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  • What should I do about my crush?

    Hi guys,

    I started college around 5 weeks ago, and have developed a crush on a guy dorming with me on the same floor. I can tell that he likes me through his small actions (touching my face, holding my hand, hanging out with me a lot). I have never been in a relationship before and am very nervous on how to go about this.

    I feel like it would be very awkward since we are living on the same floor. I'm also really scared to go into a relationship with anyone.

    Am I just overthinking it too much?

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  • Pre nursing or nutrition science (clinical nutrition)?

    I was admitted into UC Davis as a nutrition science major (am going to change into clinical nutrition if I do go there) and SDSU, CSULB,and CSUF for pre nursing. I m debating between 2 career choices right now, RN and dietitian/nutritionist. I am iffy on being a nurse because of the stress (I don t deal well with stress). Being a nutritionist does have a lower pay but also comes with less stress. Both careers have a good job outlook in the next 20 years. I m just very confused...

    I just want to help others and make life meaningful.

  • I think I have depression. How do I go to a doctors without my parents knowing?

    I don't really want to talk to a school counselor because I think that they will tell my parents.

    I usually act very happy around people, but I've been feeling alone and empty for the past couple of months. What should I do...

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  • What shade of garnier bb cream?

    I usually wear a natural beige/buff to soft honey color foundation. Should I buy the light medium or medium deep?

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  • How make friends in highschool?

    i finished eight grade at another city

    and im going to be a freshman.

    Are their any tips to make close friends, or friends that eat lunch with you?


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  • [硬]芭蕾舞鞋 桃園 那裡買得到?

    [硬]芭蕾舞鞋 桃園 那裡買得到?





    2 Answers舞蹈1 decade ago
  • 蕭煌奇-阿嬤的話

    蕭煌奇-阿嬤的話 的琴譜不要簡譜


    1 Answer古典1 decade ago
  • 林道遠 「被逼的」的歌詞


    有誰可以給我 林道遠 「被逼的」的歌詞

    1 Answer其他:音樂1 decade ago