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  • What should I expect to happen?

    In March I temporarily moved to Wyoming from Iowa and I found out I was pregnant and went to the dr because I thought we would be staying in state later but some family things happened and we moved back to iowa. I thought my insurance covered the appointment for I did not get any pieces of mail or calls or anything saying otherwise. My sister in law went to Wyoming and came back with some mail since we were staying with my mother in law and it said I owed $913. I called the hospital they said they sent the bill to collections but would see if my insurance would go back and cover it because they had troubles finding the policy before. Well today I got a piece of mail stating I have 30 days to pay the full amount or I am being sued. There is no way we can afford that for we have a 2 year old and another baby that will be here in a week and my husband just got a new job so I could quit. We have maybe 200 dollars in our account and they demanded my husband's work name and now my MIL has it in my head that was a bad mistake and we will be more broke then before. I thought it would help keep me from being sued and the collections is currently trying to contact my insurance company to see if they will cover it. If my insurance company won't go back and cover it what should I expect to happen? Will I be sued? Will they just take the money from my husbands pay check? Or will they let me do payment plans?

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  • why does everyone on YA! think they are knocked up?

    Why does everyone on YA! think they are knocked up?

    I just dont get it! Only questions I ever find are high school boppers obsessing over being pregnant when there is no chance they are! If people are so paranoid why do they have sex! Unless you are ovulating you most likely are

    NOT pregnant! And you absolutely can not get pregnant from dry humping with all your clothes on

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  • where can i get my cna in wyoming?

    My husband and i are moving to wyoming next month because he feels it has more opportunities then our home state iowa. One of my current goals is to get my cna, but i would not have enough time to get it here in IA, but i dont know what schools are in wyoming that will do this for a cheap price. can anyone help a girl out?

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  • how likely am i to get pregnant from doing this?

    my husband have sex about 2-3 times a week and i'm not on any birth control and we dont use condoms. The only precaution we really take is pulling out around ovulation time. My question is how likely am i to get pregnant from this? we have been doing this since i got my mirena out the end of october.

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  • what is wrong with me?

    I am moody, my period is 5 days late, and i feel like i am going crazy. i at least think my period is late, my periods have been off since i got off mirena in october but not late like this. i bled a little last night while having sex and havent had a spot of blood since. i took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. can anyone tell me what is going on and how long it takes for your body to go back to normal after getting mirena out

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  • how should I improve my appearance?

    I feel pretty blah. How do I spice my appearance up? i always was kind of a loaner in school and by myself. now that i am 21 i feel like i should look up to my age and also keep my daughter from being embarrassed.

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  • Can I still be pregnant?

    I normally have a 21 day cycle and im a little over a week late of that. I have the symptoms of being pregnant, but my home pregnancy tests and the urine test at the doctors came back negative. i went to the doctor two weeks ago and she said she thought i was pregnant but it would be too early to tell. i had a blood test today and i wont have the results for a bit, but how likely can i be pregnant? only time i have ever been late was when i was pregnant with my daughter, and i didnt get a positive test until i was over 2 weeks late. I also got off the mirena oct. 22, but my doctor said once i had a period it meant everything was back to normal, and i had a normal period nov. 6

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  • how should I improve my appearance?

    I want to improve my appearance. I'm not too bad looking i would say I have naturally dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and extremely fair skin. Im not exactly big but I have a little pudge on me since i have a daughter. I am 5" and weigh 120. I also have big hips. I'm 20. I dont exactly have the best style ever and i just would kinda like to know what kind of make up to follow, what type of hair cut/color i should try, and what kind of clothes. im trying to do a complete appearance make over. Also any weight loss or toning tips would be great

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  • pregnancy possiblility?

    My husband and I have been having unprotected sex lately due to my body not working well with the birth controls i have used in the past (mirena, different pills, and dep) so we have just been using the pull out method. When we get hot and heavy he doesn't seem to have any precum. Is it possible he just doesnt precum at all?

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  • why am I not bleeding yet?

    I got my mirena taken out on Monday, Oct 22nd after having it in for about after a year because I was getting real sick off it. Well today is the 26th and i have had barely any bleeding. I have spotted a little bit with brown blood starting the 24th but normally after i am off a birth control for 3 days i have heavy bleeding. This is also way lighter than any period i have ever had either. well my husband and i had sex the day my mirena got taken out is there any way i could be pregnant or what is going on? This isnt how my body normally is after quitting a birth control

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  • what is a good birth control for me?

    I am a twenty year old mom and I am trying to find the right birth control for me. I am currently on the mirena but it isnt working too well for me I am getting acne, have been bleeding for months straight even though ive been on it a year, and i am having the cramping and moodyness like a period, even though ive never had cramps before. I tried depo and it really messed my body up so that is not a option, and i dont want to try any more birth controls they put in your body because I want to give my daughter a sibling after not too long, and my husband refuses to use condoms. any ideas?

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  • What is punishment for welfare fraud?

    My fiance and I live in the state of iowa and he just got a new job a couple months ago. Well we didn't tell dhs that he got a new job, and we were told our benefits were going to end the end of july anyways. well they extended our benefits to end of august and we are now under investigation. what could happen with this?

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  • how much should i spend on my reception?

    I am a little on the broke side at the moment so my fiance and I decided we were going to do a small wedding in someones backyard and a somewhat big reception. I have no idea how many people will actually go but how much food should I make? I plan on making pulled pork sandwiches, with chips, veggies, fresh fruit, and cupcakes. We also plan on a keg. what would be a safe way to approach this>

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  • I found out I'm pregnant. am i supposed to have had cramps?

    So I am a 18 year old girl I took a home pregnancy test at home and it was very positive. I'm very worried about miscarriage because I have been having bad cramps in my stomach for the last week. Are these cramps normal?

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