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  • Going on a plane with vertigo?

    Alright, so it has been about a week now that I have been experiencing vertigo due to imbalance of fluids in my right ear. My doctor said it should be fine and will go away with time but I have an air trip tonight to Germany that is more or less 8 hours long.

    Are there any measures I can take to decrease my vertigo on the plane ride? I cannot cancel the ticket, and I just hope that getting off the plane after I won't be hit too hard by any sort of dizziness.

    So my question is does anybody have any suggestions I could use before, during or after the plane ride to decrease my chances of dizziness?

    Any food , exercises or really anything that might help a little would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Do they allow me to carry an epipen on board?

    So I have a trip from Pearson airport to Germany in two days and I have an epipen that I am taking with me on my carry-on. I was wondering if they count this in their liquid restrictions or if there are any particular measures that need to be taken (like if I need a doctor's note of some sort) since it is medicine.

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  • Someone please help me!?

    I am a normally healthy 17 year old female.

    Lately, for almost a week now, I have been extremely dizzy. I got my period this morning and I thought the dizziness was getting better as the days went by but it seems to just be going up and down. It isn't spontaneous but rather just a continuous light-headedness and it goes on from the morning to the night. I have tried taking iron pills, drinking many liquids, and eating food, fruits, vegetables and everything I can think of.

    I have a trip to Germany this Saturday and my brother suggested it could be anxiety, but I have gone on trips before and have never experienced anything like this.

    Could this be anemia or anxiety of some sort? Please help me, this dizziness is driving me crazy! :(

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  • What does mixing peroxide into hair dye do?

    Okay, so I have dark dark brown hair, almost black, and I want to put purple streaks in it, but I don't have any bleach. All I have is that peroxide stuff they usually mix in with the bleach.

    So my question is that, by putting peroxide into the hair dye I am going to use (MANIC PANIC), will this give me the same result as bleaching my hair first and then dyeing it?

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  • Why do women eat sweet things when they are sad?

    Okay well, we all see in movies that when a woman goes through a break up or whatever it is, they eat a tub of ice cream and a box of donuts the day after, but I also find this to be pretty true.

    Why do we do this? And I am not really looking for answers that are opinion based, but is there a scientific thing about it?

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  • Does emotion affect metabolism?

    Here I am with yet another question, but I just had this random thought pop into my head.

    Is it possible that emotion can affect your metabolism? Positively or negatively?

    Perhaps if you're feeling down your metabolism slows down a bit or something, or if you are excited your metabolism could rise.

    Any comments are greatly appreciated :)

    Hope someone has an answer for this one!

    Thanks in advanced for all your answers.

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  • Blackhead problem! Help please!

    Okay well, I know this was a bad idea, so don't tell me, but i tried to pop a blackhead above my lip and it didn't work quite well as it did before and now I have a really red spot above my lip. How can I reduce to redness using some home remedies and reduce the irritation its causing me.

    Also any home remedies for blackheads are appreciated for future use

    Thank you in advance.

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  • Will buttons melt in the microwave?

    I just recently made my friend a little rice pillow doll kind of thing and I put buttons for the eyes. I was just wondering that if she put it in the microwave would the buttons melt or get super hot?

    And also what if she puts it only for a few seconds like 10 or 15 ?

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