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  • Why did she react like this?

    Well I was on facebook earlier, and I saw this update of a girl on my facebook that changed her profile picture. It was a blurry, grainy and dark picture. So anyway I teased her a bit about the quality of the camera. She was very receptive to the playful tease that I just dropped on her, so she explained why the picture was so bad. So then anyway I teased her further about it (because of the quality). Her response was very unexpected, she was disgusted by what I just said. I thought it was peculiar that she responded this way but I thought she was messing about like I was. I then teased some more by throwing in another sarcastic comment and she turned completely cold towards me. She answered me back coldly and as though she was desperate to try to get rid of me.

    Why would she react like this for? I do not understand, maybe she misunderstood what I said! Conversation below:

    Me: Did you take that picture with a potato?

    Her: A potato? What :// lol

    Me: It's a nice picture but it's grainy as hell

    Her: Oh yes you mean blurry...well i took it with a webcam and purposely dimmed the lights, the quality is not as good that's why it looks like that.

    Me: I've never had to sit so close to my monitor in my life

    Her: ergh, that's embarrassing!

    Me: Well I thought everybody's eyesight was as bad as mine.

    Her: ok yh

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  • Weight lifting numbers?

    What do you think of my weight lifting numbers after 2 years and 10 months of lifting? I'll write numbers in KG's and lbs:

    Dumbbell bench press - 50 KG/110 lbs each hand 3 reps

    Barbell rows - 85 KG/187 lbs 9 reps

    Dumbbell shoulder press - 37.5 KG/83 lbs each hand 7 reps

    Front squats - 85 KG/187 lbs 6 reps

    Seated bicep curl - 22.5 KG/50 lbs 4 reps

    Wide-grip pull-ups - 17 reps last time I done them

    Dips - around 30 reps

    Height - 5 ft 11 in/180 cm, Weight - 82.5 KG/ 182 lbs, Age - 20

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  • Becoming an extrovert?

    There's a cocky, cheeky, funny person waiting to come out, but he is imprisoned and replaced by a very shy introvert. How can I make myself come out of my shell?

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  • How to come out of my shell fully?

    I've always been an introvert and quite shy, but I really really want to come out of my shell. There are times where I will feel a comment or something to say but I almost always hold back. There are times where I will let out what I have to say and I am scared of the reaction sometimes, but it is cool. You see I am one of those people who is really cocky and cheeky on the inside, but I mostly mask it, especially around women. I want to be one of those people that says what's on his mind without feeling guilty or without fear of offending anyone.

    I had this girl's number because I asked for it (took me a year to make some sort of contact like that). I would text her and call her, but she was playing me. I see her in college every monday to wednesday and there is a lot that I have to say to her to get off my chest, but everytime I fail to say something I kick myself for it.

    How can I come out of my shell completely?

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  • Why do women stop replying to my texts?

    I've never understood what I need to do to 'catch' women. I'm 20 years old, good-looking guy, muscular and does a lot of weight-lifting and I am very lean and fit. From since I can remember though I've had Avoidant Personality Disorder (like a severe social anxiety). It has gotten better over time, but it is still debilitating; I can't help but feel that women waste my time.

    I will find a girl that shows the signals of being interested, but it would take me ages to muster the courage to ask for her number. Sometimes I don't even ask, but she would, other times I will not get her number. When I do, I will talk to her via text and she will either stop responding at some point or when I ask them to come out with me (drink, movies) they will turn me down. I don't get girls every asking me to come and meet them by themselves as well, it is always with their friends and my friends present.

    I'm tired of being messed about by women, but I'm so confused as to what to do that I frequently get depressed about it. Living with a social anxiety disorder does not help any. I've heard girls say I will find the perfect one, or I should be myself - This is the most stupid, most cliched response that it gets frustrating to hear that.

    What could be my problem? It seems as though I'm always doing something wrong, which is why it ends up like this.

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  • I judge fat people...?

    Since I lost 42 lbs/19KG/3st in a 3 month period and am lean and ripped with little fat, I notice that I am noticing a lot more fat people around than I used to. People that I looked at before and thought that they were not fat I can clearly see are fat now. It's amazing how my vision has changed in this way.

    Anyway I can't help but think to myself why do these fat people stay fat? I always think of how nasty it looks, how much food they must eat. The fat girls especially pretend that they do not put away any kind of food apart from a few salad leaves, but behind closed doors would eat the whole fridge and its contents. I would never say anything spiteful to a fat person, I am friendly to all people I meet, but it's just that I have very negative thoughts towards them (disgust even).

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  • Am I addicted to working out?

    I love going to the gym to work out. I have been going for the past 2 years and 8 months. I love to workout 4 times a week, for about an hour each sessions just bodybuilding mainly. My life revolves around it (what I eat, what I drink, how much sleep I get). I think about my next workout session all the time, I think about my ideal body all the time, I think about getting extremely lean, I love the feeling after lifting weight too. I even enjoy watching videos of people lifting weights, be it just average joes or well-known powerlifters or bodybuilders.

    I am extremely shy and not very confident in social situations. I was much worse off 2 years ago where I would not interact with anybody since I was out of college, out of school and not working. I found that gym was the only thing that was keeping me sane at that time. If I were to get ill, I would feel depressed from not lifting weights. Now I speak to a few people, but still I am usually doing things on my own. I would sometimes postpone meeting friends to do my workout if they want to see me at the same time I workout.

    Does this sound like an addiction or is it just dedication to achieve my goals?

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  • How much rat poison can kill humans?

    I'm not looking to do anything stupid or murderous, so do not worry. Anyway I had an apple on the side of my counter-top and the apple had rolled off behind my cooker and into the rat poison tray. I had to move my cooker forward and prod the apple out of the tray, then take it straight out into the bin. I used the handle part of a broom wrapped with some plastic bags before I was prodding it out of the poison. Although I took very cautious measures to make sure that not even the bag that was rolling around in the poison were to touch my hands, I can't help but worrying that I may have gotten some poison on me. It is poison pellets if that helps. I washed my hands straight after throwing out the apple and used some alcohol sort of dry hand wash.

    Will the rat poison be on my hands even after washing if I were to have touched it? How much would kill?

    Just a little OCD when it comes to washing hands at times!

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  • Why do people have babies and not have the money to provide?

    That there is not enough money to live and feed their kids, they blame it on rent, bills, food, living expenses and the cost of living for why they have no money to feed and then they are the idiots that can't even take care of themselves yet they have kids? When people have 4+ kids they usually don't have money to raise them and that is just so retarded. Don't people sort their own lives out with a good job, decent place to stay, car and at least some savings before they start a family? Don't these people do their research on what to expect and how much it would cost to raise a child and buy them what they need?

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  • What do you think of a 29.5 inch waist...?

    On a 5ft 10in black male who weighs 186 lbs (84.5KG). I want to get it down another half inch to an inch, but what do you think of it so far?

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  • How do I look after weight loss? (pics)?

    I've lost 23lbs (11kg) so far and have gotten to 197lbs(89KG). I want to lose another 15-20lbs (6-9kg). What do you think of the weight loss progress so far?

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  • Can you ever get over socially low-confidence?

    Throughout my whole life, I've had to deal with myself thinking all the time that I'm not good enough for certain people. I let myself get led by people to an extent and I have not got much confidence. People don't usually notice that I feel that way, they just think I'm quiet and maybe shy. The truth is my lack of confidence stops me from doing a lot of things that I want to do. I am very good at hiding how I feel, since I think I've fooled many people in my class into thinking I have bunches of confidence.

    I want to deal with my low-confidence and my fear of putting myself out there. It's mainly a social thing with my low self-confidence. Other aspects of life I am quite confident in. I've been this way my whole life and I turn 20 in a couple of months. Is there anything I can do to get over this low self-confidence?

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  • Problems with lower back, help!?

    I don't usually have problems like this. Well, there wasn't a time in the gym that I remember straining or pulling or tweaking my back, because I would have remembered something like that. But anyway for about two months, I've been having problems with my lower back. Usually on back day I would deadlift. I worked my way up from 110KG to 165KG in a year and a bit for reps. Since that day a couple of months ago, deadlifting 160KG felt like hell and my back would get a tearing feeling when I was lifting the weight. That pain would go away as soon as I dropped the weight. I've been using around 130 - 140KG weight since.

    Today, I deadlifted 130KG for two reps and my back had such a tearing feeling that I had to give up. The pain went as soon as the weight was dropped. My deadlift numbers have gone down.

    Playing football, or rugby, my back would feel sore after running around and it never felt like that before.

    What is wrong with my back? A guy I know said that my abs may be too weak for my back and that I should take two weeks out and each time I go to bed I should sleep with a hot water bottle under my back. How else should I try and fix it?

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  • Am I losing weight too quickly?

    I weighed 217lbs/15st 7lbs and my weight would fluctuate 3 pounds every so often above. When I started only 5 days ago until now, I've lost 5lbs and my waist has almost dropped an inch too. I'm just wondering whether I've lost weight too quickly, or if it is good progress. I want to be lean and ripped as ****, but I only want to lose about 20-25lbs. I have good muscle from working out for two years, but now my goals have changed. I still want to keep as much muscle as I can though.

    I've never lost weight through a diet before, just thought you would like to know.

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  • Muscular guy tucking in shirts?

    Apparently if I were to tuck in my shirts I would look bigger than I already am. I'm 220 lbs/100KG, I work out, 43 inch chest, 16 inch arms, solidly built. Most people say I look pretty big, but I look to get slightly bigger and leaner. I got some advice that if I tucked in my shirts I would look huge (not a tight tuck, but a bit loose) and if I wore a decent belt buckle it would look really nice. I did try it and found that I looked a bit bigger than usual, but what do people think of this style?

    19 years old.

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  • Off-leash training and dog running away?

    I've been training my pit bull of 2 years off leash for about 3 weeks now. I trail a line lead that is about 15 metres, however I gradually want to cut it down until he is walking without it. Anyway I'm terrified whenever I let him off his leash. Even on his line I'm terrified that he will run away sometimes. The thing is if he wanders a bit far, I can call him and he will come back straight away. I feel so scared about him running away because when I was inexperienced before, that was exactly what he done. He would play keep away and not come when you called him at all, so I would have to lure him with a stick or a ball.

    My other pit bull was worse than this, where she would just start roaming grass, then all of a sudden she would run as fast as she could in any direction and not come back. Everything was a game to her apart from later on where she would just run away like she didn't want to see us again. Luckily all of the times she did this the line was used and someone other than me was around in case she slipped me somehow.

    I'm doing things properly now and my male pit bull is listening to me when I call him back at any time. Now I will throw in distractions and walk him on the line at busier times with all sorts of dogs around. I always have this underlying fear of him running away. Do you think it will ever go away? What can I do to make sure it stays away?

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  • How many guys lie about sex?

    Quite a few guys I know, they say that they slept with this chick, and that chick. You take them to a club/bar or whatever, they see a group of beautiful women and say how sexy they are, but when I ask for a wing man to approach, they always pussy out.

    Most guys that I know are exactly like this, if you see a beautiful girl walking down the street/club, they will not approach and make excuses, yet they say they slept with this girl, and that girl, and they have all of these girlfriends. Only ONE guy I know I've seen pull girls consistently.

    The funny thing is, most of these guys say they are not virgins, they all seemed to have lost it before they turned 17. How many of them have actually lost their virginity? Are most guys going to lie like this? Because these guys who have slept with all these women don't show any signs of being such a 'stud'.

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  • Girl added me on Facebook?

    This girl I don't know has added me on Facebook, and she is mutual friends with a few of my friends too. Anyway I ask her if I know her, she said she doesn't know, but "you're good-looking anyway, so that's a start!" There's me thinking hell yeah, if I ask her where she's from, and get to know her better, then we'll have a thing going. I asked her where she's from, she never answered. Instead she put smiley face and two kisses. She then started typing something which took AGES, so I say "you're taking that long to type?" she said sorry and two kisses. I asked her again where she is from, and now she hadn't even responded at all! I don't care if she responds or not, because I don't know the chick, but why would someone do that? I don't get it!

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  • Am I a late bloomer......?

    I'm 19 years old, and I feel as though I'm developing a lot later than people my age. Physically, I started puberty pretty early (13 years old), so physically I'm not a late bloomer, but it just seems like in other stages of my life I am. Growing up in school, I never kissed a girl, never had sex with one. I liked a few girls a lot, and a few wanted to get with me, but my self-esteem was really low so I never did things with them. I've been asked out twice, had my t-shirt taken off by a girl, been dry humped, Been told by a girl that she wants sex, been in a room with just me and a girl many times and yet I've did nothing! All throughout school, I never talked much at all, that people thought I was boring. I was scared of girls but liked them at the same time. Whilst everybody my age at the time was masturbating, having sex and kissing girls, I never masturbated until I was 17, and never kissed a girl until a few days before my 19th, I tried smoking weed at 19. I'm still a virgin too. do you reckon I could be a late bloomer?

    I feel as though my confidence is growing, and my shyness is starting to go away, but I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone more so that I can learn.

    I know I'm not gay, but being really shy and having low confidence makes things a lot harder when it comes to women.

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  • Does she have a crush on me?

    Yesterday, we went to a friends house where there was quite a bit of alcohol. Anyway the girl would get close to me when talking, start tickling me randomly and I would tickle back. I told her to do things for me quite rudely, but she actually did them, sometimes not protesting about it. While we were both playing pool, I would take a shot and she would sometimes either spank me, or bump her bum into mine, or lean into me. I was sharing some of the same drink as she was too, and we were really in each others faces while we were dancing and singing. She gives strong eye contact sometimes, then we both look at each other then start smiling and laughing. I would randomly throw my arms around her, and at times I would push her to a wall and start tickling her. I was getting quite hard too.

    But when we were both alone, she was saying how she doesn't think of any of us like that, that we are just friends and we are all brothers. She just likes to have fun with us and that she would be sorry if anyone thought of us like that. The way she was acting suggests to me that she is covering up how she feels, or she doesn't know what she wants.

    People I talk to reckon she has a crush on me and my friend, and that it is really blatant. I've never been good at these sorts of things, I just normally go with the flow of things.

    What do you think?

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