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  • How does one get woodworking plans made?

    My dad is making me a crib and a changing table for my baby, We have searched all over the web and have found only three or four plans/blueprints/patterns for cribs. I have a specific style in mind and was wondering where you go to get plans drawn up?

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  • Computer won't boot up?

    I had to unplug everything the other day in order to move it from one room to another. Now that everything is plugged back in it won't boot up. When I press the power button I can hear the fans whirring, then the monitor displays a screen that says entering power save mode then turns off. I can hear a sort of clicking or croaking sound, it's like two short croaks, then it does nothing... I am pretty sure everything is plugged into the right spot, what could be the problem?

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  • how to fix this problem with my long term boyfriend?

    I have a great relationship with my long term, live in boyfriend. we love each other so much, i expect to marry him. But lately we have been having the same argument and we obviously don't understand each other and i cannot get him to stop trying to "fix" me when really nothing is wrong. I have always been a heart on my sleeve kind of girl. i get anxious and nervous, but i have come a long way with that in the past year or so. now instead of crying or getting upset when i overreact about things, i still may roll my eyes or sigh and get annoyed for a few seconds, but i USUALLY realize that the situation doesn't call for me to get upset and then distract myself and let my brain reset. now here is the problem. i think my boyfriend has gotten used to me getting upset and overreacting because for every hint of a sigh or every tiny eye roll, he flies off the handle, immediately accusing me of being whiny and "here we go again" and the list goes on. i try to explain that the eye roll doesn't really mean anything, its just my process and i'm not actually mad at him for telling me he doesn't want to go to the pool, so please don;t get upset. it never works. he says im lying and why don't i see when im overreacting and whining and being a baby. i probably have more work to do on my emotions. but i feel like he knows this, its part of the deal. the way he reacts to me just makes things worse, it makes me insecure and feel like i can't show emotion around him, which in turn, gives me anxiety and makes me more high strung. he always says things like "i cant date a ten year old" and it makes me scared that he will leave me, but i really think he says the things he does, like reacting the way he does and threatening the relationship because he thinks it will make me stop, but it just makes me emotional. how can i make him understand where i'm coming from? anytime i try to have a serious talk about it, he accuses me of being whiny and putting on a show! I love him too much, and we have an otherwise great relationship. he takes care of me, he shows me love and does things for me, we have laughs all the time and do things together and enjoy each others company. i don't want his stubbornness on this issue to break us, it's so stupid, it's like he refuses to see my side and just wants to fix me but it's not helping and i cant get him to see that! help me!

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  • is this a virus or not. google chrome opening web pages?

    my computer stays on all the time. when i go to it for the first time each day there are usually about three tabs of pages open on google chrome that i did not open. like a pop up or something. usually is a mostly blank page with some sort of picture saying i need to update some sort of player or software. programs that i do not believe are even on my computer, and it is a web page, not a notification, so i think it is spam/pop-up. i have not downloaded anything silly. no games, software, or anything of that nature from the internet so i'm not sure why it just started. i have AVG 2013 and i run regular scans and they never find anything so I'm not sure where to look to remove whatever is causing the pages to open on their own. any help?

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  • looking for a website? please help?

    i'm looking for a website that was popular a while back. i can't remember what it is called. you type in a persons name and it shows you where they live on a map and gives you phone numbers, people living in the house, income, etc... i was hoping i could use it as a faster way to gather all my addresses for christmas cards instead of calling everyone one by one!!!

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  • how to remove nails from wood?

    i have an old pallet that im trying to take apart to reclaim the wood. well actually i think it's a transmission block not a palette. its two different parts, a smaller four sided frame on top with a larger four sided frame with boards across the width bracing the smaller frame on top of it. im trying to take the two parts that are stacked on each other apart to have two separate pieces. the problem is, that it's really nailed together strongly. the nails are too deep set to pull out and it is too strong to pull apart with my hands... how do i get the nails out to separate the two pieces?

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  • dining and entertainment williamsburg va?

    my history buff husband and i are taking a trip to williamsburg virginia this summer, we were wondering if any locals or anyone who has traveled there before have any recommendations for dining and entertainment.

    We already plan to go to busch gardens and colonial williamsburg, but we would like a really unique experience with dinner, perhaps some kind of dinner theater type restaurant? also, some other local famous places to get a great meal. we just don't want to eat at any chain restaurants while were there and we also don't know the area so we don't want to drive for hours and take chances on something that just may look good on the outside, or miss something great that may look like a dump.

    1 AnswerWashington, D.C.9 years ago
  • trees for my yard????

    what is the best type of tree to plant in a small/average sized suburban home? i want one on each side of my driveway in the yard to accent the front of my home, maybe a flowery tree, but no bigger than 10 ft tall. i also want a larger, but not too big tree in the backyard, i plan on putting a pool in back, so one that can sit out on the other side and not disturb my land under the pool with roots, but big enough to give a shaded area for us

    3 AnswersGarden & Landscape10 years ago
  • what to do when wind blows off flower petals?

    i have planted my first flower bed this year and i grew some beautiful tulips, but the wind blew all of my petals off. im not sure what to do, do i cut them off at the ground? or replant the bulb? or are they gone for good? or what do i do???

    3 AnswersGarden & Landscape10 years ago
  • water, gas, sewage, etc, new home?

    I live in Horn Lake, MS 38637 and am buying a home. i need to know what company i get my water and gas/sewage, etc with. i have only ever had electricity in my name so i can transfer that over. i want to know how much of a deposit i will have to shell out for water and gas and what company i need to contact to get it turned on?

    2 AnswersOther - Home & Garden10 years ago
  • keurig vs nescafe dolce gusto?

    im leaning towards the nescafe because i like the fact that you can make hot AND cold drinks, also that you can froth milk. my only other question is this: can you buy a "k-cup" for the nescafe. meaning can you buy a re-usable pod that you can put your OWN coffee in to make drinks with. i know you can with keurig, but i want to know if the nescafe has a product that allows this as well?

    3 AnswersChristmas10 years ago
  • question about my student loans?

    I have started paying back my student loans recently, but i feel like i am missing some. i have two companies that bought out my loans who send me letters, but i know i am missing some of my loans that were bought out by other companies. i don't want to become delinquent, who do i contact to get a complete list of WHO i owe money to? i just want a straight up list of who owns my student loans so i can set up payments, please don't tell me to look out for letters, i have changed addresses and apparently one of the companies doesn't have my current address and i cant update my info for them without knowing who they are. my school was also no help, they just send me around in circles telling me to contact my lenders. i REALLY just need to know who my lenders are, i only know of two and need a complete list of who owns all of my student loans. i am repeating myself because every time i ask i get the same answers. so AGAIN; PLEASE don't tell me to look for letters and please don't tell me to contact the school. if you could help me by telling me how to find a list of my current lenders, i REALLY would appreciate it. i really want my credit to stay good and i need to be paying back my loans...

    2 AnswersFinancial Aid1 decade ago
  • cooking brisket in crock pot?

    i am cooking my brisket in the crock pot. the recipe calls for 10-12 hours on a low setting. my crock pot has a warm-low-high setting. should i cook it in the warm or low setting, i have had it on low for around five minutes and the pot already feel HOT to the touch. i dont want to go to sleep and wake up with a burned brisket, if i cook it on warm, will i ruin it? how many degrees is the warm setting and is it enough to cook it without spoiling the meat? and if i keep it on low, will it burn up??

    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • question about my cake?

    i am baking a chocolate cake. i just got it out of the oven and cooled. i put it on a rack to cool until i iced it, i was doing some dishes and splashed some (clean not soapy) water on my cake, it is mushy where i splashed it. is it ruined or can i still salvage it. i am baking it to decorate so will need it to be iceable

    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • help me! i need to help my sister!?

    my younger (20 yrs old) sister in law is going through some issues. she is severely underweight, has lost about 40 of her 130lbs in the last few months. she wont eat and says when she eats "junk food" it upsets her stomach and thats why she throws up. she blames not eating on her lack of money. she just confided in me that she recently suffered a miscarriage because she didnt know she was pregnant and the doctor says she lost it due to malnourishment. she is extremely stressed out and depressed. i am afraid SERIOUSLY that she will hurt herself or attempt suicide. in the state of mississippi, am i, as her sister IN LAW able to have her sent to a facility to get some help. she does not have any health insurance or any money, and neither do i. but i fear that i will find her dead if i dont find her help soon. she is too depressed to listen to anything i have to say

    4 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • what do you pay monthly when owning a home?

    My husband and i are looking into purchasing a home. i want to know what comes with that. i know the basics, like mortgage payment and electric/gas/water... but aside from that what other bills will i have to pay monthly. and the mortgage?? how does that work? what fees are involved that will make my payment rise? also, what things will i need to shell out cash for during the process of buying a home? i have tried to research online, but nothing i have found is very helpful...

    4 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago
  • wilton 8x3 round cake pan?

    i am using a wilton 8x3 inch round cake pan to make a round cake. how much batter should go in the pan, how long and at what temperature should i bake the cake? i tried once and even with my even bake strips i had a HARD almost burnt muffin top and a raw center. i need help!!

    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • what does this message mean on wondows vista?

    when i start my computer up i get a pop up message down by the clock that says "windows can't check for updates" click here for more info and so on... i click and my windows update box comes up so i click the check for updates button, it still says checking for updates after a very long time. anyone know what the problem is?

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  • what shoe is right for me?

    am looking for tennis shoes... preferably nike. I am a nurse so i am on my feet for 12 hours a day. i have FLAT FLAT FLAT feet, and wide toes. i don't know what type of shoes to go for. would shox be good for me?

    1 AnswerOther - Health1 decade ago
  • what shoe is right for me?

    am looking for tennis shoes... preferably nike. I am a nurse so i am on my feet for 12 hours a day. i have FLAT FLAT FLAT feet, and wide toes. i don't know what type of shoes to go for. would shox be good for me?

    2 AnswersOther - Sports1 decade ago