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  • My husband acts like a child.?

    My husband and I are expecting our second child now, I am 37 weeks. We are both thrilled we are having a girl, because we already have a 2 year old son...and only planned on having two children so this has worked out perfectly. I've had somewhat of a rough pregnancy. I had to go to the hospital at 13 weeks because of a high heart rate of 180. I found out I had a overactive thyroid. I also had terrible sickness that lasted all day for almost 6 months. I'm also a stay at home mom...and with the pregnancy it just made it even more exhausting. I still had sex with my husband... we would have dry spells of course when I was just feeling very sick or uncomfortable. Things have been fine with us until we moved into our new house. It seems like since we've moved and my pregnancy is coming to a end he has started to act a lot more immature. Playing xbox, hanging with friends, not helping with our son at all and constantly hounding me for sex. Even though I'm just BEYOND uncomfortable at this point, and last time I tried I started having contractions. I'm just going crazy.....I know it's probably just because we are a bout to have another baby and it will be a huge change but it's still unfair for me. I am a bout to go through a huge change as well but I never get to have breaks or get to escape reality....why should he be able to?? He never has to worry a bout a sitter because I'm here to take care of Noah and he acts like he should be the only one to ever get a break. This is all really effecting our marriage. He says he doesn't see how he's creating such a problem and that he's happy. I don't know what to do, or how to get him to see how shitty he's been. I just feel super alone...And like I'm a bout to have my 3rd child since he is pretty much a 13 year old right now. I'm just super nervous a bout giving birth, all the big changes that were a bout to go through. I don't know how to fix us....but I'd love for things to be better before the baby comes. Because aside from his sudden selfishness we are really happy.

    Any advice would be great!


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  • How to feel and look great pregnant?

    I am 26 weeks pregnant with my second baby (girl!!) and I feel awful compared to my first pregnancy. I just feel uncomfortable and unattractive in everything I put on. I was so confident and felt great when pregnant with my son so I hate that I feel this way this time. I'm small, 5'1 97 pre preg. and am now 112 which is a bout where I was with my first pregnancy now. So I just don't understand why I feel this way this time. I've been living in yoga pants and tshirts and I just feel like my look is getting so boring and old...I'd love to be able to feel and look good a bout myself. Not only for me but for my husband. He says I'm crazy and I look fine, but I'd love to be able to wow him even with my basketball belly lol. I've been doing my hair differently, doing my make's just my wardrobe that needs help. I haven't found maternity pants that fit me, and don't wanna spend a crap load on clothes I'm not gonna wear for very long. I do have a belly band but I'm still uncomfortable in my jeans with it on...I've heard awesome things about them so I was exited to try it but it just does not work for feels loose and you can see that my pants are unbuttoned. Any tips would be helpful! Thanks!!!

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  • 25 weeks pregnant....very uncomfortable, lots of pressure.?

    I'm 25 weeks pregnant with my second baby. And I have never been more uncomfortable. I'm not in pain or anything but I have so much pressure down in that are, and in my lower stomach. Also one side of my vagina (sorry if tmi) feels and looks a little swollen. If I rest and put my feet up it gets a little better. But I am always on my feet and chasing after my 2 year old. I never felt this way or had this just wondering if it was normal or not? Thanks!!

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  • My 2 year old hurt his arm...and won't move it.?

    Yesterday my mother in law watched my two year old son. She took him to a football game because her daughter was cheering, and then she took him to the park. She texted me when they got home letting me know he ate and is now napping. I picked him up around 6:30 and he was crying and saying ouch. We both checked his whole body and seen nothing wrong so then I figured it must be something we can't see....I noticed he was not using his left arm. So I moved it a little and he yelled out ouch. She said he had no falls at the park, or anywhere else. I don't think she would lie either. I took him home, and waited a hour to see if he would use his arm at all. He wouldn't and I could tell he was in pain. So I took him to the er. The nurses all thought he should get a xray..and could tell he was in pain. But when the doctor came in she looked at his arm for less than a minute and said if it doesn't get better to come back monday for a xray. I was so mad, but there were no other doctors that could see me apparently. I took him home, gave him motrin and put him bed because it was late. He woke up around 9am today and has not used it yet and has been whining off and on a bout it. I don't know if I should take him back to that same hospital or not. I just want him to get a xray to make sure there is nothing really wrong. The doctor said he probably bumped it, but it's more than bumping his arm. I really don't know what to do at this point I feel like no one has been helpful. He may of simply sprained his wrist but I want and need to know. I could take him to stat care but there not open either....I called his doctors office, there closed. I need some advice, I'm going crazy with worry.

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  • Pregnancy symptoms, negative test.?

    Okay, so my last period was on the 11th of last month. On the 5th of this month I had cramping and felt a light headed. The next day I had the lightest spotting, wasn't even red. And that lasted a bout a hour if that. Same thing the next day. And since then I feel bloated everyday,nauseous. So I took a hpt and it was negative. I still haven't started my period. And the all my symptoms are the same, but now I have hunger like pains even when I eat. It's very odd. And started getting a little achiness in my lower back. I have a 1 year old, but I found out pretty late when I was pregnant with him, at 5 months my tests were coming up very faint because my hcg levels were low. I'm making a app. but for now would like to know if anyone else experienced this, and what could cause all of these symptoms.


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  • 31 weeks pregnant, and boyfreind just not says he doesn't want the baby. wdyt?

    I am 31weeks & 4days pregnant with my first baby.

    Things have been going great, until last night.

    My boyfreind told me he does not want the baby....he wants me to give him up for adoption.

    (Which shocked me, because when we found out....he said he would never give the baby up because he is part of us.) And now this.....I'm lost.

    I said absolutely not....I want my son, & will not do something so hard that I do not want to.

    So I told him it is either the baby & me or neither of us...

    He said he wants to be with me....without the baby, And when I asked him what about the baby too? He just said Idk, but I know I love you.

    This all to hard for me, he is a great guy, treats me well & is my best freind and out of no where tells me he doesn't want the baby....I'm not sure if I should just leave him since the baby is part of me now, and it's not what he wants.

    I am absolutely crushed, I'm just beyond depressed and have no apetite this isn't good for me or baby....& I just really need help.Please don't just tell me to talk to him...I have so many times, and everytime I get no good answers....exept that he does not want this baby.

    What would you do??


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  • Different parenting skills make kids behave different....wdyt?

    I am 31weeks & 2days pregnant with my first...

    & every time some one with kids talks to me....they act like they are just horrible to have, like your life is ruined..

    They are like, all they do is cry & scream and just never leave you alone....

    But I believe that if you correct them and don't let them do what ever they want and are patient and loving and give them attention you will not have that.

    Sure kids whine, it's normal.

    But I will not put up with a child who screams and throws fits every five minutes when things don't go there way.

    I have watched children who were just awful! & then I met the parents and realized why....

    & then I've watched kids who are just beyond good...& then see there parents and know why..

    I have been watching kids all my life, since I was little.

    & I am so exited to be a mommy......& I do not agree with what all these people are saying to me...

    Your parenting is what causes your kids to be good or bad...

    If you let a child do what they want, if you curse, watch bad movies then they will to and pick up bad habbits.

    do you agree??

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  • 31weeks pregnant, Been having braxton hicks all day, WDYT?

    I am 31weeks pregnant with my first baby....

    & was just at the doctors yesterday and baby is doing great..his heart beat was very strong.

    Today I have been having on and off again braxton hicks contractions.

    More back pain than usual, and just a lot of pressure....

    Is this normal???

    My step mom says it is, as long as the contractions are really close together and constant.

    What do you think?? Normal???


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  • Is my boyfriend obsessed with his friends? WDYT?

    My boyfriend and I have been together over two years...we've been living together & things are great for the most part...

    I will be 19 next month and he is 23.

    I am 31weeks pregnant, it's our first...a boy!

    Things have been going pretty good, before we found out I was pregnant he was going to ask me to marry him....he still did, just planned on my b-day but did it early, I said yes.

    But theres this problem....that I think could actually end things between us.

    He rides bmx, which I love and I am very supportive of honestly.

    BUT he is constantly riding and I mean constantly! He will call off work to ride, but has never called off work do just go do something with me.

    He never does anything with me....the most we honestly do is go for a short walk & watch movies.

    He is always texting his friends too, all day and night....I'm not over exaggerating either sadly.

    He goes to work, comes home spends a bout a hour with me then rides....Everyday!

    Then comes home, and we hang out, cuddle watch a movie but he is texting his friends the whole time!!!

    I feel like I'm just trapped inside all day, and I want to spend time with Him....I have friends but they are all busy and living there lives...I do hang with them but not everyday and then text them as soon as I leave them (which he does)

    I literally always talk to him a bout this....he just pushes it aside and forgets a bout it.

    He tries to buy me off, like If im upset he offers to take me shopping.....I don't want that...I just want him...and I've told him that a million times.

    Also the more he hangs with his friends the more he hates the idea of us having a baby....which is just driving me mad!

    I feel like he is NEVER going to grow up......

    I love him to death, and I want to be with him and be a family, but I honestly do not think he is ready for any of it.

    What should I do?

    & do you think I am in the wrong or am I right to be so mad?


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  • 31weeks pregnant, I have shooting back baby causing this?

    I am 31weeks with my first baby...

    I have these shooting back pains and they go into my stomach a little......feels like a pinched nerve..

    is baby causing this??

    I just want to know if it is normal or not.....was just at the doctors yesterday and baby is very healthy and doing great!

    the pain is always in the same spot as well.

    what could be causing it??


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  • 31weeks pregnant & anemic.....what effects will this have?

    I am 31weeks pregnant, with my first baby.

    Went to the doctors yesterday & my results has come back, and they doctor said I was extremely anemic.

    I am picking up the iron tablets today, and was given a list of foods I must eat to build my iron levels back up.

    she also said being anemic can make me very ill, & I need to get the iron built up before delivery.

    But I heard when anemic you can have a smaller baby, is this true???

    Is it pretty common to be anemic during pregnancy??

    were any of you? & what were the effects of it??


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  • 30weeks pregnant, can I take Tylenol Night time??Please Answer!?

    I am 30wks & 6 days...& am getting a flu bug.

    & just feel crappy.....I know I a allowed to take Tylenol....

    But am I allowed to take Tylenol night time medicine??

    Please let me know, if anyone knows.

    I would call my doctor, but it's a bit late....& I am just feeling awful.

    & The night time Tylenol helps with all my symptoms so it would be great if I could.

    Thank you very much!!!

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  • Finally got the full name!!!!!WDYT of it?

    I am 30wks & 5days with my first.

    Not sure, if any of you remember me having trouble picking out a name for my little boy or not....

    I must have posted a dozen questions a bout it lol....

    I finally found a name my fiance and I love....& then couldn't think of a middle name....

    but not I got it....

    Noah Carson Ray<3

    (Ray is my fiance's dad's middle it stays)

    what do you think of it??

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  • 7months, dizziness, loss of appetite....normal?

    I am 30Wks & 4days pregnant, with my's a boy.

    Lately I have lost my appetite....& today I have been dizzy,nauseous & hott.

    My iron levels are low, not sure if this has anything to do with that...?

    I feel like I'm not gaining enough either, feels like I eat enough for baby but not for me.

    is this normal???


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  • 30wks pregnant, How many doctor visits?

    I am 30wks & 4days pregnant....with my first, it's a boy!:)

    The doctor told me they would start making me come in more when I get further along, when will that when do you have to start going in more??

    I had one the 2nd of this month and go back the 30th....just normal check ups to see how baby and I are.

    My sister is also pregnant, she is 27wks & 2 days

    She told me her doctor told her she had to come in every two weeks...

    Is this normal?? I was just curious because my doctor has not said a word a bout anything like that....& only said when you are close to the end they have you coming in a lot more.

    Is it bad that they have my sister going in more?? when did you guys have to start going in more often??


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  • 30wks......can gender of baby be wrong?? Ultrasound Picture!?

    I am 30wks & 3days pregnant with my first...

    & was wondering how accurate telling the babies sex is when you get an ultrasound...

    I had mine done at 24wks....I had to schedule it and stuff my doctor does not do them.

    But I have a fear that I will buy all this boy stuff....& then have a girl.

    The ultra sound tech. said the baby was a boy, and I have the picture of what appears to be the "boy parts"

    & Since then have just been sure baby was a boy, but then yesterday I took a look at the picture and It looks like the head is at the bottom of the picture and the "boy parts" are at the top....which doesn't add up...

    My fiance agrees, so now I'm just wondering if it may not be a boy....but it looks like boy parts to me...what do you think??

    the head looks like it's at the bottom though...doesn't it??


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  • 30wks pregnant.....emotional & scared! ughh?

    Why does being 30wks pregnant feel so much different than 29wks???

    As soon as I woke up, I realized that I was 30 wks today.....& it just kind of scares me.

    It feels like this pregnancy is going to fast.

    & I just feel so unattractive, I'm not that big at all...

    But I am a very small girl, always have been....

    So it's hard going from a flat stomach to a big one with a baby in it.

    I actually love being pregnant, & I love my belly...but some days I just want to be normal again....

    My ankles are swollen, & everyone is constantly saying something a bout me being pregnant...

    If there not starring then they are like omg your so much bigger than the last time I saw you....I know they aren't trying to be mean.....but no one wants to be reminded of how big they are getting.

    I know I can not be the only one who feels this way, so how do you guys deal??

    & I just need to know, is it super hard to get that baby weight off?

    My emotions are just going crazy right now, so be nice


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  • 29 weeks pregnant ...low iron....could this be making it worst??? please answer!?

    I asked a question earlier a bout my iron levels being really low...

    I am 29 wks & 5 days pregnant...with my first

    & I was wondering if me being so low in iron can cause my dizziness?

    & I drink a lot of sweet tea, & I read that this can bring your iron levels down, is that will be hard to get off sweet tea but I'll do it in a heart beat if this is true....what are some good healthy drinks besides orange juice I can drink?

    & what cereals are high in Iron???


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  • 29 weeks pregnant, Low Iron please?!?

    I am 29wks & 5days pregnant with my first....

    & My doctor called today to let me know that my iron levels are very, very low & I need to get them up before delivery.

    She is giving me a list of foods I must start eating, & she wants me on Iron tablets or something....

    Can I go but the iron tablets my self, or should I wait until my appointment which is this coming Wednesday & see what I should be taking

    I don't want to get the wrong thing or something....I'm very paranoid a bout hurting if any one can let me know that would be great.

    Like any one in this situation, what did you do? Did you get the tablets yourself?

    Thank you!!

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  • 29 weeks pregnant......relationship problems!!:/?

    I am 29wks & 4 days pregnant with my's a boy:)

    I am super exited!!

    I have gotten so many comments like just wait till the baby is actually here your gonna hate your life, it's ruined.

    & I just ignote them....because why would my baby ruin my life..?

    Yes, babies cry and need changed & fed....but umm what a bout that is ruining your life? The lack of sleep you get? Like the baby is purposely doing that to you, they don't know any better.

    But My fiance is not seeing this the same way I am....

    He Rides Bmx.....& is very good at it, I love that he rides and I think it's so much better than having a man who drinks and does drugs

    But the more pregnant get the more he's seriously like a obsession.....

    it isn't's all he talks/think a bout.....

    I talk a bout baby, he talks a bout bmx....I'm so sick of it

    & I am worried this is going to cause a lot of problems with us & I don't think he realizes that life does have to change when you have a baby....but it doesn't have to be bad change.

    I am not the kind of person to tell someone to stop doing what they love.....

    But it's really killing me, and hurting our relationship....

    I've tried talking to him a million time......he just takes it the wrong way and says that hell quit then.

    He seems so happy and exited and into the baby stuff...until he's around his friends and riding....

    What am I suppose to do about this??


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