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  • Am i doing tabata right?

    I've done a lot a research on tabata and i've been trying it a bit on an exercise bike. But i want to know if im doing this right.

    what i do is a 4 minute warm up then i go into the 20 seconds of as hard as i can sprinting on the bike to a 10 second rest. I do this 8 times for a total of 4 minutes just like the original research was done.

    I know a lot of people dont actually get to the high intensity heart rate that you are suppose to. im 20 years old and weight about 175, so im pretty sure my max heart rate is about 200. When im on the bike my heart rate ranges from 188-193. Am i in the right zone for my workout to be effective?



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  • Why do i get a headache after masterbating?

    I know this sounds real funny but right before i finish i start to get a real bad headache 95% of the time.. This just started happening about 2.5 weeks ago.

    Idk if this is relevant but it started after i had sex for the first time.

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  • Why do i get a headache after masterbating?

    I know this sounds real funny but right before i finish i start to get a real bad headache 95% of the time.. This just started happening about 2.5 weeks ago.

    Idk if this is relevant but it started after i had sex for the first time.

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  • What does dot product give me?

    Lets say i have two vectors; A and B. The angle between them is 60 degrees and A has a magnitude of 4 and B has a magnitude of 5. The dot product of the two vectors is 10. what does that 10 tell me?

    I understand A * B = |A||B|cos(theta)

    i also know that |A|cos(theta) represents how much of A is being projected onto B, so why do i also have to multiply |A|cos(theta) along with |B|

    someone please help!

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  • I got my tv wet, now what?

    So moving into my dorm today my tv got slightly wet from the rain. now it wont turn on. Did it fry any internal components? i push the on button and its like its not even plugged into the wall, absolutely nothing happens? How could i fry anything without and electricity running through it though?

    help please!

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  • why is my hairline receding?

    Im a 20 year old guy whos hair line is beginning to recede, primarily in the temple region. I know that you get your hair gene from your mothers father and my grandfather has a great head of hair with no sign of receding. I dont really eat as healthy as i should, im pretty picky. could my eating habits be a cause, or have any vitamins been proven to reverse this? Im not looking to use rogain or any of that junk, i want to do this naturally if its possible. please respond!

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  • MTG The Untap Symbol?

    Im new to Magic. Ive noticed some cards have an untap symbol for their ability. I want to know when i can use this type of ability. I know due to summoning sickness you cant use it the first turn the card is in play. lets say the card has been out for many turns, if the creature with the untap ability is tapped due to me attacking the previous turn, can i use this ability during my untap phase? Also say its my turn and i tap and attack my opponent, can i then use the untap ability on the card? if so, since its now untapped can i then attack with the same card in the same turn twice since it will be untapped due to the ability?

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  • Help with Fundamental Theorem of Calc?

    Im doing calc homework and im told to simplify the following expressions. However im kinda confused as to how im suppose to do these and the difference between the two. The two problems are as follow:

    ** S is integral sign, LB is lower bound, UB is upper bound**

    d/dx S (LB 1, UB 2) e^(-t^2) dt

    Then i have to do this one..

    S (LB1, UB2) d/dt e^(-t^2) dt please help!!

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  • Why dont i see related/suggested video on youtube?

    i click a video to watch but the related videos arent on the right side like normal. why?

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  • How come i suck when it comes to girls?

    im 19 and I think im a fairly attractive guy. Im not shy with girls at all, the majority of my friends are sorority girls. However, It seems like there is a barrier between me and being more than a friend with any girl. Im always nice, ive noticed i make them laugh quite a bit which i believe is always good, i make sure im nothing but respectful towards them, but still, i go nowhere. Ive never had sex, hooked up with anyone, had a girl friend, or even been on a date. To think of it, ive known of only 1 girl whos ever had any intrest. I dont get it, i have an easier time in my calculs class then getting anywhere with girls. *seriously not kidding.. i have over a 100 in calc*

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  • Why do i always get friend zoned?

    Im 19 almost 20 and ive never had a girlfriend of even been on a date. I think im a fairly attractive guy. Im not shy with girls, 3/4 of my friends are girls. However, i get friend zoned by, without fail, every girl i meet. Im always nice to girls and compliment them and do things for them i know they like but none of them seem to see me as anything other than that one good guy friend. Is their anything im doing wrong or am i just forever cursed?

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  • Do you think she still feels the same about me as she did 6 months ago?

    Me and this girl have quite the history and we almost dated before going to college but didnt.. because of college. I still have a ton of feelings for her and shes trying to figure out if she still feels the same towards me as she did over the summer, considering that was the first time we hungout in over 6 months. Saturday i went to vist her at Boston College and we had an amazing time. When night time came we ended up hooking up. Shes not the type to just do something like that because shes turned on or anything. Shes only had sex with one person and that was her boyfriend of 2 years. She says shes still trying to see how she feels about me, but we ended up doing that anyways. Come summer time were going to see where things go and possibly get into a relationship. Do you think that she still has the feelings for me that she once did? do you think she'll want to pick things back us from where we left off? I appreciate any and all responces.

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  • Why are girls hypocrites?

    Girls always say they want a nice, respectful, guy who will treat them properly. Yet the guys I see them with, and the ones they go after are the trashy "Swag" bros with the snap backs backwards and barley above their eyes and barely sitting on top of their head. And these guys aren't nice or kind at all, they're always complete asses who care about themselves and dont treat the girl how she should be treated. Why? i dont get it..

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  • Why am i single? *Prefer girl answers*?

    I like to think of my self as a fairly attractive 19 year old male. I always treat women with respect and how they should be treated, holding doors open, complimenting them, just being a genuinely nice person all around, ect. Im not shy with girls in the slightest bit, i go to college and spend most of my time hanging out with my friends who are in a sorority. (i myself am in a fraternity.) My best friend always tells me that they think im such a nice sweet person and that some of them tell her other things about me, but she doesnt go into detail. However nobody ever seems to be interested in me in anything more than just a friend. I don't hit on girls 1.) because id feel kinda creepy doing it, and 2.) i always hear about girls who get hit on and there like it was so awkward and weird. As is ive never had a girl friend, hooked up with a girl, or even been on a date. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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  • Is this beginning signs of addiction?

    I broke my leg 2 days after Christmas. After my surgery the pain was pretty bad ive been taking Vicodin every day just about every 3 hours for the past week and a half. The pain today wasn't that bad so i took some at 2pm when i woke up and held off. But around 9:00 i began to feel real fidgety, felt slight anxiety, a faster heart beat, couldnt concentrate, nothing felt comfortable, and my stomach felt weird. At this time my ankle was also starting to hurt so i took another vicodin and all the other weird feelings went away as well as the pain. Is this early signs of dependency?

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  • Why does it seem girls arent attracted to me?

    I 19 years old, and id like tho think im a fairly attractive guy. I treat women with respect and how they want to be treated, such as holding doors open, telling them the look nice, complimenting them, ect. I hangout with a lot of sorority girls at school and they always tell me im so sweet. Also when im not there they talk about how im a nice genuine guy. (i only know this because im best friends with one of the girls and she tells me what they say about me.) Consequently ive never had a girlfriend, never been on a date, barely had a first kiss, and cant think of anyone whos ever shown any interest in me? If im so sweet and genuine how come i seem to be the least bit experienced with girls when it comes to being more then friends. It seems i get friendzoned within 10 minutes of meeting them. Why dont girls seem to be interested in me as anything more than a friend?

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  • Can I use a broken leg to my advantage?

    Im 19 and i am terrible with girls when it comes to being anything more than a friend. Ironically at school i spend most of my time with sorority girls >.< Ive never had a girlfriend, never been on a date, and barely had a first kiss. I think im a pretty attractive person, who tries his hardest to be nice to everybody especially women. I treat them kindly and with respect how they should be. Do you think its possible to use my broken leg in a cast to my advantage? Do girls find things like that attractive or am i just going to be getting a lot of sympathy?

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  • How to get over a girl?

    How do i get over a girl i had feeling for for 5 years and also came to realize i loved her over the summer?

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  • This girl is throwing me for a loop and i need help?

    So the girl in my profile picture is confusing the hell out of me. During the summer we had an amazing time and we both liked each other a ton. It was like we were dating. However it was decided we wouldnt do anything because we were starting college soon and wouldnt see each other much. I can honestly say i love her and had feeling for her for over 5 years. Now that we are back home for christmas break she texts me a lot and uses my broken leg as an excuse to come and see me. She knows exactly how i feel but i dont want to bring anything up because ive already pushed it and got nowhere with it during the summer and dont want to make things awkward between us like is has before. Although she keeps bring up things and memories that happened in the summer and saying things like i miss you even though were both back in town. She also expresses how she feels through music and with lyrics and i saw that she tweeted "you dont know whatcha got till its gone." Is it just wishful thinking or does it seem like she wants to try? and if she does want to try and knows how i feel, why isnt she saying anything?

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