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  • When more than half our country is facing the wrath of floods, is not it time to start work on linking rivers?

    Due to floods lives are being lost, crops are at stake, infrastructure like roads, houses and bridges and rail tracks are being damaged on an unprecedented scale which is almost an annual feature in many states. On the other hand we have intoduced rural employment guarantee schemes where money is just doled out to able bodied men for doing nothing and without creating any assets. Thousands of crores are being distributed for vote bank politics and to spread corruption at the grass root level. It is time the central and state governments should undertake one or two river linking projects and deploy these able bodied persons engaged under MNREGA for creation of national assets and preventing waste of life, crops and infrastructure and conserve national water resources for the good of our country.

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  • How are the five members representing the government more competent?

    How can one presume the five members representing the government more competent and capable than the five members representing the civil society in the Lokpal bill drafting committee? The government representatives rejected all suggestions of the civil society members. They never adopted the 'give and take' principle which is the basis of any negotiations between two indviduals or groups. Not only the suggestions were summarily rejected but the civil society members were ridiculed at times. Now when Anna Hazare followers have rallied behind in lakhs throughout the country, we hear the Prime Minister saying: We are doing all to fight graft; need comprehensive restructuing of government procedures; need right thinking persons and systemetic changes; governance failures need to be addressed; Lokpal needs judicial reforms for fast trials, judgements; many controversies because of inadequacy of regulatory institutions; and creation of Lokpal will help but not solve the problem.....' There have been many commissions in the past who recommended electoral reforms, police reforms, judicial reforms but government slept over them wasting time in creating vote banks through financial profligacy and throwing fiscal discipline to the winds and at the same time enhance the scope and magnitude of corruption and defrauding the public funds under the cover of subsidies to the scale of Rs. 5,00,000 crore annually through introducing schemes which make the people dole dependant (MNREGA), kill initiative by distributing heavily subsidized food grains to majority of the urban and rural masses (Food Security Act), bring incipient mediocrity (Right to Education Act), make health insurance business sick and beyond the means of the government (Universal health Insurance underwirtten by the government) and make the nation bankrupt. Can India afford the luxury of such a welfare state and will out political class ever allow such support to the masses unless they can manage to retain and corner a njor share for themselves out of this largacy. This is coup of unprecedented scale on the Indian citizens.

    To expect an effective legislation addressing the ground realities in all fairness is extremely difficult when many of the elected members have serious criminal cases against them and many more are in business and industry which can be helped through the above said schemes. Since some liquor barons are already in the legislature there are tutored campaings these days to reduce the legal age from 25 to 18 for consuming liquor. There is another thoughtless and useless scheme of UID launched by the government which will ultimately cost the nation Rs. 40,000 crore. We should not give up ages old wisdom as a nation and make our country a self reliant, classless and casteless society.

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  • Should Rahat Fateh Ali Khan be freed just because of his music?

    Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was detained at the IGI airport in Delhi for carrying undeclared cash of 1.24 lakh USD. Many musicians have voiced their concern for him which is natural for any fraternity to rally together. Some persons have tried to even put words in his mouth by offering defense, such as, this large amount of cash may be a case of performance money, or may have been a heavy amount for shows by a musician of high caliber, and that he a very respectable man besides being a highly acclaimed and well know artiste who may be ignorant of law. People are trying to justify the misdeed and not considering the fact that this such large sums assumed as performance fees was most likely converted into US Dollars through unofficial channels which is illegal and an offence besides the offence of carrying undeclared large sums in foreign currency when leaving the country.

    Some members of his fraternity have demanded that he should be treated with respect and handled with care. I fully endorse this view not because he is some famous musician but just because he is a human being and all criminals should be treated with respect during the investigations and punished severely once found guilty and convicted under the law of our land. No leniency, whatever, should be shown for any criminal offense committed by a person howsoever high, famous and mighty he may be and he should be dealt with strictly as per law, as should happen in any truly democratic society.

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  • Why Government of India is not interested in bringing back multi-billions lying in Tax heavens abroad?

    Our Finance Minister has said that names of the people holding funds in Swiss accounts and other Tax Heavens abroad cannot be revealed. Nor the government wants to share any other information on the subject. On Hassan Ali of Pune of tax evasion running into billions of dollars, the government says the case is being investigated (since 2007). Does our Government believe that Hassan Ali would keep the moneys in those accounts? Has the government requested the foreign banks to freeze the funds in those Swiss Banks and other Tax Heavens held by Indians who are suspected to have transferred this loot illegally from India through various methods?

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  • "Terrorism and communalism of all types are a threat to India, We need to remain vigilant against acts....."?

    This clarification has been given by Congress in name of Rahul Gandhi after WikiLeaks revealed his conversation with US Ambassador saying that Hindu terror groups could pose a bigger threat to India than Muslim militant groups.....

    Without going into the polical motives of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress, I wish to say that if both Congress and Rahul Gandhi (and all other political parties) care for the country's integrity and harmony they should bring in such changes which will make the religion and caste insignificant as both these factors promote terrorism and communalism. We should bring in legislative changes to abolish the declaration of religion and caste in any form including the census as well as abolish the minorities commission and the minorities ministry. These organisations only try to perpetuate such policies and schemes which tend to promote religions bias and communalism and some get encouraged to even take to militancy and terrorism.

    I request the like minded people to support and work for achieving such goals so that our country will, in due couse, know only one religion - that of brotherhood and peace.

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  • Should the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Commonwealth Games be removed unceremoniously and punished?

    He has been indicted in the report of CAG that the organizing committee took two long years to submit its budget for the Games to the government after the project was awarded to India. There were financial irregularities as reported in the Times Now for the launch of Queen’s Baton relay in London. He has washed his hands off any responsibility for the delay in completing the various stadia/venues and passing the blame to the governments. It is a shame that with merely 63 days left for the Games to start, none of the venues is ready for operational trials including fire fighting and security arrangements etc. Even caterers have not been selected for the various venues. Were these delays a part of well conceived design to make money as one hears as much as Rs. 35,000 crores have been spent on projects related to these Commonwealth games? One wonders which forces are behind Mr. Suresh Kalmadi survival despite failures on every front of organizing the Commonwealth Games although he has been at the helms for the last over two decades. It is time for him to GO and be black listed from participating in any sports body or authority.

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  • Should the government build a 3 km tunnel from PM's residence to Safdarjung airport?

    Why should tax payer's money be spent on such projects? Already a few hundred crores have been spent on acquiring a fleet of special air crafts and choopers to ferry the VVIPs. Now the plan for building a tunnel. The area from PM's residence to Safdarjung airport is not a high traffic zone. Alternatively why should not a helipad be constructed at 7, Race Course Road. And lastly has the government decided to convert 7, Race Course Road a permanent residence for the Prime Ministers of India on the lines of 10 Downing Street in United Kingdom? Our experience so far has been to the contrary starting with Teen Murty residence of Pr. Jawahar Lal Nehru, then Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri' residence, then Mrs. Indra Gandhi's residence - all having been converted into museums.

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