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  • Should I move to Denver, CO or Seattle, WA?

    We are a married couple in our early 30's with three children between the ages of 4 and 11; my husband is an Electrical Engineer and I am a Registered Nurse.

    We're moving from Las Vegas, NV, and looking for a change. We hate Las Vegas because of the very few things for kids to do here, lack of culture, and blab desert landscape. Since we don't drink, gamble, or go to nightclubs, Las Vegas has little for us, and we're ready to get out of here!

    We have heard awesome things about both of these cities, and would be looking towards living in the outskirts of the cities rather than in the downtown areas of the cities themselves. We love the outdoors, theaters, sports events, good music, great food, and friendly people, and are looking for areas with little crime, family-friendly, and clean environments. Any info would be great!

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