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  • What do I do if I've taken out of date antidepressants?

    Okay this is serious. What should a 14 year old do if he has been taking out of date antidepressants for two weeks (1 year out of date) with out realizing? The antidepressants were Lexapro and they made me horribly sick (nausea, migraine, panic, a fever paired with discoloration, petrification, confusion, stuttering, being unable to think/focus, and uncontrolable shaking). This happened roughly around 7 hours ago. I havent gone to the doctor/ER out of fear, but my older sister says I experienced signs of acute poisoning! I'm feeling a bit better now, but my stomach still feels weak, I'm nauseous, talking fast and stuttering, not being able to think, and I'm still shaking uncontrollably. What should I do? 

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