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Well im from the UK and i currently live with my parents and older brother so i have a house full of pets. 3 fish tanks (55 gallon, 30 gallon, 10 gallon), 3 adult golden retrievers, 5 rats, 1 bearded dragon plus a new additon abbie our 9 week old golden retriever who is ellies daughter

  • is it normal for me to still cry about my dog who was put to sleep last year?

    its only been 3 months since she was put to sleep. every night when i was alone in my bedroom for about 2 weeks i would cry for a good few hours. i dont cry as much now, but sometimes i will think about her and i will just start crying because ill remember she isnt going to be there when i wake up in the morning.

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  • Will my ghost shrimp be eaten?

    So im thinking about moving my ghost shrimp into my 30 gallon but i need to know if it will be safe. The main fish id be slightl concerned about is my angelfish

    now my ghost shrimp is pretty big (around 2 inches). Its the same size and slightly bigger than a few of the fish i have in the tank, and my angelfish doesnt bother them

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  • Is my new tattoo infected?

    So i got a tattoo on the top of my right arm on monday (it took about 3 hours) since having it done the skin around it has gone all red (i red that was normal) and it also feels bruised. But for the past few days the tattoo and the skin around it feels warm.

    Its been 6 yeas since my last tattoo so i dont know if this is normal

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  • What to use on a new tattoo? Savlon or bepathen?

    So im getting a new tattoo done next week. Now im really confused as to what cream to use while its healing. Different things ive read online have said only to use savlon, while others say not to use it because it removes colour from tattoos. And others say bepanthen is the best

    The tattoo im getting is going to be full colour and it will cover the top of my right arm

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  • How can I ask my friend to stop going on about her dead dog?

    Her dog died over a year ago (yes it's sad) and she keeps going on and on about it. I had to have one of my dogs put to sleep last month. And hearing all her negativity makes me feel sad about my dog. Who I've only just come to terms with losing.

    I don't want to say anything that might upset her. But I feel like I'll end up snapping at her

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  • What foods can I eat that won't do more damage or hurt my broken tooth?

    Basically I was eating some crisps last night when a bit of one my molars broke off.i didn't feel it and only noticed there was a hole on the side of my tooth when I moved my tongue over it.

    I have quite a few cavities as well and I can't eat food that's too hot, eat anything hard (even eating certain cereal hurts a bit) and I can't drink anything too cold (unless I use a straw).

    I'm going to phone the dentist this morning but I may not be able to get an appointment until next week

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  • Is my yoyo loach dying?

    So I'm worried about one of my yoyo loaches. I noticed yesterday that it was lying on its side. I know it's something they usually do because my biggest one does it sometimes but he is fine.

    But this one was in the same spot all day yesterday and when I gently moved it, it swam for a bit then it stopped and fell over onto its side.

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  • How can I get over my fear of the dentist?

    Ok so I'm absolutely terrified of going to the dentist. And because of that I haven't been for over 6 years. Now I have really bad decay on one of my front teeth, I've found (what I think is a large cavity) on my back tooth and I'm pretty sure I have quite a few other cavities.

    Now even with all these problems and the fact that now it hurts to eat really hot or cold food. And I can't chew certain food on my right side because it hurts I can't bring myself to phone the dentist and make an appointment.

    My mom thinks I'm being daft but she just doesn't understand. Just thinking about having to go sets me off crying or I will have a panic attack

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  • Is it weird for a 26 year old woman to be friends with a 16 year old woman?

    So there is a new lass where I work and we just instantly got on. She says she gets on with me the best. Think it's cause we have a similar sense of humour.

    Just wondering if it's weird for us to get on so well since she's only 16 and I'm 26.

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  • Why wont my fish eat if someone else feeds them?

    Like I watched my mom try feeding my fish once (I usually feed them at a certain time). She did that but they just ignored the food. But when I put a bit in they started eating it.

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  • Is this betta happier with me?

    I basically bought a male betta off someone because they didn't want him because he wouldn't build a bubble nest (as they wanted to breed from him). I think they said he was in a 3 gallon tank. Well I have him in a planted 10 gallon and he has already made 2 bubble nests.

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  • How can I get my dad to stop feeding my fish?

    Now I know the obvious thing to do is ask him not to, but I've tried that several times and he still does it. The reason I don't want him to feed them, is because he feeds them far too much and all the food just ends up lying on the gravel. And they will only eat at a certain time. If I try to feed them in the morning or early in the afternoon they won't eat.

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  • Do I still need to do water changes in my tank?

    I have a heavily 30 gallon tank. It's probably been a month since I've done a water change. Yeah I know. I've tested the water and it all seems perfect

    Ammonia 0

    Nitrite 0

    Nitrate seems to be between 10 and 20 on the chart I'm using

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  • Will assassin snails attack and kill my nerite snail?

    I don't have the assassin snails yet but I've ordered some to help deal with my snail population in my planted 10 gallon tank. Now I already have a nerite snail in that tank but some people say that assassin snails will gang up on bigger snails and will kill them.

    Others say they don't bother bigger snails. Should I move my nerite snail into my planted 30 gallon or will it be OK in my 10 gallon with the assassin snails

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  • Why wont my new betta swim around?

    I just bought a male betta today and it's just lying on the bottom of the tank. It's been awhile since I've had a betta so I'm not sure if that's true

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  • Can dwarf gouramis live with angel fish?

    I have a male and female dwarf gourami which I have in a 10 gallon tank. I want to move them into my 30 gallon tank. The main fish I'm worried about is my angelfish. Will they be OK together. The 30 gallon is heavily planted

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  • Is it weird that I'm still a virgin at 26?

    OK I'm a 26 year old female and I'm still a virgin. I'm not the prettiest woman and I'm overweight.

    Some days I just don't think about still being a virgin. I have hobbies that keep me busy and a part time job. But other days I think how I'm now 26 and how I've never had sex and I feel I never will.

    Just about all my friends at work have kids and are married or are in a relationship. And if they start talking about those things it can get me depressed because I can never join in and I just have to plaster a smile on my face.

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  • How can I make myself look older?

    OK so I'm a 25 year old woman (26 years old in 2 weeks). Unless someone knows how old I am they only think I'm around 17 years old. Which if I'm honest I find quite insulting sometimes.

    I've also been single now for 9 years and believe it or not I'm still a virgin.

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  • Will my gerbils always be so skittish?

    So I have 2 male gerbils who I've had for I think about 4 months. I try to handle them everyday (unless I'm at work) but they are still really skittish. It takes me ages to get a hold of them. And they freak out so much when I have them in my hands. One of them even jumped out of my hands and fell about 4ft onto my floor

    Luckily he wasn't hurt. Is there anything I can do to make them less skittish and a bit easier to handle. I have 3 other male gerbils who are not skittish at all and I can easily handle them.

    Galaxy 8 months old

    Barcadi 8 months old

    Cosmo nearly 2 years old

    Moonshine nearly 2 years old

    Smokey 3 years 7 months old

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  • Did I do the right thing?

    So this morning I came across an injured wood pigeon. It had a hole on its back (looked like something had bitten it). Well it was by a road and I felt sorry for it so I picked it up and placed it in some nearby bushes.

    I had no phone on me do I couldn't phone the rspca or anything

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