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  • JWE Royal Rumble! Rate?

    Rumble kicks off with the theme song, which is "New Divide" by Linkin Park

    Divas Tag Team Title Match

    Bellas (C) (heel) vs Alicia Fox and Tamina Snuka

    Winners and still Tag Champs - Bellas

    Singles for Vacant Heavyweight Title

    John Morrison (face) vs Mark Henry (heel)

    Winner - JoMo after Orton comes out and distracts Henry

    Backstage - Hunico and Camacho are backstage and they are saying that they want a shot at The Uso's JWE Tag Titles. Teddy Long grants them their shot

    Tag Title Match

    USO's (face) vs Hunico and Camacho (heel)

    Winners and new Tag Champs - Hunico and Camacho

    Grudge Match

    Lashley (heel) vs HHH (face)

    Winner - HHH

    Singles for Vacant JWE Title

    Lesnar (heel) vs Punk (face)

    Winner - Lesnar

    30 Royal Rumble Match

    Winner - Rock. He returns, enters at number 21 and eliminates 6 participants, with the last being Kane

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  • Second Week of JWE. Please Read and Rate all!!?

    This is for JWE Monday Night RAW -;_ylt=Armqw...

    This is for JWE Tuesday Night NXT Redemption -;_ylt=Armqw...

    This is for JWE Wednesday Night Superstars -;_ylt=Armqw...

    This is for Thursday Night Smackdown-;_ylt=Armqw...

    This is for Friday Night All Star Divas -;_ylt=Armqw...

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  • JWE Thursday Night Smackdown! Rate?

    Smackdown comes on with the music and video. GM Teddy Long comes out and says "On RAW, Mr Lauriantas brought the US Title and World Tag Titles back. So on Smackdown, I am bringing back the Interconintal Title and the WWE Tag Titles, but I am not just going to give them the titles, they gon have to earn it, player."

    Singles (Winner advances to Finals in Heavyweight Title Tournament)

    Henry (heel) vs Orton (face)

    Winner - Henry via a WSS

    WWE Tag Team Titles

    The Uso's (face) vs Hunico and Camacho (heel)

    Winner - Uso's via an Alley Use on Hunico

    Intercontinental Title

    Rhodes (heel) vs Big Show (face) vs Christian (heel) vs Goldust (face)

    Winner - Rhodes via a Cross Rhodes on Goldust

    Singles (Winner face Henry for Heavyweight Title at Rumble)

    John Morrison (face) vs Daniel Bryan (heel)

    Winner -JoMo in a fabolous match

    Post Match - Henry comes th the ring and destroys both men and leaves

    Confirmed Matches for Rumble

    JWE Title; Punk vs Lesnar

    Heavyweight Title; Henry vs JoMo

    Divas Tag Titles; Bellas (C) vs Fox and Tamina

    The Royal Rumble

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  • JWE Wednesday Night Superstars! Rate?

    Superstars opens with the music and video

    Singles Match

    Ezekiel Jackson (face) vs Lord Tensai (heel)

    Winner - Tensai via referee stoppage

    Tag Team Match

    Truth and US Champ Bourne (face) vs Primo & Epico (heel)

    Winner - Truth & Bourne via a Lil Jimmy/Air Bourne combo

    Singles Match

    Jinder Mahal (heel) vs JTG (face)

    Winner - Mahal via the Cobra Clutch

    Tag Team Match

    Gabriel & Kidd (face) vs Hawkins and Reks

    Winner - Gabriel & Kidd via a 450 Splash

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  • JWE Tuesday Night NXT Redemption! Rate?

    NXT opens with music and titantron

    Tag Team Match

    McGilliCutty (heel) and Kofi (face) vs Curtis and Truth (face)

    Winner - McGilliCutty and Kofi

    Rookie vs Rookie

    Ryback w/ Regal vs Harris w/ Rhodes

    Winner - Ryback

    Challenge - Obstacle Course - Winner - Heath Slater

    Rookie vs Pro

    Christian w/ Slater (heel) vs Eli Cottinwood w/ JoMo

    Winner - Christian

    Redemption Points

    Slater and Christian - 2

    Ryback and Regal - 3

    McGilliCutty and Kofi- 1

    Harris and Rhodes - 1

    Curtis and Truth - 1

    Cottinwood and JoMo - 0

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  • JWE Monday Night RAW Episode 2! Rate?

    RAW opens with the titantron and music. Out comes the GM of RAW, Mr. Lauriantas. He says "At Royal Rumble, we will crown the very first JWE Champion. But, we will still need an United States and World Tag Team Champs. So will, our new US Champ Mr. David Otunga and our new World Tag Champs Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger please come out to the ring." They come out and Lauriantas says that they will defend their titles tonight.

    Singles (Winner Advances to Finals in the tournament to crown the first JWE Champ)

    CM Punk (face) vs Jericho (heel)

    Winner - Punk via a GTS

    Tag Title Fatal 4 Way

    ZigSwag (heel) (C) vs Uso's (face) Primo & Epico (heel) vs Santino and Clay (face)

    Winners - ZigSwag via a Zig Zag on Jey Uso

    US Title Match

    Otunga (heel) vs Bourne (face)

    Winner and new US Champ - Evan Bourne

    Singles (Winner advances to finals to face Punk for the vacant JWE Title at the rumble)

    Lesnar (heel) vs Kingston (face)

    Winner - Lesnar via an F5

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  • JWE All-Star Divas Episode 1! Rate?

    This is my own custom show for the divas.

    All-Star Divas opens with the music and titantron. GM Trish Stratus makes her way to the ring and says "Welcome to the first episode of All-Star Divas. On this show, we will have the Divas Tag Team Titles and the Divas Championship which will both be put on the line. Let's get this show started!!""

    Match 1) Tag Match for vacant Divas Tag Title Match

    The Bellas (heel) vs Kaitlyn and AJ (face)

    Winner; Bellas after a roll up on AJ to become very first Divas Tag Team Champs

    Match 2) Singles Match

    Kelly Kelly (face) vs Eve (heel)

    Winner ; Kelly via a K2

    Match 3) Tag Team No# 1 Contender

    Tamina and Alicia Fox (face) vs Phoenix and Maryse (heel)

    Winner - Tamina and Fox via a Superfly Splash on Maryse

    Match 4) Singles for Vacant Divas Title

    Natayla (face) vs Maxine (heel)

    Winner; Natayla via a Sharpshooter to win the Divas Title

    End of Show

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  • JWE Smackdown Episode 1! Rate?

    Smackdown opens with GM Teddy Long coming out to welcome us to the first episode of Smackdown. He says "Like RAW, we will have an 8 man tournament for the Heavyweight Title". Teddys music hits as he heads to the back.

    Match 1) Singles Match (Winner advances to Round 2)

    Randy Orton vs Kane

    Winner - Randy Orton

    Match 2) Singles (Winner advances to Round 2)

    Mark Henry (heel) vs Big Show (face)

    Winner - Henry via a Worlds Strongest Slam

    Match 3) Singles (Winner advances to Round 2)

    Daniel Bryan (Heel) vs Sheamus (face)

    Winner - D Bry wins via Count Out

    Match 4) 10 Man Battle Royal (winner advances to Round 2)

    JoMo vs Sheamus vs Big Show vs Kane vs Barretta vs Tatsu vs Mahal vs Jackson vs Hunico vs Camacho

    Winner - JoMo by last eliminating Sheamus

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  • JWE Superstars Episode 1! Rate?

    Superstars opens with the song and titantron

    Match 1) Singles Match

    JTG (face) vs Lord Tensai(heel)

    Winner - Tensai via referee stoppage

    Match 2) Tag Team Match

    Barretta and Tatsu (face) vs Primo and Epico (heel)

    Winner - Barretta and Tatsu via a Super kick by Tatsu on Epico

    Match 3) Singles Match

    Jinder Mahal (heel) vs Ezekiel Jackson (face)

    Winner - Mahal via a Cobra Clutch

    Match 4) Tag Team Match

    Truth and Bourne vs Hawkins and Reks

    Winners - Bourne and Truth via a Lil Jimmy/Air Bourne combo on Reks

    End of Show

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  • JWE NXT Redemption! Episode 1! Rate?

    JWE NXT opens with the music and titantron. Out come the GM, William Regal. He says "Welcome to the very first episode of JWE NXT. Tonight, we welcome the newest rookies with their pro's. McGilliCutty and his season 2 pro Kofi come out, followed by Harris and Rhodes, Curtis and Truth, Slater and Christian, Cottinwood and JoMo and Ryback comes to the run as Regals Rookie. Regal announces the first match.

    Match 1) Tag Team Match

    JoMo and Cottinwood (face) vs Harris and Rhodes (heel)

    Winners - Harris and Rhodes via a Cross Rhodes on JoMo

    Match 2) Rookie vs Rookie

    Curtis w/ Truth (face) vs Slater w/ Christian (heel)

    Winner - Curtis via a Roll-Up

    Challenge - Keg Carry - Ryback wins

    Match 3) Rookie vs Pro

    Regal w/ Ryback (face) vs McGilliCutty w/ Kofi (heel)

    Winner - Regal via a Running Knee to the head

    Redemption Points -

    Ryback and Regal - (2) - Challenge and Rookie vs Pro

    Harris and Rhodes (1) - Tag Team Match

    Curtis and Truth (1) - Rookie vs Rookie

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  • JWE RAW Episode 1! Rate?

    JWE RAW opens up with the opening music and titantron. Out comes The GM of RAW, Mr. Lauriantas. Lauriantas comes out to

    standing boos. He says "Welcome eveyone, to the very first episode of JWE RAW. Tonight is huge, because we are starting a 8 man tournament to determine who will comepete for the JWE Title at Royal Rumble. Now, let's start this show.

    Match 1) Triple Threat (Winner advances to Round 2)

    CM Punk (face) vs Primo (heel) vs Epico (heel)

    Winner; Punk via a GTS

    Match 2) Triple Threat (Winner advances to Round 2)

    Chris Jericho (heel) vs John Cena (face) vs The Miz (heel)

    Winner; Jericho via a Code breaker on Miz

    Backstage - (Interview with Lesnar) - Tood Grisham is interviewing Lesnar. Grisham says "Tonight, you go head to head with Triple H. Are you nervous?" Lesnar slaps the mic out of Grisham's hand and walks off

    Match 3) Triple Threat (Winner advances to Round 2)

    Kingston (face) vs Ziggler (heel) vs Swagger (heel)

    Winner - Kofi via a Trouble in Paradise on Dolph

    Match 4) Singles (Winner advances to round 2)

    Lesnar (heel) vs HHH (face)

    Winner - Lesnar wins when Lashley returns and distracts HHH allowing Lesnar to hit an F5.

    End - At the end of the show Mr. Lauriantas comes out and thanks everyone for coming to the show.

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  • My thoughts on the tag team divisions and how to make it better?

    Well, let's look at the current tag division:

    Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

    Primo and Epico

    Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd

    The Uso's

    Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler

    Truth and Kofi Kingston

    Santino and Brodus Clay

    They're all good teams apart from Truth and Kofi. To be honest with you, Kofi shouldn't be in the tag division, he should be a Main Eventer. As for Santino and Clay, I like the team. They're kinda like 2 Cool in a way.

    If I could re-invent the tag division, it would look like this;

    Hawkins and Reks

    Primo and Epico

    Swagger and Ziggler

    Truth and Consequences (I believe when Xavier Woods gets brought to the main roster, he should change his name back to Consequences Creed)

    Clay and Santino

    Gabriel and Kidd

    Ryder and Roley

    Barretta and Bourne

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  • Extreme Rules 2012 Match Card and Predictions! Rate?

    Match 1) Tag Title Gauntlet Match

    Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler defeat Primo and Epico(C), R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kodd and The Usos via a Zig Zag on Primo

    Match 2) No DQ Match for US Title

    David Otunga w/Lauriantas defeat Santino Marrella (C) after a Verdict

    Match 3) Last Man Standing

    Randy Orton defeats Kane via an RKO from the top rope

    Match 4) Lord Tensai defeats Brodus Clay

    Match 5) Falls Count Anywhere for IC Title

    Big Show (C) defeats Cody Rhodes via a WMD

    Match 6) Triple Threat for WWE Title

    Mark Henry defeats Chris Jericho and CM Punk via a Worlds Strongest Slam on Punk

    Match 7) Steel Cage Match

    John Cena defeats The Miz via an AA from the top of the cage allowing Cena to escape

    Match 8) Triple Threat for Heavyweight Title

    Sheamus (C) defeats Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan via a Brogue Kick on Bryan

    I believe Lauriantas will try to make his Wrestlemania group win all the titles, that's why I have Swagger/Ziggler winning tag titles, Otunga winning US Title and Henry winning the WWE Title

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  • WWE DVD Ideas.? What do you think?

    Money in the Bank; 3 Disc Set - Features every MITB matches and all the cash ins as extras

    Dig That, Suckaaa!!! - 3 Disc Set - Based on Booker T

    Best of the; World Tag Team

    United States

    Womens Championship (All 3 Disc Sets)

    Best of; Falls Count Anywhere

    Tables (Both 3-Disc Sets)

    The Mysterious Goldust - 3-Disc Set

    Diesel: The Story of Kevin Nash - 3 Disc Set

    Best Rivalries: Rock vs Stone Cold

    Cena vs Orton

    HHH vs Shawn Michaels

    Undertaker vs Kane (3-Disc Sets)

    Best Stables; Four Horseman


    Also, I think that before a PPV, WWE should release a DVD which has every episode of RAW and Smackdown leading up to the PPV. That would be pretty cool

    Biggest Egos: Top 25 - 3 Disc Set - Features 25 of the biggest egos in WWE history including The Miz, The Rock and many more

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  • Wrestlemania XXIIX Predictions!?

    Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the Tag Titles (DARK)

    Primo & Epico (C) vs The Uso's vs Gabriel & Kidd

    Winners - Gabriel and Kidd - I got a feeling that Gabriel & Kidd could be a great team

    Intercontinetal Championship Match

    Cody Rhodes (C) vs Big Show

    Winner; Rhodes - I think WWE will make Rhodes hold the title for the majority of this year because Rhodes brings so much prestige back to the title

    Divas Tag Team Match

    Kelly Kelly and Maria Menonous vs Beth Phoenix and Eve

    Winners; Kelly and Maria - I just can't see a celebrity losing

    12 Man Tag Team Match

    Team Johnny (Otunga, Henry, Swagger, Ziggler, Miz and McIntyre) vs Team Teddy (Santino, Booker, Khali, Ryder, Truth and Kingston)

    Winners; Team Johnny - Johnny will give us more excitement

    Grudge Match

    Randy Orton vs Kane

    Winner - Orton - This rivalry is completely pointless. I see Orton winning at Mania, then they will have some stipulation match at Extreme Rules which Kane will win and they will have one final match at Over the Limit which will end the feud

    Heavyweight Title Match

    Daniel Bryan (C) vs Sheamus

    Winner; D Bry - D Bry has been on such a role lately, he will cheat somehow and beat Sheamus

    WWE Championship Match

    CM Punk (C) vs Chris Jericho

    Winner; Punk - Punk will prove he is the best in the world

    Hell in a Cell Match

    Taker (19-0) vs Triple H

    Winner; Taker - HBK will help Taker win and that will set up HBK and HHH for Mania 29

    Cena vs Rock

    Winner - Cena - I think during the match the referee will get tooken out, and then Lesnar returns hits an F5 on Rock and then Cena pins Rock and wins. That will set up Rock v Brock for either Mania 29 or Summerslam 2012

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  • WWE DVD Idea. what you think?

    Money in the Bank: 3 Disc Set

    Disc 1:

    Match 1: Edge vs Kane vs Christian vs Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Shelton Benjamin at Wrestemania 21

    Match 2: Rob Van Dam vs Ric Flair vs Shelton Benjamin vs Bobby Lashley vs Finlay vs Matt Hardy at Wrestlemania 22

    Match 3: Mr. Kennedy vs King Booker vs Randy Orton vs Finlay vs Edge vs CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy at Wrestlemania 23

    Extras;1; Edge cashes in on Cena at New Years Resolution 2006

    2; Rob Van Dam cashes in on Cena at One Night Stand 2006

    3; Edge cashes in on Undertaker on the May 11, 2007 edition of Smackdown

    Disc 2;

    1; CM Punk vs Chris Jericho vs John Morrison vs Carlito vs MVP vs Mr. Kennedy vs Shelton Benjamin at Wrestlania 24

    2; CM Punk vs Kane vs Mark Henry vs Finlay vs MVP vs Kofi Kingston vs Shelton Benjamin vs Christian at Wrestlemania 25

    3; Jack Swagger vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre vs Kane vs Shelton Benjamin vs Kofi Kingston vs Evan Bourne vs MVP vs Matt Hardy vs Christian at Wrestlemania 26

    Extras; 1; Punk cashes in on the June 30, 2008 edition of RAW

    2; Punk cashes in at Extreme Rules 2009

    3. Swagger cashes in on the April 2, 2010 edition of Smackdown

    Disc 3;

    1; Miz vs John Morrison vs Evan Bourne vs Randy Orton vs Mark Henry vs Edge vs Ted DiBiase vs Chris Jericho at Money in the Bank 2010

    2; Kane vs Kofi Kingston vs Drew McIntyre vs Big Show vs Matt Hardy vs Christian vs Dolph Ziggler vs Cody Rhodes at Money in the Bank

    3; Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio vs The Miz vs Alex Riley vs Kofi Kingston vs Evan Bourne vs Jack Swagger vs R-Truth at Money in the Bank 2011

    4; Daniel Bryan vs Sin Cara vs Justin Gabriel vs Heath Slater vs Wade Barrett vs Sheamus vs Kane vs Sheamus at Money in the Bank 2011


    1; Miz cashes in on the November 22, 2010 edition of RAW

    2; Kane cashes in at Money in The Bank 2010

    3; Alberto Del Rio cashes in at Summerslam 2011

    4; Daniel Bryan cashes in at TLC 2011

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  • Wrestlemania XXVIII Match Card and Predictions?

    Divas Title Match

    Phoenix (C) vs Kharma

    Winner: Kharma

    Team Long vs Team Lauritantas

    Team Long (Santino, Kofi, Truth, Ezekiel, Great Khali and Brodus Clay) vs Team Lauriantas (Otunga, Henry, Del Rio, Christian, Ziggler and Swagger)

    Winners; Team Lauriantas

    Intercontinetal Title Match

    Cody Rhodes (C) vs Big Show

    Winner: Big Show via DQ after Rhodes hits the Ref

    Kane vs Randy Orton

    Winner; Kane

    Heavyweight Title Match

    Daniel Bryan (C) vs Sheamus

    Winner: Sheamus

    Hell in a Cell w/ Guest Ref HBK

    Undertaker vs Triple H

    Winner; Undertaker (20-0)

    WWE Title Match

    CM Punk (C) vs Chris Jericho

    Winner: Punk

    No Holds Barred (I think a stipulation will be added)

    Rock vs Cena

    Winner; Rock when Miz comes out and hits a Skull Crushing Finale on Cena, allowing Rock to get the pin

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  • Elimination Chamber 2012 Predictions and Match Card?

    Divas Title

    Beth Phoenix (C) vs Tamina Snuka

    Winner and new Divas Champ; Tamina

    US Title Match

    Jack Swagger (C) vs Mason Ryan

    Winner and still US Champ; Swagger

    Singles Match

    Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre

    Winner; Sheamus

    Elimination Chamber for WWE Title

    CM Punk (#3) (C) vs Chris Jericho (#6) vs Dolph Ziggler (#4) vs Kofi Kingston (#5) vs R-Truth (#1) vs The Miz (#2)

    Order of Elimination;

    Miz via a Whats Up?

    Truth via a TIP, CodeBreaker and GTS Combo

    Kofi via a Zig Zag

    Ziggler via a GTS

    Jericho via a GTS

    Winner and still Champ: CM Punk

    Ambulance Match

    John Cena vs Kane

    Winner; Kane

    Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber

    Daniel Bryan (#6) vs Santino Marrella (#4) vs Wade Barrett (#2) vs Cody Rhodes (#3) vs Big Show (#1) vs Great Khali (#5)


    Show via a Cobra/Khali Chop/ Cross Rhodes combo.

    Khali via a Wasteland

    Rhodes via a Wasteland

    Barrett via a Cobra

    Santino via a leBell Lock

    Still Heavyweight Champ: D Bry

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  • Who else thinks this will probably happen?

    Over the next few weeks, Santino forms more tag teams including Santrento (Santino and Barretta), Santezekiel (Santino and Zeke) and more stupid tag teams with idiotic names.

    One day backstage, Drew McIntyre is complaining about not being in a match, and Santino is complaining about a new tag partner. Teddy Long then says "Look, playas, tonight youse two will team up and take on Primo and Epico in a non title match.

    Later that night, Santino and Drew beat Primo and Epico via a Cobra/Future Shoke Combo.

    The next week, they beat Primo and Epico for the Tag Titles


    Trust me, I don't want this to happen, but knowing WWE, it more than likely will happen

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  • WWE Extreme Rules 2012 Match Card and Predictions! Rate?

    1. No DQ Match for the US Title

    Swagger (C) vs Kofi Kingston

    Winner; Swagger

    2.Tag Title Ladder Match

    Primo and Epico (face) (C) vs Hunico and Camacho

    Winners; Primo and Epico

    3. Last Man Standing

    Orton vs Barrett

    Winner; Barrett

    4. Tables Match

    Miz vs Truth

    Winner; Truth

    5. Street Fight

    John Cena vs Kane

    6. Heavyweight Title Falls Count Anywhere

    Sheamus (C) vs Daniel Bryan

    7. Stretcher Match

    Big Show vs Mark Henry

    8. WWE Title Submissions Match

    Punk (C) vs Jericho

    Winner: Punk

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