, my friend max and paige were supposed to go to the movies today but paige couldn't make it cause her mom is stupid and basicly doesnt want her having a social life. So it was only me, anthony and max. We watched Vampires Suck (haha a very good movie, i suggest you see it) and after we went outside..we decided to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The world so we bought the tickets and went back inside and watched the movie. We all stood around and talked for about 10 minutes then maxs dad came and picked him up. So it was just me and anthony..and first we were quiet, only saying things every once and a while. Then he started texting max. Then he laughed and showed me his phone and theres a text from max saying "I'm your jacob" (no, max is not gay) i laugh too and i look at the text under it and theres another text from max asking "so,do you like robin?" (i'm robin) and above it i see his reply. "kinda". So we ended up sitting there for an hour talking. Right now, i'm just so confuzzled on what to do. One second my life is perfect, next it feels like everything is falling apart. Should I break up with Uri? Should I just admire anthony from afar until 3 weeks after him and paige break up (that is, if he gets the gutz to ask her out)? I don't want anyone getting hurt..well..if they go out, i'm getting hurt by this but i guess i can suck it up.

    So yeah..i really don't know what to do. Please help?



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  • What should i do, i feel kind of..betrayed?

    Ok so me and my cousin were on skype with my boyfriend. But then we left to go sneak some zucchini onto my neighbors porch (its actually a holiday, on august 9th but we always celebrate it late) and when we came back i talked to him on the phone for a little bit (even though we were still on skype, i dont think he was able to hear us through it) and then we hung up the phone and just did whatever. me and my cousin were exploring the world on google earth and he was..well i dont know what he was doing but then my and my cousin heard him say ' yeah she keeps yelling at her cousin and telling me about how she left zucchini on her neighbors porch.reaaal mature" and..i don't know, i just feel hurt by this. I mean i was cautious about getting into this relationship because i've been hurt a lot in my past relationships, and then i really started to trust and love him, but than i heard him say that and..i don't know it just kinda hurts, ya know?. I think i may be overreacting just a little but still. And yeah, maybe i was acting pretty immature, but still, i was having fun and being happy, and thats what matters right? I don't want to dump him, cause i still really like him. what should i do?

    Idea one: confront him

    Idea two: ask him if he thinks i'm immature'

    Idea three: act all boring and totally mature.

    (i'm only 13..dont judge me, and please be nice :) )

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  • Cost of a train ticket from San Diego to Phoenix?

    Well I live in san diego and my boyfriend lives in tempe and i was thinking about saving up for a train ticket from san diego to phoenix and i was wondering how much it would cost to for two adult tickets and two children tickets. I already tried the amtrak website but idk its being weird...

    1 AnswerSan Diego1 decade ago
  • What should i do before he leaves?

    The guy i'm like in love with is moving to hawaii at like..the end of july, because his dad is in the military. he doesnt know how i feel about him and i dont know when i should tell him. i was just thinking of hugging him as tight as i can on the last day of school and telling him that im gonna miss him but..what if i dont get the chance to? i'm making a scrapbook of all our friends so he'll never forget any of us. but i really want to tell him how i feel. when should i? i mean we're kind of friends, but still. i live in california so..hawaii is a long way. how would i tell him? when? not before its too late, because if he feels the same way then i want to spend as much time as possible with him while i still have it. and i have him as a friend on facebook but it still wont be the same.

    a couple days ago..while i was freaking out about it, i got a text from a number i didn't have in my contacts, it said

    Dwell on the here and now, before it is there and gone.and it really helped, and i didnt know who sent it, but i thanked them. i found out yesterday that, it was the guy i had a huge crush on at camp. i gave him my number on the last day and i waited everyday for his call but after two weeks i gave up. so after 11 months, i really didn't expect that. but me and jack ( guy from camp) are just friends now.besides he lives in l.a i live in san diego.

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  • summer jobs for a 13 year old?

    I was thinking about getting a work permit so I could get a summer job.

    I live in southern california.

    I can't do babysitting because theres no one to babysit in my neighborhood,

    i cant do yard work because either my neighbors already have people who do that or they do it themselves.

    I was thinking about the del mar county fair but i'm not sure.

    Any Ideas?


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  • my ipod is locked and i dont know how to get back into it.?

    ok so i lost my ipod for several months but my brother found it tonite under the couch.

    so i get a charger and plug it in and it says ipod is disabled. so i figure oh ok ill just wait 10 minutes but then i look down at it again and it says

    please try again in ( and im not kidding, it really does say this or else i wouldnt be asking) 20999618 minutes. and i dont know about you but that is a very long time. i remember the password to my ipod but i dont know how to do anything because its locked for the next

    20999616 minutes.

    please help.


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