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  • What dose this dream mean?

    What dose this dream mean? Info needed: In dream i was a Female Unknown Age And pregnant How is also unknown. I was at the hospital and the Baby (or so it seemed) just got out of me then it skips to sometime home the baby wasn't a baby but a newborn fox and then i am talking then it skips again and finally it skipped like 2-4 hrs later and the Fox looked like a 1-2 month old fox with a fur coat that was beautiful the fox was a Boy and then i said "Fox" as the name. What could this mean? its somewhat scary i had the dream but i feel like it had a message of some sort i should know.

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  • Ever had a dream were you cant wake up?

    i had a dream the other night but the thing was the place was black and i couldn't wake up i tried but my eyes were like glued shut in life and i couldnt wake up at all How can i wake up in this situation i also cant move or talk i tried to Scream but all i let out was Nothen also couldn't breath. How can i prevent this again and how is this caused

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  • What dose this mean?

    Last night i Dreamed That i was in this Strange world but i woke up on a Hard Stone like table...And i got up and walked around i was fully dressed in the cloths i had on in the real world. later i woke up again on the same table got up and looked around i saw this little girl doing something to this guy. I didnt know or never did i find out what she was doing to him. I woke up once more in the same place but this time i was Half naked and this lady walked up to me and started to talk. " Hello Shane. Glad to see you up. My name is Kira.You may Walk around but you keep passing out from leaving the recommaned area for our Visitors as you are one of them. But ill let you notice that now. Ok before you leave you need to return here at 7:56 PM today for your appointment ill let you go meet people now Bye." Kira said walking off. i got up and walked around i noticed that were were poles that seem to keep ppl from passing out that were like they were Awake poles. i walked around and met another girl Her name was Ashia. " oh sorry...Oh hello shane." she said getting up from bumping into me by accident. "Uh Do i know you?" I said like i had no idea. " Oh sorry Everyone knows you but you dont know us. let me introduce you. i am Ashia. That over there by the phone is Kiama. She is quite Mean so dont make her mad. Over there is Isac Hes a good guy but he seems to be lonely all the time. Over there on the room is Isma He can be a goof but if you trick him just right he'll obey you for a entire week. And Over there is Shaya She is a Nice Gal but she is quite sneaky. Youll get to know more ppl over the year this is a place where ppl go to relax you sorta hit your head when you first came so you wont renember as much." Ashia said as she stood up correctly. She took off a few minutes later to go to a Appointment i started to wonder what these appointments were. a few hours later it was time and i went back there for my appointment when i got there i was told to lay down on the last table and wait a few minutes later i was sitting Naked in front of all of the girls one got on me and started to make out with me minutes later it was Being Forced down as the girls took turn striping they started to Do things with me and the next day i woke up...Butt naked with a girl sleeping next to me. i didnt feel like i had done anything at all when i got dressed i went for a walk and as i head back Ashia saw me. " hey you dont need another round just yet." She told me. " I know i was going for a walk around a bit more." i said and my dream quit there. What Would this mean?

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  • How to fall alseep with the urge to pee?

    Okay i know this sounds strange But. I was Dared to Fall asleep with Needing to pee But i cant do it how do i do this?!?!? if i piss before i go to bed i Lose the dare. And i don't want to lose. (also sorry if this don't belong in this category i didn't know witch one it would go in

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