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  • why is my transfer speed so slow in windows vista?

    I have five all windows 7 (x64)computers in the house connected to a home server that handles the telephone,printer,security cameras and most of our files get stored on it. The problem is my main computer died and I need to use an old computer with windows vista 32 bit while I wait for a replacement motherboard. Vista seems to hang while talking to the server. the files I want will show up but it takes 20 mins with a blue circle.

    Computer specs of the one I am using.

    intel 2.4 ghz quad core

    8 gb's 1066mhz of ocz reaper 5-5-5-15 @2.2v

    asus p5g41-m-le MB

    320gb 6mb/s western digital hard drive

    xfx geforce 9800gtx video card 512 ram

    vista 32 bit OS

    Rosewill 600w PS

    Anyone have any idea's? and it is all hard wired lan I crawled under the house last summer and ran cat 6 to every room in the house

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  • Can I use frontline on my cat a week early?

    3 weeks ago I had to use front-line plus our hemming way. He had fleas they were coming off him when we petted him and such. He still has a few they are still coming off him. He has terrible soars and keeps scratching. I did not know if I could give him a dose early to help relive him or if it may harm him. we may end up leaving the house and flea bombing but we would like to have the fleas off of him first. He is an indoor cat buy the way one of our elder cats brought them home after needing to be at the vets for a few days.

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  • I just started playing GTA IV again since December 15 2013. after 10 mins or so it just freezes with the sound looping.?

    MB. MSI ms-7793 Fm2+

    AMD. A10-7700k 3.5 ghz (10 compute cores) turbo is off (4.1) when I turn turbo on

    ram. gskill 8 gb 2133mhz

    Video. Msi r7890 2GB 256 bit current driver catalyst 14.6

    HD main. samsung evo 120gb in rapid mode

    HD slave 1 tb western digital (game drive)

    Audio is realtek

    internet Comcast business class (80 mbps)

    realtek lan

    I never Had a problem with the game on my old computer I built this one back in February because Newegg was having a sale. Just wondering if anyone has an idea or experience with this issue

    game is in 1080p

    all settings are cranked

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  • Shipping to Mariana Islands?

    So I sold something on ebay and I need to ship it to someone at a military base in the Mariana Islands.

    I am stuck with usps because all the other shipping places don't go there. My question is what do I put in the EEL/PFC portion of the customs declaration? The item is valued at 60.00 and also do I need to buy insurance to ship internationally? The website link they have on the form no longer works

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  • Computer started running slow?

    I had the day off so I decided to do a world of Warcraft marathon. anyway this evening my computer almost grinded to a halt so I exited the game. I rebooted and did a scan with malware bytes, super-anti spy, and virus scan and didn't find anything. at this point I am stumped. here are my system specs

    windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

    evga 790i ftw mobo

    4gb xms 3 ddr3 1333 mhz memory

    2 seagate barracuda 320gb hd's in raid 0

    intel core 2.. 3 ghz processor

    thermaltake liquid cooling

    xonar d2x sound card

    evga 9800gtx video card

    any thoughts on what could be wrong would be most welcome. I checked and the temps were normal also

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  • None paying unregistered member on ebay?

    I sold something on eBay and the person did not pay right away so i figured I would give them a week. I logged in today to find out the member is no longer registered and also never paid for the item they bought from me. What do I need to do so I can re list the item?

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  • sp1 for vista won't install?

    Ok I checked my updates the other day and found sp1 for vista ready to be downloaded. I have tried about 10 times to install it with a computer reboot after every attempt I keep getting error code 8007065E I have also taken the following steps. Scanned the hard disk for errors

    scanned the file system for errors

    turned off running programs

    turned off anitvirus,spyware etc.

    I even downloaded the whole sp1 file from microsoft itself and it still would not install. Any Ideas.

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  • Good on demand music service?

    Ok music match is finally making me to go to yahoo jukebox which I've tried to install on my xp pro x64bit system 20 or so times with no luck. So anyway I need to know what is a good on demand music service that has every song you can think of and isn't more then 20 or 25 bucks a month?

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  • Music Match wants me to upgrade to yahoo jukebox?

    Ok Music Match wants me to upgrade to yahoo jukebox since yahoo owns music match now. But yahoo Jukebox won't install or run on my windows professional X64 (2003) Operating system. I tried installing it several times.Thats why I went with music match in the first place it works perfect on my operating system.Any Idea's?

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  • What version of vista is similar to What I'm running now?

    I think I'm going to get vista I was going to wait 6 months but I'm to Inpatient anyway I am running XP professional (2003) X64 and I want to stick with the 64 bit operating system so what version of vista matches what I have the best.

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  • Where's The cheapest place to get 8GB of ddr2 memory?

    I have an abit gaming machine that is capable of running 8gb ddr2 667mhz memory.(4 slots 2gb max each). when I built it I didn't relize how much it would cost me to max it out. any suggestions?I'm running xp professional(2003)X64 So it should handle it.and would vista handle it if I upgraded in 6 months or whenever the bugs are worked out?

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  • My computer takes up to a minute at times to boot?

    I have already removed any start up programs not needed. cleaned my registry and defraged my hard drive.system specs are as follows. Xp profesional (2003) x64, hitachi sata II 100gb (7200rpm) hard rive,Pentium D 3.0ghz (800mhz FSB) 2 GB samsung DDr2 667mhz dual channel memory. Dual Geforce 7600 512mb SLi video cards.built in nvidia ethernet harware firewalled (comcast cable modem) Abit NI8 mother board with a geforce 4 chipset. acer 17 inch lcd monitior (vga)

    I built the system about 2 months ago and I installed xp again but it did not solve this problem.

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