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  • What consumer machine cuts photo's into wallets,8x'10,etc?

    We print our own photo's and have software where we can size the sheet up to whatever combination we like. Tired of cutting it by hand. Is there any (consumer level) electronic cutting machine where you can insert the printed sheet and get the squares and rectangles cut perfect each time?

    I'm certain there is I just don't know whats its called and printing is a big world and I'm sick of looking at the wrong things on google so short cut terms and links please?

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  • See a shrink one/few times wo chit chatting?

    I moved. Had an OLD prescription for my anxiety I need to get back on as all my old symptoms have returned. Thing is the GP's here are very conservative in writing it for short durations and I can not be paying to visit them for a renewal every month or two or they wind up writing some new anti depressant thats no better than a cup of tea. I'm pretty tired of dealing with this and because of it most of the time I am having to get **** face drunk as its the only available thing for me to not panic and be able to sleep. (not normally a big drinker)

    I have never seen a shrink and was wondering if they will write you the meds without coming to see them twice a week and talk. I don't subscribe in the freudian you hurt because your mother didn't breast feed you crap rather my chemicals are goofed and need balancing. I'd just hate to even go if its going to turn into a money draining mind **** rather than looking at the need and filling it.

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  • Front Loaded mutual fund drip expense question?

    If you purchased $10,000 worth of A (front end) and pay the % age load (say 5) your truly in at 9500 or such.

    What about if you leave the dividends and gains to reinvest? Say you got $600 from the year off it. Would you be in at a true $600 or would it ALSO be subject to the silly sales charge?

    Also is the expense ratio quoted on finance sites like goog,yh,morning,etc.. the total including 4-1b,management or whatever the crap else.

    *Note I wouldn't buy into this dinosaur with all the options now. Just the facts please.

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  • how much money do you make a day and what do you do?

    be honest.I'm not working but I bring in 50-60$ a day (on good 10-20 bad) via various scheming and get to sleep 12 hours a day and goof around. Might work 3-4 hours on it but its random and unsteady.

    Gotta go to college and pick something as the pond is drying up and getting harder to drain so to speak.

    So I dont like anything at all. No lifelong urges to put out fires,help people, fix crap or whatever. Just want the highest compensation possible even if it means working on an infant smoking campaign.

    So long as the only crime is moral/white collar/deceptive etc and not outright criminal/punishable like selling drugs to young girls and selling them to old men and then blackmailing the old men. Well maybe in another country but avoid that kind of thing for now.

    So what do you make and what do you do?

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  • what us coin dates are silver/more than face?


    what dates (20-60 etc..) has some silver content or are otherwise worth more than face to collectors?

    not errors or anyting just the basics

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  • got scammed by ebay buyer!?

    sold some stuff as a lot. said it was untested and used plenty of pics and said judge for yourself.

    put it as for parts/not working even though they looked good enough they prob work.

    said yes returns after I get it bacl (since forced) but at buyers expense (common sense as wal-mart won't bump you for your gas+ time on driving to the store)

    I guess they couldn't fix them or wanted a better price so here is what they did. Messaged me wanting about 80% of the purchase refunded NOW and had some bullcrap reasons (different shade of yellow than though this one was missing a screw, that one killed my mother,etc..). I offered about 30% back in a hope to just end and then they just type something back cussing me.

    I said you want a refund send them all back to me (your dime as on the listing and ebay/paypal policy) and you get the $ back in a day or two of my acceptance.

    So they waited on their claim until it had 1 day left for them to respond and then agreed to ship it back.

    What did I receive? An empty box.

    I contacted ebay and paypal and they basically shafted me and then took the money they had froze and gave it to the buyer - I get a 1 star DSR in everything, a neg, and lost on my shipping, items, and money.

    I do have my label info with weight (about 3 pounds) and I have their label number which should show I got a box weighing a few ounces (so impossible for anyone to say these items weigh as much as a box).

    The label should have all the information on size and weight for anyone at usps yes?

    What should I do since both ebay/pp f'd me over? What else can I do other than use this info to report them for mail fraud? (what I am about to do)

    Its not enough money for me to pursue but I do want to show these idiots they can't pull the crap they do at walmart (faking receipts and such) with someone putting in honest work to clean house and working on losses mostly already.

    Will the mail fraud stick to them since there is proof via common sense (items obviously weigh more than empty box) -will anything come of it?

    Could I stick ebay/pp with an accomplice to mail fraud for being such robotic aholes about the whole thing too?

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  • sewing machines spin fiber/make hats what to research?

    I need to research some things (from the ground)

    1. What are the machines called that spin fiber into spools of yarn?

    2. What would be a term for a machine for a sort of knitted hat/tobaggon/gloves/socks type of item?

    I'd like to know the proper classes of machines for those purposes so I can look up prices to determine whether or not I can bear the price of getting a used machine or two and the intense time investment on learning the basic skill.

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  • put all money in cash before suicide?

    or death. not enough to have an estate tax but do the survivors/inheritors have to pay taxes on just getting it?

    wouldn't it be simplest to just sell out all non ira holdings like sell all stocks,bonds,transfer & bring a load of cash home?

    just wondering why people don't do that/if you could.

    I often wonder why people who ARE subject to the estate tax don't do that once they get bed ridden/near death...I know ira's and real estate are locked up in knowing but who is to say the person didn't just blow their wad before they went/offed eh?

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics9 years ago
  • where did massive ebay seller bargainland go to?

    that person who did everything in a mysterious condition @ .99 had millions of feedback and left cause 90% on THAT much was supposedly bad in ebays eyes

    their .net is down and I can't find them anywhere. did they just go out of business? was wondering because it was a good place to try to get lucky on random crap

    1 AnswerSmall Business9 years ago
  • why do house repairs/rennovations take me so long?

    I swear. Its taking me 5 times longer to do the things than I had planned. I see contractors/people who do it for a living do this crap in no time flat like an assembly line. I got dozens of pages written down of repairs to do (often my first time but I'm quicker after the cherry) but my rate of progress is just shredding my will to continue.

    For example yesterday I did all exterior doors (6 of them). Hinged new doors on/frames, made the slits for the strike guards/put in dead bolts and spent near forever fiddling trying to get the long screws for the handles in while holding everything (never anticipated them to be quite so touchy)

    That should've been a job to get done in 5 or 6 hours by my lonesome. Took me from morning to night down just for the exteriors!

    Do you guys who do it yourself ever just feel frustrated by the slow pace of it all? In the mind/after studying up on the exact how to's it seems simple enough. But I always wind up getting hung on the simplest most tedious thing that just kills the day.

    What do you do to better prepare for this? Start working drunk so I'm not dropping 20 f bombs at a screw?

    6 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)9 years ago
  • rpgmaker XP how to edit/testplay (downloaded games)?

    there are a few games on the net I like to play that use this program.

    how can I edit it so I can hold cntrl to walk through walls/press f9 to mess with stuff?

    Some old ones I could make a shortcut and add the target as "Test Play" but on XP + I can't figure out how to do anything with it.

    All I want is the ability to play and cheat past a few annoying areas with a walk thru walk function as its beyond my skills to figure anything other than money,hp,exp,items out in cheat engine

    So what program or editing do i need to do this?

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  • whats a ton of junk iron and steel go for?

    I don't mean the ticker...I mean when you go up to the processors. Currently what are they paying about for steel,iron andyour mixed....trash hauls?

    (how would they handle something like a bunch of tall metal lamps where its weighted in glass/plastic as well)

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  • test jewelry for gold?

    I have a big baggie fully of jewelry. Most of it isn't stamped and is prob simply plate. Its fair to say its a junk bag but some of it is marked -no clue what the two were doing together.

    Anyways do jewelry stores or anywhere offer free quick exams in some hope they buy it up cheap off you? I'm not really planning on selling I would just like to filter it.

    2 AnswersInvesting9 years ago
  • what are some of the more valuable/mistaken as trash things people collect?

    Don't mention collectibles like barbies, toys that aren't sealed, beanie babies,baseball cards as everyone kept them and you'd be very lucky to make a third of original msrp. (example I have and see 1961 fisher price stuff in near mint shape go for like 20 and after shipping nope- keep)

    Recently I have discovered any mug made by fireking, old clothing of certain brands, some stuffed animals.

    So what are some more non traditional things that have WTF values (not coins/stamps)

    Brands if you can

    2 AnswersOther - Society & Culture9 years ago
  • are goatees dirty or something?

    i grew one. moustache and chin tab too. my goatee is growing at a longer bushier rate though.

    i never had comments with the stash but since i threw in the goat everyone wont shut up about it.

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  • how to donate clothes and get tax break?

    I never donated before. Have a lot of nice old clothes -but no clue to purchase price of each and everyone or anything.

    How do various charities handle giving you proof/value--like flat rate by the pound or what (and what do they give you/what do you do with it?)

    Also are there any charities that actually give the clothes away to people who need them? From what I have been reading like

    they appear to be sold off to thrift people, recycled, or bought by a middle man and there no place that just drops a shipping container outside a village or something? you know let the people strip it fast like vultures on a corpse or a car in a bad neighborhood

    8 AnswersUnited States9 years ago
  • whats it called when memories aren't actually memories?

    I've had this all my life in many events -and its happening more and more even in the most trivial things. I would talk be talking with friends and family about something and remember it wrong. Very wrong. They would correct me -I'd sort of stubbornly no I remember it it happened like this...but they would ALL agree and the more I would think of it - despite still remembering it that way I realize what I remember isn't possible.

    Most of the time they laugh it off and I just forget about the odd occurences and move on but lately its happening so much. It happened yesterday and I wrote it down. Despite it being a ludicrous minor memory (not one event/instance but a day to day thing) it still seems like it on a daily basis it happened the way I remember it yet its too out there for me to believe it thinking about it.

    I'm not old. Something is foggy though and has been for many years now. What could it be?

    4 AnswersMental Health9 years ago
  • where do you find someone you can pay to kill you?

    you know since suicide negates insurance but murder doesn't. something like 10K cash random stranger - shoot me in the head at least 8 times to ensure fast brain death - take the tv here I'll help you preload it - jewelry is over here - empty the drawers out and bash the window from the outside before you leave no one will be here till tuesday kind of thing.

    what term do you type in craiglist/ what tattoo should you look for?

    surely there is a blackmarket service for this kind of thing

    3 AnswersOther - Society & Culture9 years ago
  • where do you put your money if the dollar is to be worthless?

    Seeing as how we keep wasting so much money, getting in wars on everything (these arabs,those arabs, drugs, happiness,internetz,etc..)

    The hole is so huge already and not backed by anything and soon enough interest alone on debt will be a trillion or so and eventually the rest of the world is going to stop coddling our massive faith liability.

    Where do you put your money (savings) at? Not other currencies because they are tied to us to such a huge degree. Gold/silver? The prices are so high already and the mark up on physical is around 20-30%due to shipping,selling fee's + profit---- to trading prices which at base is high.

    Just curious once you bought a warehouse full of canned peaches and ammo what do you do :) ?

    1 AnswerInvesting9 years ago
  • is down?

    any http:/.com, goog result going to the site gives me server not found. has been for a day or two.

    I can access it via proxy redirects -but unable to do anything really.

    I have a premium for almost a year left..... even links in download manager aren't working?

    What going on? Did they get shut down through sopa bs or something? Every other locker is fine....

    5 AnswersGoogle9 years ago