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  • Video camera question pages not loading past 20?

    Is any one else having problems with pages not loading? I have been to Yahoo "feed back" pages and it seems there is an army of accounts not happy with the new format.

    I am using Internet explorer 11 on a windows 7, 64 bit machine. I had no troubles until about two weeks or so ago. Have tried system restore but to no avail. Have tried Yahoo help, no assistance there either.

    If I open a question on Q&A, I can read the Question but if I try to answer, the window will not expand to show the submit button.

    I am usually in the video camera section so will try to lodge this there and in computer sect.

    Toes crossed.

    2 AnswersVideo Cameras7 years ago
  • Google Maps, Why will they not load properly.?

    I have had no trouble for several years but in the last couple of weeks they take forever to load and then do not operate as they used to. I am in south australia and wondering if any one else is having similar issues. How do you ask Google?

    5 AnswersGoogle10 years ago