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  • does any one else feel like this?

    I'm 17 an I go to college(I'm live in the UK) but since April every time I go to college I hate being there and all I do it talk to my mates go on facebook and listen to music, stuff like that(I have a real short attention span). the teachers are okay with it because they know I do the class work in my own time, e.g. at home but when its my days off from college I I really want to go in, I did go in on one of my days off but it wasn't any fun because my mates worn't there and it honestly was a waste of time because all my teacher were busy, but knowing that when I'm at home I still want to go in. I am I just weird or has anyone else felt or feel like this? I've have spoken to both my mum and had numerous meeting with all 5 of my teacher but they all say I'm attention seeking but I'm not they won't talk me seriously at all! How can I get them all to realize I serious and I clearly have some form of problem I guess.

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