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  • Warglaives of Azzinoth help?

    Alright so I've been playing wow recently and saw a level 70 death knight with the warglaives of azzinoth and they looked amazing. i also was playing and there was this rogue that had them and he was killing everything VERY fast and so i was wondering: one, how would a level 70 get them since i'm assuming it's a raid and raid finder pops up at level 85. two, is it worth leveling my level 30 rogue to 70 because i really like the level 70 bracket. three, could a level 90 solo wherever the dungeon is? Thanks in advance and please. no trolling because that's just a waste of time. so yeah, cheers. :)

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  • Best way to power level from 55-60 WoW?

    Hi, so my question is as it appears up above: I want to know the best way to power level a toon from level 55 to level 60 as fast as possible. The account in question is a night elf hunter so information on zones and etc would be appreciated. I also don't have enough Internet capacity to use dungeons so please don't just say "dungeon." Thanks in advance :)

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  • Am I correct that water doesn't dissolve into water!?

    Me and some friends got in a huge argument about whether ware dissolves ino water. Stupid I know but I war to know who is right. Please tell me if this statement is true.Take in account the definition of dissolving. It means taking two Different elements, compounds, or etcetera and dissolving them evenly into the other substance or solution. If the two substances are the same then it is impossible to dissolve it. Because the process of dissolving requires two different substances.

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  • Best class for a trial account in MoP?

    As I stated above I want to know what the best class is for a trial account in MoP. What I mean by best is what class is best in pvp right now. Please no trolling or simply being stupid- it's a waste of your time as well as mine.

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  • Why isn't WoW working on my computer?

    whenever I try to open it the game starts a "updating setup files" popup and it never gets past around 60%. I've tried deleting the agent folder as well as the folder. nothing has happened. Please help =l

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  • Good psychic pokemon in pokemon white?

    alright so I need a good psychic pokemon as I stated above. My pokemon are as of now all level 36 and I've just beaten the 6th gym leader. I already have a psychic pokemon, Duosion and although he''s good and has amazing special attack, he's just so painfully slow and dies before he can get off to many shots. So, any idea's for a fast and strong psychic pokemon that I don't have to take ages to level?

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  • Battle Ship Craft help?!?

    OK so i just got the game Battleship Craft yesterday and ever since then I've been failing horribly :( my ships normally sink themselves and i can't win ANY battles. Please, any help would be great, be it designs or ideas or anything. Thanks in advance :)

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  • Best level 20 pvp class WoW?

    Aight so I have the free edition of WoW and I'm tired of being owned by twinks in battlegrounds. I want to know the best class that will give me te most survivablity and highest damage. I'm thinking human protection paladin? What do you guys think? And don't say stuff like "don't bother you'll have no chance" or "don't be so cheap and get the game". Please I only want honest and sincere answers. Thanks

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  • WoW game card please?

    So I've just recently discovered WoW and I made it easily to level 20 which is the trial limit. But I made a few friends and I have some friends in real life and they all have real membershipps. I really want to gey the game but I cant afford it and my dad won't pay for me, could someone Please email me code for a month of game time? I would appreciate it SO much. If you do then please email me the codes at thanks so much in advance!

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  • Wireless adapter broken! Help?!?

    So I have an old dell latitude D410 that I got for Christmas a few years ago and ever since then i've run into a host of problems- the most notable being the wifi stopped working. We brought it to a repair store ad they gave us an EnGenius EUB9707 to let us connect. The problem is that yesterday it got jostled to much in my bag and it bent all out of shape. I can still insert it but it won't connect to wifi. If my dad finds out its broken, he'll KILL me, is there anyway I can fix this? Please help!!!!!

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  • Best Wow Low Level Mage Pvp spec?

    That kinda sums it all up it the question but yeah, best low level (around level 20-30) pvping Mage spec? Thanks :(

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  • Unique low level pets in WoW?

    Hi ppl, I recently started playing wow and I love the hunter class but I'm getting tired of all the boring pets that are available, are there any really cool rare spawns or something? Distance and faction isn't really an issue, i've gotten a corrupted raptor from the troll starting place as a night elf before..

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  • Best low level WoW pvp race/class?

    Ok so i've recently started to play world of Warcraft on a trial account (please, no comments telling me to upgrade, I'm working on it now) and I've leveled several characters to the trial cap. I have been playing battlegrounds and I continually get destroyed by anyone I face, idk if it's the way i'm playing or something but I want a good race/class that I'll be able to actually kill people with. Oh and preferably not a hunter, I've already made 3 :D

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