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I'm 26 years old. I'm a mother of 1 and the better half of dcconaway. I'm a hopeless romantic who enjoys life to the fullest. I love a good debate (as long as I know I'm winning and right). I enjoy many things, all you have to do is just ask. myspace id preciousjem69

  • Was I wrong for flipping out on my cousin?

    My favorite cousin (best friend really) is my adopted cousin who I believed did a cardinal rule no-no this weekend. We went out like we usually do and had a good time. We usually stop at a all-night convenience store on our way home for food. While we were using the bathrooms, 2 guys walked in on us. I got upset and wanted to report them but she tried to act cute and started flirting with them. I told them to leave me alone and didnt want to be bothered while she continued to be cute and give her attention to them while we were suppose to be getting food. Finally I got so fed up I told them to leave me the F alone before I called the police. While we were trying to leave one of them got all up in my face arguing with me and pushed me. I saw red and was about to fight when she started to help them get into their car so they cud leave be4 something violent happenned. She never once came to my aid to help me or ? them why they put their hands on me so I flipped out on her. Was I wrong?

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  • Is he cheating or just using her as a security blanket?

    Well, I'll try to keep this as simple as possible! Im experiencing some serious heartache. I just found out my boyfriend is staying with his child's mother. We are definitely experiencing one of God's trials and tribulations I thought until this happenned. I suddenly was forced to vacate my residence. My landlord had sold his house and I only had such short notice to find a place. In the meantime I was suppose to stay move in with him but then he lost his job and could no longer keep his place. So he told me he was staying with his friend until we can work out our things to get a place. Then all of a suddent I get a call from his son's mother questioning me if I was still with him because he lives with her now. What the hell am I suppose to think. Do you think he's trying to play me out or just using her as a security blanket until I get my new residence situated? He would tell me all the time how much he hates her and wishes he never had a child with her. WTF is that all about?

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  • I need a mechanic! Help!?

    Ok well first I want to know what could possibly be wrong with my car! The other week, my car was leaking some fluid which I believe to be transmission fluid. My overdrive light is now bleaking and my car will not really accelerate past 40mph. What could possibly be wrong with my car and how much is this damn going to cost me to get repaired. Any case senario is appreciated. The vehicle is in the shop but I want to prepare myself before they get back to me! Thanks alot guys.

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