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  • Is it possible my boyfriend is bi-polar?

    I've been dating him for about eight months now. We're both 15.

    I'm wondering if he is bi-polar..because he does often have some mood swings. And he gets angry and violent rather easily nowadays.(not towards people, and he never hits people. But he has put a few dents in his grandmothers car door, and a hole in the wall.)

    Also, more times than I care to count at this point, his emotions for me will fade. And he will regain emotions towards one of two of his ex-girlfriends. He sees them both at school every day, and we only get to see eachother on weekends, because we live in different cities. He lives about 50 miles away from me.

    This has happened so many times.

    His emotions towards people flip-flop around so much that it worries me. I don't want this to cause an end to our relationship in the long run.

    I know, we're both young, but we have devoted ourselves to making things work and getting though it all. We both know we love each other...but sometimes he does lose romantic feelings for me every few months.(and will eventually gain them back)

    What is the possibility of this being bi-polar disorder rather than teenage hormones...?

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  • I only have one pregnancy test...should i take it?

    my period is due the 14th, but I'm really anxious and want to know now.

    the only problem is I only have one test.

    And it wouldn't be an easy thing for me to get ahold of another right now..

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  • Withdrawal during ovulation?

    I am 15, I know, I know, too young, blah blah, please skip that part of the lecture you were going to give me.

    I started ovulation on May 1st, my last period was on April 18th, it lasted for about 6-7 days.

    And we had intercourse three times or so late Saturday night.(the 2nd)

    And once Sunday morning.(the 3rd)

    We did not use a condom.

    He used the pull out method every time, and pulled out in time every time.

    I know about pre-ejaculate..

    How likely is it that I am pregnant?

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  • How likely is it that I am pregnant?

    I most likely ovulated sometime between Thursday and today.

    And we had sex three times or so late Saturday night.

    And once Sunday morning.

    We did not use a condom.

    He used the pull out method every time, and pulled out in time every time.

    I know about pre-ejaculate..

    How likely is it that I am pregnant?

    (informative answers are best, but short and simple answers still help.)

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  • Long period, likely ovulation, used withdrawal 3-4 times, how likely is pregnancy?

    My period was a couple days late, and about 8 days long(being brown for the last 3 days).

    I most likely ovulated sometime between Thursday and today.

    And we had sex three times or so late Saturday night.

    And once Sunday morning.

    We did not use a condom.

    He used the pull out method every time, and pulled out in time every time.

    I know about pre-ejaculate..

    How likely is it that I am pregnant?

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  • Makeout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    Me and my boyfriend have been dating two months.

    Our first kiss(french kiss) was at 4 weeks into the relationship.

    First makeout at (almost) 2 months.

    I just recently found out his parents saw us making out. They got mad at him and told him we were moving too fast and that he's too young.

    I'm so embarrassed I could die.

    Any comments you'd like to make?

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  • I just want you to know.................?

    If I get abducted by aliens, I'll take you with me.

    And we can go to mars, and eat candy bars.

    And then we can take MySpace pictures with the martians.


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  • I'm 15, my boyfriend is a year and 7 months younger than me?

    I just turned 15 in September. My boyfriend will turn 14 in April.

    A lot of people give me weird looks when I tell them my boyfriend is 13.

    Do you find this weird? I don't, but I was just wondering.

    And just an irrelevant fact: We've been going out for 2 months, as of today.

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  • Dark brown hair, bleach blonde streaks?

    Hi. Okay, so if you're gonna be negative and either answer with ew,'ll look trashy. me emo... don't answer at all.

    My hair is just past shoulder length, with a lot of choppy layers in it.

    it's naturally light brown/dirty blonde. I've dyed it a darker reddish brown.

    I want to get it dyed dark dark brown (almost black) with bleach blonde streaks in it. not platinum blonde, or white....or dirty blonde.

    I don't mean highlights, i mean STREAKS. like... I want my hair to be evenly brown and blonde throughout. or mostly brown. not blonde on top, brown underneath... that look is WAY outdated and overused if you ask me....

    If anyone can give me a good picture, or tell me the best way to explain this to a hairstylist....pleeeaasseee answer :)

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  • Exactly how weird is it to you....?

    For the girl to be the older one in the relationship?

    My boyfriend is 13, and I'm 15.

    do YOU think it's weird?

    I do not. But many people don't see why a freshman in high school would have any interest in a middle schooler.

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  • What are your views on PDA's(Public Displays of Affection)?

    I see it as okay, as long as people aren't like.. groping eachother.

    My BF is actually too shy to kiss me in public... I think it's cute that he's too shy to. :)

    But I'm fine with it.

    Personally, I'm not someone who gets grossed out seeing people kiss.

    For some reason though, my bestfriend is, and she gets mad if I kiss my boyfriend in front of her.

    ANYWAY.... what do YOU think about PDA's?

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  • Is it good to NOT kiss on the first date?

    Me and my boyfriend just went on our first date tonight.

    We didn't kiss because I have a sore throat, and I could have made him sick. I told him this, he said he didn't care if he got the flu from kissing me, as long as he got to kiss me. I explained to him that if he got sick because of me, I would feel guilty about it. So, he agreed to keep our lips apart for the time being.

    We went to the movies, saw Lakeview Terrace(which may I add was very boring). We didn't kiss, but he did hug me very tightly, very closely. We have been together for three weeks, and haven't seen each other the entire time. So, naturally, we didn't want to let go of each other.(cue "awwh")

    What I'm asking is, is it a good thing we didn't get to kiss? I haven't been in a relationship longer than 3 weeks ever in my life.(I'm 15) And every relationship I've had the past few months has failed miserably, and every one of those boyfriends, I made out with the first day I went out with them. Did moving too fast spell disaster for my past relationships?

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  • Girls: how many boyfriends have you had in your entire life?

    I've had 5....not including my current one. And I'm 15.

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  • Kissing(c' know you want to answer this!)?

    How do you like to kiss?

    How do you like TO BE kissed?

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  • Do you know what "Ich Liebe Dich" means? :)?

    I do...I just wanna see how many of YOU actually know what it means :)

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  • opinion on just this one picture...?

    I know, It's not my best work...but I was VERY bored.

    does this look GOOD or BAD.

    please critque.

    but don't be TOO harsh..I'm only 14!!!

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  • how do i know if my boyfriend liked kissing me?

    I just got my first kiss today, and I made out for the first...3 times today. I really think my boyfriend liked it...but i dont know how to be sure. He said I was good....but he might just be being nice to me.

    how can i know without asking him?

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